Maddogg’s Real Truth Guest Writer, OMIG Investigator, Rolondo Valdez

photo of Marvin Glass in newspaperFred goldman_and patti his wife
You married the wife of a gangster-lawyer, who controlled his own attempted murder-for-hire, leg breaking crew in Illinois.  His name was Marvin Glass, who had issues with you as you did with him regarding his family he considered you stole when he went to prison.  He harbored such feelings because he was diagnosed by pre-trial doctors as being a Malignant Narcissist, suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, the same disease US Army Medical doctors ascribed to former brutal Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein before he was hanged.  He thus was a man with psychotic tendencies to hurt people he considered taking something that belonged to him no matter how trivial it might be.  To him, you took something valuable and may have placed your own family in harm’s way.  When he became crippled from HIV/AIDS you beat him with his own cane in his wheel chair at a Jewish Center in outside Chicago, Illinois.   His 11-year-old son, Brian, quickly jumping in between you two to take the force of the beating.  Glass’s son took the cane whipping because he was used to it since you allegedly beat on him while his father was in prison.  His father, Marvin, became a federal snitch though a federal judge believed Glass to be an unrepentant danger to society.  To keep from going to prison for 210 years as the head of a major drug conspiracy and criminal RICO case involving marijuana and cocaine from the Colombian cartels whose cocaine he took a cut for brokering major transactions in Illinois, he became a reliable SNITCH for the Feds.  Glass would become responsible for helping them make the biggest bribery case in Illinois history “Operation Greylord” where he was under the control of now noted author Scott Turow who was U.S. District Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois at the time.   Turow’s book, PERSONAL INJURIES appears to mirror the life of Marvin Glass as a confidential informant very closely.  Turow’s license would be threatened with revocation when one of Glass’s former clients, Ronald Ofshe filed an appeal while doing 15 years in a federal prison camp in Florida.  The issue under appeal was Ofshe’s perceived entitlement to attorney-client privacy which was violated by Glass wearing a wire while interacting with his client Ofshe, and then turning over said conversations to Glass’s federal handler, District Attorney Scott Turow.  The appellate court did not over turn Ofshe’s conviction but put in some pretty harsh words to be sent to the licensing board of Illinois concerning Turow’s conduct.

personal injuries book coverSCOTT TUROW

It appeared that your son Ron mimicked Marvin Glass, Fred, more than he did you, and your step son said Ron engaged in fisticuff battles with you on several occasions.  Furthermore, your son Ron reportedly dealt cocaine in Los Angeles based on interviews we at OMIG had with people who complained to park authorities about his open dealing in the Cheviot Hills Tennis Court’s parking lot.   Due to the park boards lack of cooperation in confirming whether Ron was fired or not we turned to our sources in the L.A. Superior Courthouse to determine whether your angelic, Good Samaritan son had a criminal history.  It turns out that your son, Ron, has a 6-inch thick criminal case file, authorities tried to hide from us that just like Glass is protected by the same kind of law that protects SNITCHES but in Ron’s case in the state of California, Gov’t Code Section 6254(f).

fred and kim goldman

Your silly daughter when asked said she didn’t know what work you did and admitted dating her brother’s friend, Michael Nigg, on several occasions in her deposition.  Nigg was another alleged drug mule killed almost a year after your son and two years after their friend Brett Cantor, the alleged drug dealing owner of the Hollywood Gay joint, the Dragonfly, had his throat slit and head almost decapitated, not unlike Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole.  Marvin Glass had the power to reach out a long way, he had killers who would act on his orders and he had killers targeting him.

brett-cantor dragon flyron goldman oneMichael Nigg picture

Brett Cantor center stage frolicking with his male friends presumably at his gay nightclub, the Dragonfly.  He would be slashed to death in 1993 a year before his friend and fellow Dragonfly patron and club booster, Ron Goldman, was slashed to death in 1994, (center).  Ron who had outstanding warrants, a suspended driver’s license, would attain a waiters job at the Mezzaluna Restaurant through his friend on the far right, Michael Nigg, who would be executed by gun shots a year after Goldman’s death in 1995.

Fred, you knew and said in your book about your son HIS NAME IS RON that this gangster, attempted murderer, drug king pin, federal snitch, Marvin Glass was in close proximity to you and your family in Los Angeles supposedly there for his daughter’s graduation from junior high school on June 15, 1994 which took place two days after you were told your son was killed on June 13, 1994.  However, you mention this violent criminal 8 times in your book without ever mentioning his name, but you lie about his profession by calling him a retired defense attorney when you knew this gangster-lawyer, former Cook County Illinois prosecutor, was stripped of his law license when he was sentenced to federal prison.  You and your daughter are simply two grifters still trying to extort money from this case where the police and LADA placed the blame for your son’s death on OJ Simpson after only 15 hours of investigation when the crime tape came down by 3:15 PM on June 13, 1994.

Marvin seemed to enjoy frolicking with the boys as well and may have had some contact with another individual who dealt in both the hetero and homosexual world  The name Glen Rogers pops up in the vicinity of a gay bar in the Chicago suburb of Olympia Fields, that was known for its sadomasochistic activities.  Rogers would be cited as a witness where an individual was stabbed to death by a man named Page in another Chicago suburb.  Rogers would testify that Page murdered the gay fellow who had allegedly taken lewd homosexual photos of Page who was incapacitated from drugs.  However, in reading the case with all of its devil worshipping and stabbing taking place it sounds quite similar to those multiple serial killings that Rogers was involved and now finds himself on death row in Florida.  Once again the uncanny similarities are fascinating.   When Glass was arrested outside a suburban bank near Chicago for unlawfully entering his mother-in-law’s safe deposit box he was with a much younger handsome fellow himself.  However, their socializing quickly ended since Glass would be arrested and detained despite his protests of being a former Cook County prosecutor for taking $8,000 dollars from the safe deposit box.   His mother-in-law would not confirm that he had any right to enter her box.   That was in a 1985 Chicago Sun Times Newspaper article OMIG investigators found around the year 2000 that cited Glass’s mother-in-law as having the name Elaine Goldman.  That was a minor coincidence to us at the time that your present wife, Patti’s mother should have the same last name as yours.

Marvin Glass robs Elain Goldmans safe deposit box shorty 001However, we roll the clock forward fifteen years to 2015 when our younger investigators were doing research and appeared to come up with a genealogical list of your family members, Fred.   The document that we have indicates that you have a mother with the same first and last name as your present wife Patti’s mother.   It appears that both of you have mothers with the same name Elaine Goldman.

Fred Goldman and Elaine goldman on same page 001Now maybe that’s simply a further strange coincidence and hopefully, that is all it is because if it is not and it turns out that you and your present wife have the same mother, well I don’t need to explain to you the complicated questions that would raise.   We’ve attempted to check it out in your alleged birthplace of Illinois but each time they have come back with no one by your name and birthdate in their Illinois vital statistics data bank.  However, that could simply be due to the plethora of methods of spelling your name, Fred.  Although, you’re a good looking couple we have to admit the older you two get the more you appear to favor one another, which may be consistent with the old wives’ tale of resembling each other after living together over time.

Fred and patti goldman


There seem to be quite a few coincidences that exist between the Goldmans, Glasses, and even Glen Rogers whose movements and activities appear to overlap with some of the Goldman-Glass coincidences.

1.) You have Rogers known to be extremely proficient in killing with a knife,  who was allegedly known for engaging in devil worship according to a profiler who engaged him while on death row in Florida.  Rogers may have become accustomed to associating with gay men as a result of his past imprisonment.  However, the name Glen Rogers is central as a witness in a brutal stabbing in the Chicago metro area that involved devil worshipping at a makeshift grave site he alleged to be across the Illinois border in Wisconsin.

2.) You have Glen Rogers once again, proficient in killing with a knife, who shared with OMIG investigators that he interacted with people closely associated with Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole while in the Los Angeles metro area.

3.) You have Marvin Glass, a man used to hiring people to hurt others by breaking legs or arms and in one case having a member of the Chicago Pritzger family shot through the head.  Glass who as a former Cook County Illinois prosecutor before entering private practice as the Illinois lawyer for the drug cartels may have had interaction with Glen Rogers while Rogers resided in the Chicago metro area.  That could have been either through the justice system or some other nefarious social settings.  OMIG could not attain that information from Glass at the time since Marvin J. Glass died of HIV/AIDS in 1997.

Marvin Glass grave marker in Illinois

4.) Then you have Ron Goldman who seemed to mirror a lot of Glass’s bad habits of being arrogant and cocky as he put it, of also patronizing gay nightclubs, and allegedly being involved in drug trafficking.   Goldman as Glass would also have an extensive criminal background protected under laws that protect such information of confidential informants.

5.) You have the Goldmans, the Glasses, and Rogers as residents of the Chicago metro area and in that geographic location at the same time in the 1980s.   Then you have Fred Goldman, who may have had issues with Marvin Glass and vice versa regarding family matters that originated in Illinois.  Now you have Glass in close proximity to Goldman, in the Los Angeles Metro Area at the same time on or about the day Ron Goldman was killed, and you have Glen Rogers who claims to have known those people close to Nicole which presumably included Ron in the Los Angeles metro at the same time that Marvin Glass and the Goldmans were there and when Ron Goldman is killed.

We understand that Glass was not pleased when told of the alleged physical abuse inflicted upon his children by Fred Goldman as alleged by one of Glass’s sons.  However, Glass was masterful at devising ways to punish individuals in an unforgetful manner who he perceived took something that belonged to him.  We certainly remember the penchant that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had for watching blindfolded and handcuffed individuals pushed off of high rise buildings to die a horrible death by slamming into the ground.  Could it be that one malignant narcissist had the same diabolical imagination as the other?

photo of Marvin Glass in newspaper (2)Sadam Hussein

Although Glass was diagnosed as a malignant narcissist, he knew that he was afflicted with the terminal disease of AIDS and therefore his time would not be long on this earth.  What more insidious pain can one inflict upon another than to take the life of their adversary’s child, with that adversary knowing that the person who inflicted such pain had only a short life span in front of them.  Unfortunately, Fred has not bothered to consider this possibility, at least publicly and neither have the LADA or LAPD who took down the yellow crime tape less than 15 hours after the bodies were discovered.  It appeared that they were already convinced that they had their man.  It was easier to center a case around him after the glove was found dropped by a neo-fascist racist police officer on Simpson’s property. It became the genesis for the tale to come.  OJ Simpson the contemporary modern day Othello, who just like the mythical celebrated 16th-century black military commander, would be smitten by the beauty and driven to murderous jealousy as a result of his own fanatical infatuation with a white woman.  That is a scenario easily sold to a gullible public in America.

photo of OJ and NicoleOthelloDesdemona





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