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Investigative Team Coordinator, Ocean Medical Investigative Group, {OMIG}, T. H. Johnson

The one thing that we at the Ocean Medical Investigative Group always seem to be doing is caught up in a race. Often it is a race against time, greater resources, propaganda delivery vehicles, and if we do not strike first in this psychological warfare of demonizing the black male for destruction by invoking psychic images of O.J. Simpson we lose, albeit if not permanently, momentarily. Sometimes our hands are tied because of a lack of standing to attain certain documents or get those with standing to cooperate in allowing OMIG to move in what we perceive to be a timely manner. However, all of the impediments are simply part of the Simpson saga matrix. I’ve learned what other public servants of the group have shared over the last 23 years of the investigation and that is to keep the bow of the ship steady into the wind, and you’ll reach your intended objective. Thus, this race is not for the swift but for those who are willing to endure.

With that said, I must say that it is still fascinating to watch our adversaries engage in predictable exercises to patch up the weaknesses in the support of their false narrative of Simpson’s guilt. Recently they have engaged in a number of moves of serving their poisonous propaganda to the newest generation, the peripheral and actual millennial generation. A portion of this group were basically preschoolers when the Simpson charade went down the others were not born yet, but the propaganda is funneled into their brains to make them believe they know something veritable about this infamous affair. Recently, in doing our due diligence I ran across a fairly recent article written in the last couple of years for a blog called FOOTWEAR NEWS.

The article which is of interest to me because it was written by what appears to be an attractive young pre-millennial African-American woman, Sheena Butler-Young. This demographic, young African-Americans, in general appear to be a targeted group these fraudsters seem to have a great deal of interest. The circumstantial evidence implies that there were predominantly whites within the governmental subdivision of Los Angeles County who perpetrated this fraud both within the Los Angeles Police Department and the county D.A.’s office. However, they also had blacks on both sides of the defense table and other ethnic groups who appeared to have assisted in the obstruction of justice in this matter. A deeper analysis reveals that such cooperation may have been for a good purpose beyond what others considered to be the most significant “trial of the century”. However, in this propaganda battle still surrounding the Simpson case, largely due to OMIG’s revelations, it is noticeable how blacks outside of this criminal conspiracy have been co-opted and positioned to sanctify the fraud for which these insiders engaged.

Those on the outside, i.e. Oprah Winfrey, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, comedians and game show hosts like Jamie Foxx, and Steve Harvey, all of whom, with no more than a cursory amount of hearsay evidence that has been pandered to the public, have been used to smooth over the malfeasance that corrupt charlatans engaged in. Because of these blacks influential voices and large following they’ve been selected probably through targeting themselves in order to sanitize the destruction of this black American sport’s icon, Orenthal James Simpson and prevent the potential breakdown in the masses faith in America’s integrity. I’ve personally encountered the favorite feeble minded phrase of certain white folks on a number of occasions, “Well, Oprah believes OJ’s guilty so why don’t you?”

The general assumption, be damned, and appears to be that even though we at OMIG have been in the trenches turning up empirical evidence of official fraud for years where these others have not; yet, the subsequent observation seems to reveal the attitude. It seems to go like this, ‘Another black person that is bigger than you, as far as we’re concerned believes as we and other white folks do; and these blacks have proclaimed that this black man, O.J. Simpson is guilty of committing these murders, so why don’t you?’ Well, welcome to black folk 101, and learned that all black folks do not have the same thoughts or ideas, especially those who do their homework. In my opinion, whether it was intended or not, those that perpetrated this fraud got a double bonus in FN’s assigning Sheena Butler-Young to doing this story by conducting the interview with Sam Poser for this article. Here again, by allowing the young black woman who doubtfully was, based on her appearance, old enough to examine the intricacies associated with the manipulated evidence in this fraud, they still gain a psychological albeit non-verbalized perception of cooperation just by what may appear to be her neutral association with the matter. Even inadvertently having someone positioned in the right place whether they have a personal view or not has value. The blacks that allow a presentation of fraudulent facts relative to the Simpson case are seen and often used as the visual mortar to reinforce this continually crumbling wall of deceit. Their persona for public consumption is arguably exponentially more valuable than a white person placed in the same position for that purpose given the distrust and duplicity associated with American racial matters.

She’s interviewing one of the stooges from the first Simpson criminal trial in an article attempting to convince the public that he probably sold the infamous Bruno Magli shoes to Simpson. Thus, in my intent to address what is written in the article “The True Story Behind O.J. Simpson’s Infamous Shoes From the Trial” I will focus my remarks as a rebuttal to Sam Poser, who she’s interviewing and maybe in the diatribe even Sheena may learn something new and personally important for her own consideration. Consider the fact that this poisonous racial animus allowed to spew unfiltered into the mainstream of public discourse before, during and after the Simpson trial may well have sunk into the minds of some of our most important protectors of the social contract, our police. They are, as agents of the state, sworn by an oath they take as a part of this social contract to protect and to serve everyone within our civilized society equally under the law.

The social contract that has been around for thousands of years is what allows people to live within a civilized society and jettisoning the need to live by the law of the jungle to survive by any means necessary. One must ask themselves has that poison of racial animus promulgated behind the Simpson trial subliminally sank into the frontal lobe of the brains of a great number of people whose job it is to “protect and to serve” the public in our general society? When you continue to see a plethora of images from incidents of police unloading their service revolvers into the bodies of unarmed black men, killing them behind petty misdemeanors, that question persistently arises. Has the promulgation of racial animus inflamed the white community as a result of the outcome in the Simpson murder trial? Has it gone much further than it was possibly initially intended in providing subsequent dividends by inciting people who normally would not be so inclined to act so hastily using excessive force?

According to the article, the prosecution called Sam Poser, Bloomingdale’s associate buyer for men’s shoes, — who, the article claims, during much of the early ’90s advised wealthy socialites and celebrities on the must-have shoes of the season.

Poser says in the article “I remember going back and forth with him (O.J. Simpson) on it because I didn’t want to sell him the Bruno Magli shoes because it wasn’t as good for [the climate in Buffalo], but he wanted that kind of look.”

Really, after Simpson said he “wouldn’t own such ugly ass shoes”? Well, now, whom are we to believe? When Poser says that the Bruno Magli Lorenzo model suede shoes were not good for the climate in Buffalo, that certainly was an understatement considering the typical conditions that are familiar to the Buffalo region. Those wild and woolly conditions were certainly in effect that weekend and existed the night before and the day of the game between Miami and Buffalo on September 26, 1993. It was a driving wind whipped rain with gust up to 60 MPH on that day. Keith Jackson is noted as stating what those conditions were prior to the beginning of the game during the TV network’s first 42 seconds of the intro to that televised NFL game that Sunday weekend..

When you watch the Buffalo weather man on the TV news the Saturday night before the game predicting the next day, Sunday’s weather, and then see all of the umbrellas in the stadium on Sunday game day, anyone with common sense would assume the same about O.J. Simpson, that he had good common sense as well. One should consider that as conscientious a dresser as Simpson was regarding his wardrobe, he would certainly have had the common sense not to wear a pair of $200 (now $500) suede shoes out into the predicted wet and rainy conditions like that displayed at Buffalo, New York’s Rich stadium on that day, September 26, 1993. However, for the sake of those folks who believe that Simpson is such a blood thirsty beast who had no common sense and in all probability wore those shoes out in the rain let us examine other factors that may challenge those die hard assumptions. Simpson is alleged to have been wearing those Bruno Magli shoes seen in the photo that were conveniently found two years after the FBI agent, William Bodziak, testified during his criminal trial. With 20-to-1 odds against Bodziak presenting what he considered to be empirical proof that Bruno Magli was the brand of shoe that Simpson wore on top of the size 12 SILGA U2887 shoe sole. The enormous odds against Bodziak making the right choice is one of the things that makes those Harry Scull shoe photos appear suspect as those negatives traveled outside of the US for six months to an expert photo shop nation in Europe. It raises the question of did the conspiracy broaden because the FBI itself allowed a renegade agent to take the witness stand representing their brand and now had to back his grotesque play two years later in order to save face for the integrity of its brand?

Other FBI documents OMIG attained under the Freedom of Information Act imply that Bodziak wanted to be allowed to enter the Simpson case before officially being asked by a state agency, in this case the Los Angeles Police Department. Bodziak would contact the agent in charge at the LAFO (Los Angeles Field Office) of the FBI in late September of 1994, and ask him to approach the LAPD for an invitation from them to allow him to come into the case as a federal investigator. Bodziak appears to OMIG somewhat like a beggar begging to be allowed to come into the Simpson case. Documents show that he had somehow already completed most of the investigation regarding the alleged identification of the shoes over the prior three months. He knew who were sold these shoes, from the 48 Bruno Magli retail outlets in North America. None of those stores acknowledged selling those shoes to OJ Simpson.

The Mile High City, Denver, Colorado

However, strangely the Denver Office of the FBI focused its attention on an individual whose name is redacted in the investigative report, someone who had purchased several pairs of those same size Bruno Magli shoes. The FBI had not asked the Department of Motor Vehicles in any other state beyond Colorado about anyone, nor had it noted that the targeted individual had a residential address in Denver, Colorado, only in that state did they do that. We are curious at OMIG as to who that individual was that they were so interested in, and was it someone known to have associated with Ron and/or Nicole? This is of interest to OMIG only because certain people that Simpson’s ex-wife and Ron Goldman were involved with were out of Colorado that were also associated with the Mezzaluna Restaurant in Brentwood, CA. The Operation’s Manager, Keith Zlomsowitch, who Simpson saw while peering through Nicole’s un-shaded window receiving oral sex from his ex-wife, was also the operation’s manager for the Aspen, Colorado location of one of the Mezzaluna franchise’s restaurants, which also include operations in Brentwood, Beverly Hills, and New York City. During the Grand Jury hearing, Zlomsowitch told the grand jury at the time he first met Nicole he was living in Aspen, Colorado. Thus, the Colorado connections with unknown characters in conjunction with agent, Bodziak’s scullduggery regarding his falsely tying the alleged Bruno Magli shoe prints to OJ Simpson, justifies the importance of who the Denver office identified in Colorado. Did the FBI go the extra mile in investigating that individual because of a tie to Nicole Brown Simpson or Ron Goldman? That is something we would like to know. The FBI needs to come clean and provide the name and reason why they sought out that individual as a Colorado driver’s license holder and having a listed residence in Colorado.

Keith Zlomsowitch may have had his own personal problems with the law and was unable to be called to testify in Simpson’s criminal trial, but had been the operations manager for the Mezzaluna Restaurants in both California and Colorado simultaneously. He also lived at Nicole’s condo for awhile when he transitioned from Aspen, Colorado to Southern California and dated Nicole Brown Simpson.

Then you have the young man who allegedly helped Ron Goldman attain the waiter’s job at the Mezzaluna in Brentwood, Michael Nigg. He would be killed the following year in 1995 but he was from the suburbs of Denver, Colorado as well.

Michael Nigg, was from the Denver, Colorado area and a friend who allegedly got Ron Goldman the job at the Brentwood Mezzaluna location was killed violently the following year after Ron Goldman in 1995. Nigg also went out on dates with Ron’s sister Kim Goldman at least five times as she alleged in her deposition.

When it comes to Simpson we must consider the depths of racial animus that those who perpetrated this fraud drilled into the Caucasian mind to instigate. Once people had been induced to believe that Simpson was beastly enough to kill the mother of his children right under their bedroom, then the assumption that Simpson is less than a human being with little common sense was plausible. Those people would believe that no heinous act is beyond him engaging. This nation has cultivated 400 years of subliminal racial preparation to believe in such madness on the part of people of African descent. However, whites who’ve engaged in levels of wanton murder above that visited upon Goldman and Brown Simpson, there is not one whose name has been kept alive within the mainstream of public opinion to the extent of an O.J. Simpson. Not even the two white men who perpetrated the most heinous act of domestic terrorism ever to take place upon American shores, the murder of 168 men, women and babies with the blowing up of the Muir Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma can say they’ve been remembered. That act of mass murder took place in the middle of the O.J. Simpson trial and it is doubtful that millennials or even those old enough to remember the event even know the names of the two convicted white murderers who received death sentences.

Poser seems to be hellbent on joining this gangbang activity of a downed Simpson that he can’t wait to add his less than stellar investigative words of indictment. His subsequent remarks “Eventually, after the [criminal] trial was over, they found the photograph of O.J. wearing the Bruno Magli shoe at a Bills game,” Poser said. 

Really?  Are you sure?   If Simpson was wearing those so called size 12 Bruno Magli shoes, this is what his (green outlined) foot looked like in them above. If those shoes were considered to be as expensive in 1993 as they are today as Poser points out, they were running about $180-300 a pair in 1993, then would anyone including Simpson with any common sense want to purchase those uncomfortable shoes? As you can see from the above photo he would have to immediately cut holes in the toes of the shoe and slit the shoes at the arches and along the side to provide O.J. with some semblance of a comfort. Even the back of his foot would be riding on the back of the heel of the shoe.

The FBI agent, William Bodziak, that Sheena Butler-Young touts as an expert shoe print specialist raises questions about his actual credibility as well. We know that Bodziak examined the shoe prints in the police photos of the murder site on Bundy Drive as we did ourselves. He then knows that it was unlikely that Simpson’s foot fit inside the shoes that made the prints in those 11 and 1/2 inch square side walk tiles that made up the walkway leading from front to the rear of Nicole Brown Simpson’s property, as the shoe print does shown above. There may have been only 200 pair of Bruno Magli shoes sold in North America, however, Bruno Magli did not manufacture the shoe soles on the bottom of the shoes O.J. Simpson is allegedly wearing. Those shoe soles were made by a shoe sole manufacturer named SILGA, and they came from SILGA’s U2887 size 46/size 12 rubber mold. It is a shoe sole that narrows extremely towards the toe of the shoe. The damaging thing for Bodziak as well, in our opinion for the Agency that sanctioned Bodziak going forth in the name of the FBI, is that SILGA sold the same shoe soles from the U2887 shoe sole mold to 20 additional shoe brands besides Bruno Magli beyond Italy. Thus, Bodziak, in my opinion, simply engaged in flim-flamming the public, himself, by his eagerness to become a participant in the gang banging of O.J. Simpson.

Agent Bodziak engaged in doing so at a time when the FBI was condemned by other agent scientists within the agency’s laboratory for failing to deal with other agents’ unprofessional conduct of shading evidence in favor of state prosecutors. Doing so often to shine the light on themselves in order to build their careers.

Flawed testimony led

to his conviction 39 years ago. Now, prosecutors say he can go free.

Brittany Horn, Delaware News JournalPublished 6:00 a.m. ET Dec. 5, 2018 | Updated 11:30 a.m. ET Dec. 14, 2018, After 39 years, freed prisoner, Elmer Daniels, framed by fraudulent FBI agent’s testimony.

The agency that should be there to uphold the constitutionally protected guarantees of all Americans once again was engaged in framing innocent men and women, while condoning an atmosphere of racism, misogyny and xenophobia internally. After all, those engaging in such activity felt it was safe to do so since they knew that administrators were unlikely to do anything to them, and FBI testimony is rarely if ever challenged. As long as they protected what appears to be the solitary principle, “Thou Shalt Not Embarrass the FBI” then for all intent and purposes they were left alone to do whatever they chose to do. However, Bodziak knew that the construction of the SILGA U2887 shoe sole prevented the logo found in the middle of the bottom of the shoe sole from being identified since it never touches the ground, as seen in the photo above. Thus, Bodziak knew that there was at face value a 20-to-1 chance that while representing the FBI’s brand he could be wrong in determining the shoes carried the Bruno Magli logo. The implication that the shoes did not fit Simpson’s foot raises further questions regarding the alleged photos of Simpson wearing those Bruno Magli shoes at the Buffalo/Miami game on September 26, 1993.

Here’s what the tracing of O.J. Simpson’s green foot looks like below on top of the Size 12–U2887– SILGA shoe sole attached to the bottom of the Bruno Magli shoe and 20 other shoe brands to which SILGA sold them as well. Keep in mind when someone tells you they have empirical knowledge of something based on “size”, that word “size” is simply an abstract that people assume says something definitive, however, as far as shoes go it does not because size is often not standard in terms of measurement of shoes around the world.

Thus, in all probability whoever said size to condemn someone was attempting to take advantage of the public’s ignorance and shade evidence in favor of a prosecutor. If they were truthful they would say the measured dimensions of the shoe we took was X and the measured dimension of the suspect foot we took was Y, and as a result we believe the suspect’s foot either does or does not fit in a particular shoe. Failing to do so, and citing size, by itself, is something that the public would lose a bet if it were to assume empirical conclusions simply being told the word size. OMIG has measured both the Bruno Magli/SILGA shoe sole and Simpson’s foot on multiple occasions. His foot has not changed in dimensional measurement over the 15 years that we first and last attained his actual foot measurement. The FBI agent, William Bodziak, gave the world a paltry excuse as to why he failed to go to the central jail in 1994 and measure Simpson’s foot. The evidence appears to support his eagerness to join the crowd in a gang banging of a man that the prosecution had down during trial. Maybe he was what others in the FBI referred to as “blue flamers” those who either rocket up the ladder of career achievement fast or flame out in an attempt to build their careers. Well, Bodziak increased awareness of his name, and then apparently sold some more of his re-edited text book with the newly included O.J. Simpson chapter. So, just maybe, no one knows what his true intentions were…..So, look above and then you be the judge.

—– T.H. Johnson, Investigative Team Coordinator, OMIG

T.H. Johnson is an author of several books on the subject of the Simpson investigation by OMIG and a producer of the documentary entitled SERPENTS RISING available on the Amazon Prime platform.

18 thoughts on “Lying to The Millennial Generation to Destroy O.J. Simpson

  1. thanks for your site.

    I looked into this a couple of years ago, and found good info from a researcher named TH Johnson. I could have sworn he had a video showing the coroner report, where the coroner said Nicole’s parents said the last time they spoke with her was at 11pm.


    1. True! OMIG did produce a documentary that was on the film festival circuit in 2004 and 2005 Serpent’s Rising: An Independent Investigation of the OJ Simpson trial that can be seen on-line at the Amazon Prime Videos Platform. And it is true that you can see a copy of the autopsy report in a segment with the 2300 (11PM) statement by Lou Brown of when his daughter Nicole was last known to be alive. 11 PM would remain the time that would be promoted on talk shows, newspapers, etc. for approximately a month and then it would change to 10:17 PM behind closed doors in the judge’s chambers during the preliminary hearing, and then further back to 09:37 PM seven months later during the actual trial. Here is a link:


  2. You can help it get out there. Challenge the Press. Without a skeptical press willing to examine irregularities presented to it by an errant or corrupt governmental sub-division, a democratic republic is doomed. So, ask them! Ask them why have they been diligent about challenging the remarks uttered from the Executive Branch of the US Government when uttered by Donald Trump and within 24 hours exalt the integrity of their allegations by proving his lies? However, in the Simpson case the Press simply accepted whatever hearsay evidence governmental officials of Los Angeles County plopped on their platter and presumed it to be veritable. Ask them now, if they are going to hold their position and allow the integrity of journalism to go down with a sinking ship on fire behind veritable evidence that Dr. Henry S. Johnson’s OMIG investigative group continues to bring to the table to confront the fraudulent evidence that the Press has granted the privilege of presumption to assume to be true.


    1. Yes, since I woke up to this back in 2016, I have tried to spread the word. I think the corporate whore MSM is hopeless–their job is to lie to the American people. They lie about everything (911, Oklahoma City, JFK, RFK, MLK, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, all the wars, etc.). I think the only way of getting this out is through the internet and alternative/independent media, especially online radio shows, like Porkins Policy Radio and Opperman Report. The shows they did with T.H. Johnson and Stephen Singular are what woke me up, especially the information about EDTA and the phone records. It would be great if there were other alternative radio hosts who could interview T.H. Johnson and Stephen Singular (I’m not even sure the still do interviews or if radio hosts could even find a way to contact them. It would be great if Black Lives Matter would help in getting the truth out.

      Also, I was listening to this show “Porkins Policy Radio episode 53 Brian Heiss on OJ Simpson: Veritas The Fuhrman Tapes” and found this interesting comment:

      : Lori Massacci
      the FBI said that Ron was a drug informant for the LAPD and it was a professional drug hit, there was a mob owned drug ring operating out of the Mezzaluna Restaurant, they believe LAPD didn’t want their investigation exposed, they thought they were going to take down the mafia. They framed OJ to protect their big mafia case, and bagged themselves a nice celebrity case to make millions off of. The mob is far from stupid, Ron was most likely found out and punished for it, Nicole just got in the way.

      The FBI had a 2 hour press conference in LA which was carried by all local television stations, unlike CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and all mainstream media who refused to carry it because the information given went against the lies they’ve been feeding the public for years. The lamestream media lies and calls Trump a racist meanwhile, they were all saying that OJ was obviously guilty because he’s black and his wife was white, they even called it typical.

      So, it looks like even the dirty FBI knows the truth about the OJ case. The whole thing is beyond sickening. I think the MSM wanted (and still wants) a race war, to keep people fighting with each other, while the ruling elite continue to lie us into all of these wars, while the line their pockets.


      1. Go back and pull down the Opperman Report interview of former FBI agent Frederic Whitehurst. He was kept in LA for 8 days in a Beverly Hills hotel after being subpoenaed to testify for the defense regarding a complaint several other agents buttoned holed him outside of the paint chip analysis laboratory in Washington D.C. to tell him they wanted him to file a complaint on their behalf with the Office of the Inspector General of the USDOJ,. Case file 9403575 The Whitehurst Complaint, filed in the latter part of the Simpson trial alleges that the FBI agent who testified regarding the contaminated blood, Roger Martz, had stolen the research from several other agent scientists in the laboratory and attempted to first state there was no EDTA in the blood. He was turned into a hostile witness by the defense who called him and made to say he had discovered EDTA but as the other agents alleged attempted to diminish the concentration. Whitehurst told them they were obligated as employees of the Executive Branch of government by Executive Order 12731 to file a complaint but for fear of job advancement they implored Whitehurst to do it. Even though Whitehurst was a Phd Chemist and explosive expert they saw how his career advancement had been derailed when he stepped outside and filed over 100 complaints with the USDOJ-OIG because of the unprofessional conduct, sloppiness, xenophobia, and racism in the FBI laboratory. It is truly an interesting discussion he had with Opperman, and also one he and other former FBI agents associated with the case has had with Dr. Johnson’s OMIG investigators.


      2. I forgot to say, Whitehurst did not testify against another FBI agent because the head honchos did not want to despoil or tarnish their brand’s image by having that take place, so they sent their top dog, a black legal counsel to L.A. to negotiate with the defense team to keep Whitehurst from testifying, and more leverage that makes T.H. Johnson’s theory that Cochran used it to secure the release of Elmer “Geronimo” Pratt who had served 29 years on charges trumped up by the LA County Officials and the FBI under their COINTELPRO actions in the 60s and 70s where they were literally framing innocent people considered to be a threat to the tranquility of the US. Pratt appears to be a preoccupational subtext of both of Cochran’s autobiographies concerning his life and the Simpson case.


  3. Okay, thanks. I’ll listen to that show with Whitehurst.

    Also just found this site
    He had some interesting things to say about the phone records too.

    Did they ever get any official phone records from the phone company on anybody?? I watch lots of true crime shows and it seems like that’s one of the first things they do in order to see who was talking to who. Do we even know they are telling the truth about the calls to Mezzaluna??

    What they did to that man is beyond disgusting. They destroyed his life.


  4. No the federal court told OMIG who hired the attorney on behalf of Simpson to go back to the State court on June 12, 2000 and have it replace the phone records. The state court judge, Larry Fidler, called all of the lawyers into his chambers and held whatever legal session back there. OMIG has requested a copy of the in camera transcript on multiple occasions but Judge Fidler sealed the in camera transcript and has refused to honor OMIG’s request for a copy of what was said behind closed doors and the reason for his denial. Thus, no one outside of some questionable lawyers has seen those Juditha Brown phone records. However, the whole affair was so onerous that traffic engineers at the California Dept of Transportation (CALtrans) finally decided to honor our request for the traffic conditions on the I-405 freeway. They gave OMIG the traffic volumes and traffic density caused by the creation of the 15 mile long HOV construction zones that reduced speeds to below 30 MPH on all five lanes in 1994. Those volume numbers rivaled the highest peak hour of traffic on the I-405 during the regular work week running at around 90%. Thus, factor analysis allows us to easily conclude that 34,400 fourteen foot vehicles attempting to get through an 8 mile zone between Sunset Blvd to LaTijera Blvd could only at best get about 11, 564 cars with a half car length in between every 20 minutes. That implies the average speedometer rating was about 24 MPH. The Brown family lived 72 miles away so to get there in an hour they would have had to maintain 72 MPH from the door of the Mezzaluna to the door of their home at the southern end of Orange County. When their speed dropped below 72 MPH the difference between that speed and 72 MPH has to be added on top of 72 MPH to stay within that necessary time frame. Thus, for 8 miles the Brown families vehicle, a ford Cherokee, would have to be doing 72 MPH + 42 MPH or 114 MPH for at least 8 miles if not more. With 2 infant grand children in the backseat we doubt the Brown family allowed their car to travel at such a harrowing rate of speed.


  5. OMG this is sooooo dirty!!!

    Thank you for all your information. And I totally agree with you on speeding–if I was driving a car with two little grandchildren, there’s no way I would be speeding like that.


  6. I’ll keep trying to think of ways to get this information out there and to get people who were brainwashed by the MSM (like I was) to take a look at all of this information that was ignored by the MSM. I wrote Cynthia McKinney b/c I think she has a radio show somewhere and asked her to cover all of this information.

    I really think they wanted to start a race war.

    Also, in some ways, it seems like the MSM and LAPD/prosecutors were all working to provide cover for the drug cartels/mafia, since that’s who really was behind this crime.


  7. Well, all of that is plausible especially when dealing with L.A. the land of fantasy. A lot rests upon their ability to continue to promote the facade of fairness and their LA law enforcement establishment being the Dudley Do Rights of the West. Chief William Parker gamble a lot in that facade when he allowed Jack Webb in 1949 to promote the LAPD on his weekly Dragnet series. Its success would continue right into the age of television along with Adam-12. Everything that you’ve said eventually came to pass. We found the police weren’t as chivalrous as they pretended to be when George Holliday caught them on tape engaging in the most unprofessional conduct of beating Rodney King to within an inch of his life. Then you have the light sentence of no jail time, shortly after the King beating, by the white female judge given to the Korean female shopkeeper who was convicted of manslaughter. She shot a teenage black girl in the back of her head, Latasha Harlins, further amping up racial tensions in L.A. Then you had the LAPD Rampart Officer Raphael Perez caught stealing 8 LBS of cocaine from the LAPD evidence room and facing 20 years in prison. He threatened to reveal all of their corruption, involving drug sales, and their framing of thousands of innocent men by planting evidence on them. The city was a tinder box primed to explode. Whites in power needed to recapture the moral high ground, in my opinion. So, creating the facade of Simpson killing his white ex-wife, as onerous as it was to neutralize the black emotional racial animus by stoking white racial animus was apparently worth the gamble. The end justified the means, and whites, IMO, were able to recapture the moral high ground, not only in L.A. but across the US from the set back caused by the visually captured brutalizing of Rodney King. Their drug involvement allegedly still remained and Raphael Perez would be re-invented in the image of the drug dealing LAPD “CRASH” officer, Denzel Washington in TRAINING DAY. As a result of the courtesy of Hollywood, the black community was back to square one again, now with the stigma of police corruption being assigned to them certainly after Denzel received the Oscar.


      1. We’re all ears, tell us and let’s see if you can get your ass out of quicksand since you are already fighting an uphill battle since you start your proclaimation with “I know who was with OJ at the Murders”. The evidence this investigative organization has compiled for the last 23 years certainly does not support that conclusion but we are still curious as to how you arrive at both conclusions, (1.) why you know OJ was there and (2.) who was with OJ. Although we do believe that there was more than one assailant based upon the evidence in the autopsy reports we do not support your conclusion that one of them was O.J., since our evidentiary work does not support that assumption.


  8. lang states all evidence points to investigation of others required…coroner stated 2 assailants within 24 hrs of killings….lang et al knew…all speaking in different tongues….why are oj deposition vids on youtube restricted to him and no other witness depos available?


    1. It was fairly obvious that two killers and two knives were used to murder Simpson and Goldman. Precisely why the DA’s office introduced non lethal evidence like gloves and a stocking cap. Last time I looked Simpson and Goldman were not murdered by gloves and/or a stocking cap. Had the DA introduced a murder weapon the defense would then have been able to prove a second knife was also used in the murders…Poof there goes the fantasy trial of the century.


      1. dont take kids from that scene and not contact parent immediately..suspicions were a foot from that moment and a desire to not inform the parent while discussions took place regarding a suspect are pretty obvious..bundy was the only game in town..where the action is..any underling can take care of the a low level duty of notification..detectives went for something more..if the above is true theres no way 2 cops stood in the rd for nearly 2 hrs doing nothing…initiative comes with the job..when the suspect lives 5 mins away a guy like furman couldnt resist taking a ride up there for a sniff round..vanatter and lang wouldnt of had a prob with a nurse i can tell you a cheap syringe can suck up blood from bundy pavement and be deposited anywhere in seconds if your that way inclined..and im not even saying that happened..i am saying if your in the planting game theres more ways than a glove..and theres no real way for the accused to prove it if your timings are for kaelin..when does a earthquake turn into 3 distinctive afraid the biggest problem with this case is people cant decypher logics..we get the goods on scandals from 100 yrs ago and shake our heads and blame education and the press..and that same public fall into the same trap..i honestly dont know who killed those people or ojs possible involvement at some level or degree..but i do know the verdict of scotland yard over here in the uk…the gate and sock blood was planted..period.. and the smears on the bronco passenger side could not physically be done by the driver as youd have to brake your wrist to achieve.theres no way you can cut your finger..leave a few drops..have a break and resume when you get out the car then nothing all the way to chicago with nothing on a bag handle pants jacket etc


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