Oh Really! What are you saying, Grizzlies?

Maddogg’ guest writer this week, staff writer, Sateron Brown

That you had some nut working within the Public Relations Department of your corporate staff of the Fresno Grizzlies AAA-Baseball team and they were so dimwitted they didn’t have enough common sense to see the harm to your organization by ignorantly and falsely associating a US Congresswoman with being against democratic freedoms within our society? The name of the game besides baseball is pleasing the public and at most sporting events among all of the other great pleasures having a cold beeeeer represents achieving that utopian plateau of grand satisfaction! That’s one of the memories that made a blue collar afternoon at the ballpark most enjoyable. Those beer photos drive thirsty patrons to the beverage counter or start the mouth to watering immediately at the call of the vendors “COLD BEER HERE!” within the stadium. I haven’t been to a stadium in 40 years but the sound of that visual mantra still rings clearly “COLD BEER HERE!” Now you are about to lose that national support behind stupidity when and if these beer companies pull out.

So now some jerk working within or for the Grizzlies’ organization threatens to position a valuable franchise at the chopping block, while foolishly trying to make some fraudulent political statement that doesn’t even have a popular consensus. Doing so while gambling with the intangible assets of a company, its goodwill, with some out dated perspective is consummately reckless.

undefined Although whomever may have gotten away with making such pseudo-patriotic statements 50 or 60 years ago, during the Jim Crow era in America, well before the dramatic demographic shift in this country it doubtfully has little traction now. Now the taco is possibly just as popular with a cold beer as the traditional hot dog or grilled sausage on a bun with all of its trimmings.


What you have is a sport that certainly can be called America’s sport, however, that popularity extends down through all of the Latin American countries, the Spanish speaking Caribbean, and into South America too. So the best advice we can give is check the stupidity at the door, Grizzilies, and don’t allow some fool make you lose the strong foundation of good will and the invaluable assets that over the years you have built up that come with it. As hard as it comes, the fan loyalty built can be fleeting and thus easy to go if you do not nurture and protect it behind a fool’s folly. Just sayin!