The Bills sink to a new low

Maddogg guest writer OMIG investigator, Ben Riley.

They spin the story out that the reason that the Buffalo Bills are allowing another football player, Senorise Perry, to wear the noted number 32 jersey on the Buffalo Bills team is because it was available. What kind of paltry idiotic remark is that? The truth is, and this is no disrespect for the growing talent of Perry, but there was only one man of significance that wore that number for the Bills that helped to put arguably the lowest team on the totem pole, the Buffalo Bills, on the map back in 1969, and that was number 32, O.J. Simpson. No one gave a damn about the Buffalo Bills, let alone arguably the city itself as far as the state of New York was concerned, though I’ve been told that it is an interesting city between two of the magnificent Great Lakes.

However, since it was that team’s poor NFL record back then that placed it at the bottom of the performance list it opened the door and made the top draft pick, 1968 Heisman Trophy winner O.J. Simpson, available to the Bills and despite his desire to be elsewhere, like possibly his hometown of the San Francisco 49ers, he came to the Bills. Given the mediocrity overall of the team’s performance back then compared to the perennial winners O.J. Simpson still gave the city a panache, a flare, and public notoriety that was so badly needed. He ultimately, it is arguable, would put Buffalo on the map, and with his linemen, like Reggie McKenzie, pumping him up at the end of his career to give the last of the extra that by 1973 was waning. With Mckenzie pushing him that he had more juice in his tank they helped to open a path for O.J. Simpson and he was off to a standing record that stood for the next 10 years, 2000 yards in 14 games that still stands rather than the 16 games in which others, like Eric Dickerson, would break his record 10 years later.

So the Bills along with their most noted performer, number 32, O.J. Simpson, gave all of the observers a first class performance that for a time would captivate all of the sports world. He and they did what appeared to be the impossible of putting up those hard fought 2,000 yards in one season in 1973 under the banner Buffalo Bills. After that, they now insult him!

Buffalo Bills your feigned ambivalence is nothing more than a juvenile act, that lowers your esteem. Not only is it an insult to Simpson but to the other members of that team that helped give your city that noted long standing record you could be proud of. As a professional sports franchise associated with the NFL, your inexplicable decision to pile on top of this act of corrupt gang-banging of an American sports icon is unfathomably despicable. The hidden evidence indicates that Simpson was framed by court officers acting under the color of authority and others to conceal evidence that would have clearly exonerated Simpson rather than subjecting him to 25 years of this societal purgatory. To save face he projects a feigned sense of stoicism in an attempt to ignore the insult, well he might do that but many of us will not. This was a case with significant racial undertones associated with it that disarmed not only the lay public but the most powerful entity to cross check the malfeasance of a governmental subdivision, the press. The allegations of Simpson’s guilt are nothing more than that, flimsy allegations, after 23 years of investigating this matter. A canard of the most sordid and dangerous nature, based on a false narrative that tapped into the deep recesses of the American psyche concealing its own primordial pool of racism that perennially disarmed those who easily believed that all black men have an insatiable appetite for white women. In this case that is a false narrative hung on Simpson and based on a revision of a 17th century Shakespearean tragedy, Othello.

In order to maintain that false narrative multiple case files, at least 6 at last count, OMIG (Ocean Medical Investigative Group) has found, must continue to remain concealed. Case file 91-C-00362 is Ron Goldman’s criminal case file, but is protected by an exemption to the California Public Records Act. California Government Code, Section 6254(f), protects anyone’s criminal information from public scrutiny if they have been cooperating with law enforcement as a confidential informant. Then another out concealed case file out of those 6 files, 97-222 regarding BA-109525 that describes the close relationship of Nicole Brown Simpson with a left handed serial killer who was in close proximity to her and may have been one of the seven men she was intimate with during the time in between her divorce from Simpson in 1992 and her death in 1994.

However, back to Buffalo. The infamous shoes OJ was supposed to have owned and wore in Buffalo did not fit OJ Simpson’s foot, OMIG cannot figure out how the FBI agent who testified during the Simpson trial did not know that.

Even the people behind Simpson in the stands in the Scull photo from allegedly that September 26, 1993 game between the Dolphins and Buffalo seem comfortably warm in the stands in the background. That is a much different appearance compared to NBC’s first introduction images to the game with flags blowing and people with rain gear and umbrellas trying to stay warm in that steady 25-30 MPH wind that day. It is highly doubtful Simpson would be wearing those suede shoes in what was predicted to be a rain soaked weekend.

The EJ Flammer photo for the Monday Morning Quarterback’s club in Buffalo does not indicate anything more than what appears like a dark pair of sneaker tennis shoes Simpson is wearing and not a clearly defined Bruno Magli Lorenzo model shoe. At any rate, as you can see above with the green foot, the Bruno Magli shoe or SILGA shoe soles that made the prints at the murder site are too small for his foot. The negatives for the Harry Scull photo showing Simpson in the end zone left the U.S. and remained out of the country for approximately six months in an area of Europe noted for photo manipulation. Thus, that reality simply adds further suspicion to the credibility of those shoe photos taken in Buffalo on that day. OMIG believes that all of this was meant to conceal the fact that the FBI agent, Bodziak, who testified in the Simpson criminal trial 2 years earlier regarding his analysis of the shoe prints needed cover because the construction of the SILGA soles prevented the brand of shoe from being identified. The fact is, SILGA sold those shoe soles to twenty additional shoe companies besides Bruno Magli.

The FBI agent, Bodziak, who supposedly identified this shoe knew that due to the tight fit of the shoe prints inside the 11 and 1/2 inch side walk tiles at the murder site they could not have fit OJ’s foot. He along with another FBI agent who lied and attempted to deny the contamination in Simpson’s blood and the blood found on socks on his bedroom carpet simply piled on to this gang bang conspiracy. All of it hidden in case files in order to protect the false narrative alleging Simpson’s guilt. Why the Buffalo Bills management would not keep their brand above reproach, but choose to engage in an underhanded act of un-retiring number 32, in essence appears to provide cover for corrupt officials who attempted to fraudulently destroy an American sports icon, is really a mystery?

Then using another black man to distance themselves from this malfeasance, we can only hope he is not so stupid not to see through this and to go along with this madness of denigrating the significance of the number 32. Senorise, you wore number 34 in Miami, and if you truly believe you are as good as Simpson was in his prime, do not denigrate his achievements but excel with your own. As good as you may have been in college you are now in the NFL, not at Louisville, this is the exponential step up into the pros. Though you wore number 32 at Louisville and even with the NFL Bears, that number has a sanctified significance in Buffalo, New York and should remain that way. We look forward watching you make your mark in the NFL, but keep in mind that where you are now is as different as night and day compared to college’s wide open ball play. Everyone where you are at now has mastered their craft, OJ did too and paid the price with his knees and body while with the Bills. So, respect his legacy and retire that number quickly and choose one independent of the stigma of an underhanded attempt to destroy this man’s legacy.

We ask that you choose another number and take it to glory any number but 32 in Buffalo, and let it be known why you will not sully that past image. Do not allow this duplicity to taint your legacy, and as long as OMIG continues to investigate the corruption in this matter anyone who is associated with it stands to have some of this dirt rub off on them, even if they allege that it was innocent dirt. So, we recommend with all due respect, choose another number and stand clear of this malfeasance. They are not fooling anyone with their feigned ambivalence, it is the lowest and most juvenile acts for a corporation like the Bills to engage, the despicable destruction of a player’s legacy….It is shameful.