What I like about this whole episodic OJ Made in America presentation……

By Jabowe Marteen, Public Affairs Staff Writer, OMIG

Beyond the technical camera inter-play, is picking out the subtexts, so if asked I can tell others, like Norman Pardo or C.J. Stewart where they fit in the grand scheme of the production rather than the minutia, to tell one whether or not they had a noble appearance in the “Part 5- OJ freak show section” of the ESPN series, or the “Thug” section of the series or whatever.  The minutia is what they may have verbally said unless it was earth shattering, the bigger picture was the over all image the producer/directors were attempting to convey to overwhelm and capture the minds of the viewers. That’s what I will keep in mind for our next documentary. The capturing of the mind through subtext innuendo and subliminal images was classic Goebbels.


BookCoverImage serpents rising

They know that the counter narrative is as powerful as this false narrative they continue to promote because the counter OJ narrative is based upon the documented record that we know and have seen that has been sealed by the court, per the request of DA Gil Garcetti’s office, in Los Angeles County Superior Court case files BA 097211, BA 109525, BA 91C00362, Case File 97-222, as well as the sabotaged book LEGACY OF DECEPTION, and the downplayed A PROBLEM OF EVIDENCE.

They keep the OJ phenomenon alive and well with their preoccupation with his biography, but also keep the potential counter narrative with its own convincing psychological influence alive as well, both narratives powerful, one seen and one yet unseen.  America’s racial psyches are pre-occupied by the narrative that was structured around a 17th century, Shakespearean template regarding the tragedy of Othello, that saw his demise behind his obsessive preoccupation with a white woman; that has been refashioned during the latter part of the 20th century, courtesy of the late Dominick Dunne, into the OJ tragedy.

photo of OJ and Nicole othello maxresdefault

Thus, part one through part three of this ESPN saga has been strewn with successive on-going hints of OJ Simpson’s fanatical preoccupation with a white woman or white women in general.  This seems to be camouflage to deflect the attention of the viewing audience away from the concealment of other evidence of malfeasance involving not only the LAPD but the LADA and other lawyers associated with the Simpson “trial of the century”.

Time will tell how this winds up since OMIG investigators have been busy for years promulgating the counter narrative abroad, since being obstructed from displaying their discoveries of this malfeasance involving the Simpson case in America.

The global response in areas whose populations rival that of North America is shocking, given the thunderous response to the OMIG promotional trailers of their first 2002 documentary on this Simpson case fraud entitled SERPENTS RISING.