Black Lives No-longer Mattered at the End of the OJ Simpson Trial

cuba gooding running in his underwear jim-crow

The Sub-Text to all of this is Reestablishing Jim Crow Images and Negro Buffonery.

Earlier last month,  FOX and Jeffrey Toobin were filming in LA their OJ Series, American Crime Story, using the late Johnnie Cochran’s Church and the Shrine Auditorium.

Johnnie cochran image

Ironically they want to acknowledge the twentieth anniversary of the acquittal of OJ Simpson with their fall premiere presentation  (now pushed back to February 2016 and hopefully with our revelations not at all) as to why so many black folks were wrong when they celebrated their sense of relief when the “Not Guilty” verdict was read, October 3, 1995.  It never ceases to amaze some of us as outside observers how far they will go to raise capital resources to reinforce this fraudulent narrative.  In order to do so, it requires turning black males into caricatures, as required to cultivate a dehumanizing seed in certain sectors of America’s gullible Caucasian population.

negro caricature cartoon

Those minds have been psychologically massaged to accept the false narrative of the Simpson trial, we’ve dubbed the fraud “of the century”.  In the course of promoting the mass hysteria that came along with this trial, they have used Simpson to vicariously convey a dehumanizing subliminal message regarding black men in general, albeit a false message insinuating they have a volatile lust for white women.  Thus, as we entered the 21st century, the seeds of old 400 year old racial taboos had been deeply implanted into the weak minds of certain believers within our society.  Some of those people are in positions of authority, and continue to use the color of their authority to carry out irrational, and unlawful acts against blacks in the pettiest of misdemeanor encounters.

fool ass looking negro

Furthermore, It does not help matters that for a few shekels, some black actors will happily volunteer to play the buffoon in this upcoming sordid saga, American Crime Story.  Perpetuating the lie, by accentuating tomfoolery, only exacerbates the subliminal racist mindset.

cuba gooding running in his underwear  jim-crow

Cuba Gooding, Jr. supposedly as OJ Simpson on the left, erroneously jogging behind a Bronco in his underwear, and the racist stereotyped animated character of Jim Crow presented as skipping along happily to the right of Gooding.

As far as the Simpson saga producers are concerned they are ambivalent to the negative impact of this phony narrative and fail to realize that in this era of “Black Lives Matter” such stereotypes of buffoonery reinforce the subliminal mindset of those using the badge of authority who are behind the gun, that are programmed that black men, are caricatures, not worthy of life.  That is why a cartoon, and not a black man’s life, does not matter.   The metamorphosis of changing a black male into a caricature was sped up in an exercise of mass hysteria through promulgating this fraud called the O.J. Simpson “trial of the century”.  It now has had a long run and a dire impact upon how others see blacks or their children in this society, particularly their male off spring.   While these people promote this phony narrative of how the Simpson case unfolded they do so at the expense of continuing to withhold valuable evidence and information from the public while more and more insiders with knowledge fall by the wayside.  Everyday we see another one go, that could have provided more truthful information about this matter.  Besides Johnnie Cochran above, who publicly and apparently inadvertently divulged while the jury was out, ;that something was wrong with the crucial Exhibit 35 telephone records of Juditha Brown, that turned back the time an hour and a half to give enough time to place OJ Simpson at the murder site.   Others have met the same fate as he.  Before Cochran who was being pressed by black acquaintances that attended a screening during the February 2005 PAN AFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL and saw SERPENTS RISING: The OJ Simpson Conspiracy,, about his remarks that turned the original last time Nicole was alive back from 11PM to 9:37 PM, he’s is now dead.  Robert Kardashian, who was inducted into the Simpson defense, but did nothing in the way of litigation, is alleged to have known more about what went on behind these murders than was. admitted, but now he too is dead.


Then there is the man who police records indicate had a tie to Kardashian and accepted a contract to stalk OJ Simpson’s ex-wife,   william wasz photo Nicole, Bill Wasz, is dead, killed on his doorstep, after surviving 10 years in the gladiatorial prison in the hot southern California desert, Calipatria.

Michael Nigg, Michael Nigg picture the guy with the nefarious background that got the fugitive with multiple arrest warrants hanging over him, the deceased Ron Goldman, his job at the Mezzaluna, dead.  He was killed in a parking lot approximately a year and a half after Ron Goldman was killed.   Brett Cantor, associate of both Nigg, and Goldman, dead by someone slicing and dicing him with a knife.

Then there is the now deceased clinically diagnosed, malignant narcissist, socio-path, who died in 1998 from HIV infection, Marvin Glass.  He was a former prosecutor, turned private lawyer, who was into heavy criminal activity involving major drug distribution across the nation.   Glass was indicted for moving $100 million dollars of cocaine and marijuana by introducing Colombian cartel operators to Chicago distributors and representing them as their lawyer.  On the dark side, Glass was the murder for hire contractor, accused attempted murder suspect, Chicago drug king-pin, whose wife Patti, Fred Goldman married seven months after Glass entered a federal prison.  One of the children of Marvin Glass, Brian, alleges how physically abusive his stepfather, Fred, was toward he and other Glass children while the father was locked up, which was a bad thing to get back to their father who would have individuals physically assaulted who he felt had taken something that belonged to him.   Fred skirts admitting the truth about Glass, including avoiding the stating of his name 8 times in his book about his deceased son, HIS NAME IS RON.  Given Glass’s sordid criminal background, Fred also avoids telling the public that Glass was a  dangerous ex-convict out of prison, after four years and avoiding a 210 year sentence under the criminal RICO and Drug Kingpin statutes, because of his being a cooperating federal confidential informant or snitch, willing to give up his drug associates and bribe taking judges.  Nor does Goldman dwell on telling the public this dangerous person was in Los Angeles during the same week that Goldman’s actual son, Ron, was killed.  Glass was supposedly there to attend his, and Fred’s stepdaughter, Lauren Glass’s middle school graduation.

photo of Marvin Glass in newspaper Fred Goldman_wife Patti Glass Goldman

Marvin Glass (left), his ex-spouse, Patti Glass Goldman (right), now the present wife of Fred Goldman.

Then you have the present suspect, convicted serial killer Glen Rogers, who a California judge has abetted the removal of potentially exculpatory evidence from the Simpson case file, while sealing the truthful evidence of this man, Rogers’, connection to Simpson’s ex-wife.   The judge suppressed documents that indicated Rogers was, one; a very sick murdering sociopath that acted sporadically due to a congenital affliction of Mad King George’s Disease or what is clinically known as Acute Intermittent Porphyria.  Once a particular enzyme attacks the brain, the toxic effect on the afflicted individual’s brain can cause them to experience the psychotic reactions of a psychopathic human beast.  Two; information the same judge sealed indicating that Rogers was in an intimate relationship with Simpson’s ex-wife around the time of the murders.

imagesWQJE3ZYE Werewolf one

Rogers is on death row for dispatching at least 3 other women in less than a week in the same slashing manner as Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole.  It appears that California wants to remain silent and hide his connections to the Simpson case by keeping these records sealed in the hope that he will soon leave Florida’s death row by entering its death chamber with the surrogate hand of Florida silencing him by execution.  All of Rogers’ appeals after 17 years on Florida’s death row have ended and he now awaits a warrant sealing his date with either the electric chair or lethal injection.

Glen Rogers photo

People like the actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. appear to be satisfied to leave the false narrative in place and reinforce it by playing the fool in this absurd production, “American Crime Story”, by doing things in this ridiculous series that have no historical accuracy whatsoever.  We don’t know the man personally, however, if I did I would appeal to his common sense and morality, as well as to others associated with this foolish series, i.e. Malcolm Jamal Warner (Al Cowlings), who has always appeared to be politically and culturally sensitive.   Courtney B. Vance (Johnnie Cochran), who with his wife, Angela Bassett, have appeared to be culturally plugged in as well.   I would ask others as well not to take these roles in this foolish production that continues the stereotype of promoting the ignorant black male becoming fanatically infatuated with a white woman to the point of committing murder.  When you start off with a lie, you end with a lie; the Simpson case has been based on lies, suppressed and concealed evidence from the start.

Cuba+Gooding+Jr   malcolm jamal warner    Courtney+B+Vance

I challenge anyone in the public to show us any file footage of OJ Simpson at the end of the false Bronco chase, running around in back of his vehicle wearing only his under wear, shoes and sox, while waving a .357 magnum.  I use the words “false Bronco chase”  because the driver Al Cowlings is noted as calling the police prior to leaving the cemetery about an hour before returning into camera range in L.A. County.  Cowlings had driven Simpson to the Orange County cemetery where they had gone for Simpson to privately memorialize his deceased ex-wife, Nicole.  The media allowed the public to assume various erroneous theories including Simpson attempting to flee south towards the Mexican border when the truth is Cowlings after contacting the police by cell phone was returning north to L.A. County.

What is also fascinating to many of us, is how coordinated the whole effort to denigrate a perennially silent Simpson seems to be by unrelated media entities.  I contend that black males are vicariously denigrated as well by the continuous absurd attacks on the imprisoned Simpson.  On the one hand you have the FOX “American Crime Story” producers with Gooding running around in his drawers waving a gun pretending to be OJ, on the other you have tabloids like the National Enquirer posting continuous stories pairing OJ Simpson, who is now virtually a cartoon character, as a convict fascinated with intimate engagements with transgender characters.   Last year, in 2014, it was Simpson and the HIV infected Jazmena Jameson, who alleged OJ was infatuated with him/her.  A number of things about that allegation strikes several of us as suspicious.

oj and transgender prison lover

Now in 2015, with nothing else they can see as worthy in a time of media doldrums they feel that it’s worthwhile inventing something new to talk about regarding the principal of the most infamous case of the 20th century.   Once again they tap into the silent gift that just keeps on giving, O.J. Simpson.  This time, (Stevie Wonder could see it coming) they’ve now paired Simpson, turned caricature, with the big hand, long armed, transgender creation Bruce, aka Caitlyn, Jenner.   More and more, they continue to titillate the American viewing audience with nonsense.


However, none of this is going to bury the facts revealed by authors who have done their due diligence that those who control the media highways continue to attempt to boycott and keep silenced.  This set of authors who we have mentioned before, names like Johnson, Singular, Bosco, and others whose books and media publishers fail to promote because they too have bought into the false narrative.   However, the truth that these authors reveal will not go away, it’s out there and it will continue to grow in spite of the continuing silliness promoted by the production of this absurd joke, American Crime Story.

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