The Clinton Con for Trump Suckers!

By Maddogg Brown

loretta-lynch-first-amendment- con artist bill clinton con artist scam-artistcon artist donald trump

Bill Clinton, with a law degree, former Arkansas Governor, 42nd President of the United States that served two terms; makes me suspicious just like everyone else when he states that he just dropped in on Attorney General Lynch when her plane landed next to his on the tarmac for a friendly meaningless chat about the grand kids.   I’m looking at Clinton’s move based upon my own speculation of a more sinister reason for the visitation.   Though I do believe Lynch that there was no discussion regarding her involvement with his wife’s case that is under FBI examination presently.  However, I believe that Bill Clinton was

Devilish looking con artist  Bill-Clinton-cigar-GettyImages-640x480

determined to sucker in a bunch of fools, meaning those hysterical supporters of the anti-Obama administration; albeit virtually over, who are recognized generally now as Trump supporters.  Either Trump was the first fool to bite, or as I have suspected, the best Democratic strategy they’ve had in the last 8 years needed to trump the Koch brothers impact on the Republican base.   He’s akin to a nuclear device, a living breathing nightmare, and an effective one-man demolition crew destroying the Republican party.


What I see going on here is a Georgia con, as it would likely be called, but maybe more appropriately an Arkansas con, orchestrated by the big dog from the little Arkansas town of Hope.  Bill Clinton diabolically hopes he can turn fanatical white, right wing, ultra-conservatives mostly seen these days as Caucasian men, and most ardent supporters of Donald Trump, to publicly attack the integrity of this black woman, Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General of the United States.  Black women in this country possibly have the highest positive public integrity persona of any demographic group within the country.  It is certainly higher than black men, and in my opinion higher than white men too,  because each of these groups are often in the news for engaging in acts of malfeasance and felonious acts of tomfoolery and deception.   Clinton knows this, as well as knowing that to attack black women, albeit through Lynch, would be pounding a nail in the Republican’s political coffin, dashing all hopes of Presidential victory.  That is exactly what they would be doing vicariously by attacking Lynch and potentially invigorating the African American vote.  That’s inside the beltway politics, hardball style at work today, in response to the Koch brothers and other extremist wackos who feel their money is so deep, it does not matter what they do or how they spend it.  Well, it doesn’t look so good right now because the pied piper Donald Trump is on auto-control marching a bunch of fools straight to the political cliff.

LorettaLynch black female nurse black female police officer female chef Childcare-worker

It would be a foolish move for these Trump supporters to bite on this Clinton bait, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they do, since it appears like a bunch of fools have become prominently involved throughout Trump’s campaign.  It reminds me quite often of the clown car the Shriners emerge from with many clowns climbing out at various local parades.  Thus, if Bill Clinton succeeds and pulls off this con, then he deserves his long forgotten nickname “Slick Willy”.

racist trump supporter  trump supporters


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