Robert Mueller is Rolling on the Floor Laughing at a Sucker.

Commentary from the Maddogg

This is why the former FBI Agent, Robert Mueller, is probably rolling on the floor of his office laughing his ass off.   Mueller’s playing chess while Trump is ducking and playing…… Uhhhhh…. Checkers??? or tiddly-winks, maybe????

Rolling on the floor laughing GIF

Mueller brought charges against a dozen Russian military GRU intelligence operatives based on a US intelligence investigation, right before Trump takes off for his so called SUMMIT in Helsinki after throwing his paper-tiger weight around with his NATO allies in Brussels, Belgium.

World Leaders Meet For NATO Summit In BrusselsAfter what he considers to be kicking a little ass at the Belgium NATO conference, he’s then on to meet with Vladimir Putin mid-way between Atlantic Europe and Moscow, at the neutral city of Helsinki, Finland’s capitol, but not before first playing a few rounds of golf at his hotel resort in Scotland.    With no preparation and his general shoot from the hip style he on to a clandestine meeting behind closed doors with the Bear, just he and the leader of Russia, with only an interpreter.  Really!  The number one US adversary,.

Russian Bearkiddy car with trump behind the wheel

Well, we’re sure Mueller already had predicted Trump’s style since we’ve all become used to it by now.  Whatever, benefit Putin may have gained, Mueller assured Trump that he would not receive any back here in the U.S. in a masterful move by issuing warrants for multiple Russian cyber-criminals.   He knows that Trump is not going to ask Putin to extradite them back to the U.S. so in the end Mueller’s bound to make Trump look like a weakling issuing a plethora of impotent promises.


Mueller knows that Trump is not going to challenge his good pimpin’ Mack Daddy, Vladmir Putin, for interfering in US elections.   Mueller knows his public reaction there after will only raise further questions of what lurid photos or videos the Russians might have on Trump.  We already have several dozen women who’ve made allegations of  Trump’s uninvited sexual conduct.

trump with trump lips

So Mueller knows it’s a chalk bet in his favor that the press will challenge a pretentious fool still angry about being compared with Barack Obama while attempting to pass himself off as  a competent U.S. President.    The odds were in Mueller’s favor that the press would expose how puny and weak, and corrupt, Trump really appears to be with all of his phony pseudo-bravado posturing.  Mueller knew that Trump was not going to assert the excellence of his own US intelligence apparatus, i.e. NSA, FBI, and CIA by affirming information that would have put his master Putin in an embarrassing spot.

putin two

Thus, with all of Trump’s predictable equivocating and blaming the prior black President, Obama, which Trump doesn’t seem to be able to get away from, Mueller was going to win.   All calls for Mueller’s dismissal, Trump can throw such madness out the window, he just helped to do something yesterday all by himself and that is to solidify Mueller’s position.   We all could safely predict what the outcome of Trump’s meeting with Putin would produce.   We all know that Trump’s predictable lackluster response to Russian interference in US domestic affairs  would become the next day’s headline.  No matter how well he attempts to spin it, he looked weak and the press is going to jump all over it.  No one knows what he and Putin discussed beyond what Trump alleges and given his hallow conclusions I doubt than anyone beyond his base is going to believe anything he says.

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