How is Donald Trump any Different?

Opinion and Commentary offered by the Maddogg Buttkickin’ Brown

This thought is provoked by the sadness of others I now see when thinking about the intentionally man-made dilemma the U.S. now finds itself in. You have one man, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, holding laid off government workers hostage by failing to fund the government of the Republic of the United States. Many of these workers have little food, money for gasoline, with questions looming over their heads as to whether they will be put out of there homes because they can no longer pay their rents or mortgages.

Since these agencies of government where these workers are employed are so vital to us all, it makes one wonder why the President’s conduct of causing this shutdown should not be considered unlawful? What sense does it make to allow one of the combatants in a debate to go down into the engine room of this old Ship of State which carries us all and commit a potentially destructive act out of personal anger.

Anyone else taking such actions to undermine an Act of Congress would be subject to criminal penalties but the US Supreme Court has failed to weigh in on such conduct and has remained silent on potentially the most damaging conduct to occur in the history of the nation.

In regard to the Executive branch versus the Legislative branch,
neither should be allowed to take actions that potentially can sink this ship of state or destroy the republic. The egotistical actions are like a myopic suicide bomber set on causing maximum damage with little regard to the destruction it causes to a plethora of other people. This is why we are asking the US Supreme Court to take notice, and step up with some sense of sanity to act to preserve this Republic from the throes of the conduct of reckless individuals.

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