Indonesians Complain about blocked access to OJ Simpson Conspiracy Documentary

By Maddogg Commentator Herb Ross

The authors of the OJ Simpson investigation in the documentary below: SERPENTS RISING: The OJ Simpson Conspiracy were preparing for an unusual beneficial Thanksgiving response courtesy of followers in the nation of Indonesia this week. “Yes, we were,” chuckled T. H. Johnson, “but a day too late” the investigative team leader for the OMIG investigative group and producer of the documentary which screened in five film festivals in 2005. “We noted after the first 6 months of 2019 the tremendous interest and interactive response rate garnered in that part of the world of South East Asia” he stated regarding OMIG (Ocean Medical Investigative Group’s) O.J. Simpson trial investigation. “However, our budget for last year had come to an end when we wanted to test the market there”. Johnson said that the broadcast platforms in the US for cable television are in the hands of a few and are very selective making it difficult to gain access to the public by those who want to use them. This is how they have continued to protect a lie and false narrative surrounding a trial they dubbed the “trial of the century” according to Johnson.

“This is a very important documentary” Johnson said, “because it reflects the double standard that a nation asserted that claims to want to bring others its American values”. “Their highest law enforement agencies at both the state and federal level of government hid evidence regarding the O.J. Simpson case in order to destroy this man’s professional career while protecting a false narrative with sordid racial undertones associated with it” Johnson stated.

“We were fully prepared to cultivate this market for the documentary’s exposure on the Vimeo platform once we received our second annual PR budget from the Chairman’s table of OMIG”. They began to focus on Indonesia, and now on India as well, both with a total population of about 1.6 billion people. “We’d be very happy if only 1/10th of one per cent of the population in this region down loaded the documentary for viewing” Johnson said.

With the 270 million in Indonesia, representing about 90% of the U.S. population the response of a moderate ad campaign according to Johnson has achieved within three days an extraordinary ten per cent interactive response rate for over 250 thousand people via FaceBook ads. However, watching the trailer is one thing, accessing the pay-per-view video platform is another according to Vimeo.

Vimeo spokemen had this to say: We’re very sorry that you’ve encountered this. Unfortunately, the Indonesian government has chosen to ban Vimeo over what it considers to be objectionable content. Although this decision is outside of our control, we have followed up with the Indonesian government to clarify our positions, and we will continue to advocate for the restoration of service.

“Well, all I can hope is that the Indonesian government give us a break”, Johnson said. “We want the world to see the duplicity that is promoted under the banner of freedom and democracy in the US”. “Those privileges appear to apply to some but certainly not to all citizens in this country” he stated.

T.H. Johnson is the author of several books written on the fraudulent activity involving the O.J. Simpson trial.

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