Is Trump a true racist or something else?

Maddogg Commentary by OMIG’s T.H. Johnson

For me, it is difficult to go along with those eagerly attempting to place Trump in a cubby hole as a pure racist. Since a racist will often say I don’t care about being around you but do your own thing over there with your own as I intend to do the same with mine over here. The reason why Trump requires a deeper scrutiny than just assigning the title racist to him, as simple minded as he appears to be, he appears to be an enigma for political analysts to comprehend. We have observed Trump over the years as a man who persistently attempts to get in where he can fit in, with whomever is the flavor of the day , and that includes blacks.

Thus, what Trump truly appears to be is something worse than a racist, which does not bode well for the Republican party. He undoubtedly will engage in racist activity quite often, however, what Trump truly is, is a Malignant Narcissistic political opportunist, and a greedy one at that.

The affliction of narcissim itself takes its name from the old Greek mythology whereby Narcissus, the beautiful son of the river god, Cephussus and the nymph Liriope, becaume a vain and snobbish youth, who refused the fervent amorous advances of a multitude of young ladies, but was to finally meet a worthy match when he came across his own reflection in a pool.

The boy, upon seeing his image in the bloom of his own youth, fell madly and irrevocably in love with himself; Narcissus stayed beside the stream gazing at the image of his reflected paramour in vain, neglecting even to eat or drink. Upon his death, his body was transformed into a beautiful yellow flower, which still carries his name today. According to the fable this was punishment by the goddess, Nemesis, for his mistreatment of the nymph Echo. From the medical perspective, a person who is afflicted with this clinical affliction, NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) feels that they owe no allegiance to anyone but themselves and will do the most outrageous things for the exclusive benefit of themselves. Hence, Trump, as a malignant narcissist, has no moral compass to which anyone can appeal. He appears to be driven by greed, envy, and jealousy, where he inherently feels he owes no one anything, including the Republican Party.

The perception, whether accurate or not, is the Republican Party did not initially endorse Donald Trump as their candidate. He took advantage as a longshot, of a visceral reaction and became a populace candidate, capturing the pent up anger of insecure whites at his base recoiling from their perceived loss of prestige as a result of having to witness the success of an African American two term president, Barack Obama.

Trump’s victory was more the result of a lackluster campaign effort on the part of the Democratic candidate, Hilary Clinton, who appeared not to really want the position of President of the United States but accepted the nomination possibly as a result of a familial quid pro quo arrangement for standing by her man, Bill Clinton, during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. That whole affair could have brought the Democratic control of the Whitehouse to a crashing halt through Clinton’s impeachment had the Republican’s psychological pressure worked to publicly detach her from her husband. Most assuredly the party big wigs shared the realities with her and orchestrated her upward movement to become Secretary of State, generally a worthy platform to prepare someone for advancement to Commander in-chief.

So, due to the lack of campaign commitment, the Democrats would take a 5% drop in the African American vote compared to the prior 2012 election, which was very critical, as well as a loss of a large chunk of suburban white women who were simply not moved by Hiliary in 2016. That year 2016 should have been the year of the woman. Bettors saw the odds favorable for the perceived leading nation of the free world, the last of the so called “first world nations”, finally to elect a woman as its head of state. Germany, France, Great Britain, Israel, Pakistan, and even the West African nation of Liberia were ahead of the US in electing a female head of state. The effort failed, as a result of the heretofore stated reasons, and now the perception of the US woman would metaphorically remain, in her single dress, barefooted in the kitchen.

Those key factors opened the door for the prior unthinkable Trump victory to win the electorial college vote, but any party assumption of protecting the Republican party and its control of the Executive Office, Trump cares nothing about. That is not in the DNA of a malignant narcissist, he didn’t enter the election that way. However, even though the Electorial College system arguably favors the conservatives, it only does so when all ducks align themselves as they did during the lackluster campaign of Clinton.

The alienating conduct of Donald Trump with his outrageous debauchery doubtfully plays well with anyone other than his limited base, and that alone is no road to victory unless there are outside forces clandestinely manipulating voting machinery, and that is certainly part of the present debate regarding election security. However, Trump as a malignant narcissist moves by his own personal whims and emotions, while failing to examine the impact on the whole. He will sacrifice everything to singlely protect only himself, including his own family if it comes to that. When you read articles on the clinical diagnoses of malignant narcissistic personalities the medical researchers will state that they will sacrifice everyone else to preserve themselves. Thus, Trump appears to represent that personality who will sacrifice the Republican party to save his son-in-law, Gerard Kushner, sacrifice Gerard if need be to save his daughter, Ivanka. However, a malignant narcissist like Trump will, when the last piece of earth is falling away, rather than sacrifice himself for his children, will sacrifice Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr. to preserve himself.

So Republican Party in examining the reality of your condition, what do you think that means, as it relates to Donald Trump, for preserving whatever integrity, if any at all, your party still has left?

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