Black Lives No-longer Mattered at the End of the OJ Simpson Trial

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Earlier this week,  FOX and Jeffrey Toobin were filming in LA their OJ Series, American Crime Story, using the late Johnnie Cochran’s Church and the Shrine Auditorium.

Johnnie cochran image

Ironically they want to acknowledge the twentieth anniversary of the acquittal of OJ Simpson with their fall premiere presentation as to why so many black folks were wrong when they celebrated their sense of relief when the “Not Guilty” verdict was read, October 3, 1995.  It never ceases to amaze some of us as outside observers how far they will go to raise capital resources to reinforce this fraudulent narrative.  In order to do so, it requires turning black males into caricatures, as required to cultivate a dehumanizing seed in certain sectors of America’s gullible Caucasian population.

negro caricature cartoon

Those minds have been psychologically massaged to accept the false narrative of the Simpson trial, we’ve dubbed the fraud “of the century”.  In the course of…

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2 thoughts on “Black Lives No-longer Mattered at the End of the OJ Simpson Trial

  1. My feelings generally center around how Simpson has been the gift that keeps on giving; how all of it, including the Jenner-Kardashian relationship, has been used to prostitute the media by injecting irrelevant, non-substantive, information or fluff, into the arena of public discourse. It is used as a diversion, to camouflage and avoid confronting or revealing uncovered truths in this sordid Simpson matter after defiling the Constitution. In essence, the media controllers from their West Coast coven serve you a big butt, big breast, Kardashian or now a big hand, long arm, transvestite anomaly, Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. In essence they give the public a diversion to steer your mind away from the power structure’s engagement in this criminal conspiratorial malfeasance of fraud and obstruction of justice. The diversion allows them to suborn perjury on the part of sworn officers of the court in order to continue to protect and promote a false narrative of OJ Simpson being the murderer of two people, which they know is not true by protecting exculpatory information using the court to seal evidence.


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