OJ Simpson: The Hidden Tapes…….a crock of……….


Once again, we were enticed into viewing a full crock of hot smoldering donkey doo doo with the latest Simpson offering, and its slight of hand tricks.  I understand this is the year that we are to be bombarded by several more Simpson oddities based upon the one sided hearsay that people have long considered to be the truth in this matter.  However, what it is, is an odorous clump of unsubstantiated crap that investigative journalists would have found had they done an iota’s worth of due diligence.

Unless you were born in 1996, we’re all aware of those so called Hidden Simpson tapes, and have been told about them and what was on them for the last 19 years.   You told us years ago, what was said and what Simpson’s alleged demeanor was, so when presented for a couple of hours the show then becomes boring to us who’ve been around for awhile. It certainly did not deliver the shocking umph! to me that your trailers imply, unless you were just recently weened from a baby bottle.

However, the fascinating suspicion begins to build immediately, for me, not towards O.J. Simpson but when immediately hit with the images of the same old players, Fred and Kim Goldman, whining about their inability to get a court awarded $33 million dollars from Simpson while crying about the loss of their alleged love one, Ron Goldman.

ron goldman one

If you read the depositions of Fred and Kim you might get another impression of how deep their love actually was, and whether all of the crying is simply feigned alligator tears from money hungry grifters.  Ron apparently liked to get amnesia when it was time to repay money he owed that he’d borrowed from family members, and it caused anger and hostility towards him.   This may have also been a reason behind his death as well, but not with family debt but with debts owed to outsiders based on allegations of drug involvement near the Cheviot Hills Tennis Courts where he was the tennis instructor.

fred and kim goldman

Some unknown woman that is said to have been a writer with a New York Newspaper named Caruso, goes on and on in the program, about Fred Goldman, telling us, at least “he had a day job”, like telling us that was worth a gold star.  However, the mystery has always been where was he employed, what kind of job did he have, and for how long.   Now, this should not mean much to anyone except that it might just mean something significant in the whole scheme of things that led up to these murders in the first place.  Something that is never discussed is Fred’s background.  After investigators talked with his step-son, Brian Glass, now a lawyer back in the region of the country from which the Goldman’s all hail, the Chicago Metro area, we find that the image of Fred does not stand up.

Brian talks about him with such vitriol as being a brutalizing domestic abuser himself who beat his Glass step children by his present wife, Patti Glass, now Patti Goldman.   He even alleges that Fred punched him in the face and knocked him down a flight of stairs while Brian was on crutches, resulting in Patti moving the children out of she and Fred’s home, in Los Angeles, California for a time.  Given what we now know about Brian’s father, a little something-something, that Fred has neglected to tell us, beating up on that man’s children was not a brilliant thing to do.   In fact, marrying this man’s former wife was a questionable thing to do as well 7 months after he entered federal prison.  You see, Brian Glass’s father was Marvin Glass, a federally charged Illinois drug king pin, and gangster-lawyer, with his own crew of leg breakers and killers, as well as a man with severe psychological problems himself.  Not only did Marvin Glass face 210 years in prison for conspiring to distribute narcotics around the country, but he was tried as well for attempted murder, for allegedly having his partner shot in the head.

According to pre-trial medical doctors Glass suffered from the same mental disease that military doctors diagnosed with the Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, before executing him; malignant narcissism.   A malignant narcissist has the bad habit of taking minuscule things personally, and believing many things, even those which are minor that arguably aren’t theirs belongs to them, maybe like their children by their ex-spouse; you think?

photo of Marvin Glass in newspaper  Sadam Hussein

While Fred mentions the man in his book that he reads during the program, “His name is Ron”, he adroitly avoided mentioning this man’s name over eight times in the book, and even lies about his professional status at the time of the book’s release.  Calling Glass a retired Defense Lawyer, is laughable, given the magnitude of the fugitive chase all over the news papers during the mid-80s and the trial that led to his final conviction.  Glass was disbarred from practicing law when he was sent to prison, by then afflicted with terminal HIV from a blood transfusion he received in Florida purportedly after being struck while fleeing by a vehicle on a Florida highway, he would later die in 1998.  However, Brian Glass reported that when the children reported on Fred’s abuse when visiting him in prison, he was not a happy camper regarding Fred’s conduct.  This man, who had cross country tentacles, would not have to reach out too far, because Fred at least does bother to tell us in his book, that the dangerous and duplicitous, ex-convict, Glass was in Los Angeles at the time of Ron Goldman’s death and in close proximity to the rest of the family.  He had received an early release for cooperating with federal authorities as a confidential informant in one of the most significant federal operations in Illinois history, to bring down bribe taking judges who Glass had considerable connections.  The federal sting was called “Operation Grey Lord” and brought down several bribe taking officials and judges including a celebrated appellate judge, Otto Kerner, of the famously named John F. Kennedy appointed Kerner Commission.

And then there is old slick talking Daniel Petrocelli, white haired and slimmer now than the younger fat jowled fast talking slickster of around 1999-2000, who comically was seen scurrying away from a microphone at the downtown superior courthouse, when Dr. Henry Johnson of the OMIG investigative  group approached the microphone to dispute and challenge the accepted lies that have now become the mortar of the Simpson case.  Given his now slimmer physique he shouldn’t have a problem getting away much quicker now.

LA courthouse business-man-running-away

Noticeably, Petrocelli loved to use the word liar over and over again in denigrating Simpson.  I suspect his hair has turned pure white now, staying up stressing about who is going to catch him up in his own lies like FOX NEW’S Shepard Smith did in 2000, when OMIG investigators were pursuing the Juditha Brown telephone records that originally excluded Simpson from being the murderer of the two victims.  Those records stated by both the mother and father of Nicole Brown Simpson had the mother Juditha on the phone with Nicole at 11 PM on the night of the murders.  Behind closed doors the lawyers would argue until reaching an unholy alliance that the phone call would change to 10:17 PM, and ultimately seven months later during the trial on February 07, 1995 to 9:37 PM.  Can you believe that?  How hard is it to see a telephone record, that should be part of the public record?  At least that is what Petrocelli told FOX NEWS before their millions of viewers, in fact he attempted to down play their significance and tell everyone “They’re public record, everyone could see them, and you could have seen them too, had you asked me I would have brought them with me”.  Fox Told Petrocelli we’ll have our producers contact you after the show and we’ll arrange to get those records to display them to the viewing audience.   Then Smith would report two days later that Petrocelli outside of camera range now, had now lied, and reneged on his commitment.  He would not give FOX a copy of the phone records that he two days prior said anyone could see, since they were the property of the Browns.

danpetrocelli shep-smith

The question I always wondered about was whether Petrocelli even saw the records himself, since he accepted a proffered stipulation to them by Daniel Leonard, one of Simpson’s civil attorneys, during the civil trial of 9:37 PM.  Thus, Petrocelli did the same as Marcia Clark and Johnnie Cochran during the criminal trial regarding those vital phone records.  Although the time that Nicole was last known to be alive talking on the telephone had changed three times from 11PM, to 10:17 PM, to 9:37 PM, causing arguably a question of authenticity that was now in conflict, it should have been an exclusive matter for the jury under the rules of common law.   However, they conveniently circumvented the jury’s examination and have never been seen as a certified record by the public although subpoenaed from GTE Telephone Company as People’s Exhibit 35.  Those records were being pursued because they were surreptitiously removed from the Simpson case file on April 24, 1998 with a secretive motion for court order for their permanent removal along with all of the other evidence in the Simpson case file by the lead prosecutor in the Simpson criminal trial, William Hodgeman, and granted by another questionable judge’s action , Judge John H. Reid, who’d go on to issue other questionable orders relative to concealing evidence regarding the serial killer Glen Rogers that was potentially related to the Simpson case.

william hodgman2 judge john h. reid photo                                 (L) Asst D.A., (then Deputy D.A. Bill Hodgeman) and (R) Judge John H. Reid

The Alleged Bruno Magli Shoe Question…..And their uncertainty.

simpson-main bodziak william fbi special agent

(L) OJ Simpson in alleged Bruno Magli shoes photo seen in his 1997 civil trial and (R) FBI Special Agent William Bodziak who determined that the shoes in 1994 were Bruno Magli found at the murder site.

Dan Petrocelli and his associate minions go on and on, about alleged size 12 Bruno Magli shoes, that showed up in photos in 1997 in time for Simpson’s civil trial.  However, what makes the photos of Simpson in these alleged Bruno Magli shoes suspicious is that they didn’t they show up in 1994 when they were allegedly found or by 1995 when the FBI Special Agent, who found them, William Bodziak, was first presenting them at trial on the witness stand as being veritable evidence that they were the Bruno Magli brand of shoes.

bruno magli shoes with oj in them twobruno magli shoes with oj in them

Well, down below is Simpson’s foot traced into a tracing of the size 12, or actually size 46, SILGA U2887 Rubber shoe sole which was attached to the bottom of the Bruno Magli shoes that they want to place Simpson’s feet in.  However, we have several problems with them doing that starting with the size of Simpson’s foot, seen in green in the photo on the right side below, and along side the size 12 SILGA black rubber sole on the left.  One can see that Simpson’s green foot given to us by Dr. Henry Johnson’s investigative team, OMIG, indicates a foot allegedly belonging to Simpson that extends outside of the U2887 Size 12 SILGA (Bruno Magli) shoe sole.  Even though we qualify it with the words alleged.  We’ve examined the size 46/size 12 U2887 shoe sole, and we have shaken the massively long hands of Simpson which are much larger than the average size man’s hands, and are symmetrically proportioned with his feet.  So if anyone wants to offer us a one-to-one bet, we’ll take the position that Simpson’s foot is accurately portrayed in the green photo tracing and does not fit into the size 12 Bruno Magli shoe with the SILGA U2887 sole attached.  For such an expensive shoe, it certainly presents an image of a very uncomfortable and visually unbecoming shoe in regard to its fit.

Bruno Magli shoe and foot and sole 2 OJ Simpsons foot tracing green

This could have been resolved by Agent Bodziak simply going to the central jail in Los Angeles County and measuring the exact dimensions of OJ’s foot but his arrogance of presumption is his excuse during testimony of not doing so, and confirming such an important fact in this so called “trial of the century”.  So the question now becomes did Bodziak simply inadvertently fail to determine the trustworthiness of the evidence that he was presented, or did he intentionally jeopardize the preeminent integrity of the FBI’s name and image.  Given the fact that the FBI had previously been involved in a scandal of this magnitude 23 years earlier in Los Angeles, albeit not televised at the time, they may have made a critical decision to secretly gamble and back Bodziak in order to save their name and reputation from past years embarrassment.

cointelpro image

I cannot imagine their being pleased with Mr. Bodziak’s actions of placing their persona in jeopardy with the public, however, they may have been forced to get in bed with him until this matter calmed down and hopefully evaporated.  However, with OMIG investigators nothing it seems ever calms down for them to stop looking at the irregularities in the Simpson case.

Bruno Magli shoe prints show less than 12 inches bruno magli shoe with bodziak holding sole

You see in the immediate photos above, in both the one on the left and the one on the right, with the SILGA size 12 U2887 shoe sole held in Bodziak’s hand, the location in the middle of the shoe in front of the heel, is the identification plug for the brand of shoe.  SILGA left an empty space in its shoe soles so that the brand’s identification plug could be placed inside that hole.  These soles were shipped like that with an empty space to whatever company to which it sold this shoe sole from its U2887 rubber mold.   Notice that the heel of the shoe is raised, so that it also raises the area where the identity plug is located off of the ground as well, which you can see in the prints made by the shoe sole on the left.  This style of shoe sole was not only sold to Bruno Magli for its brand of shoes carrying the U2887 SILGA shoe sole, but SILGA sold the shoe sole to another company that owned 20 various brands of shoes beyond the nation of Italy where Bruno Magli was manufactured.   This is according to the words of the special agent, Mr. Bodziak, himself.  Unfortunately, he would not elaborate on it during the actual Simpson criminal trial in 1995, but would do so in a re-edited 1999 second edition of his 1981 college text book.  FOOTWEAR IMPRESSION EVIDENCE, Detection, Recovery, and Examination.

Footwear impression evidence boziak

Thus, we have a problem with Special Agent Bodziak’s method of arriving at his empirical conclusion, which was right on the money as far as  others, like Petrocelli, have concluded.  He and others would have you believe by 1997, that these were in fact Bruno Magli shoes in a picture of OJ Simpson wearing them that had not been photo manipulated, even though it was disclosed during the civil trial that the all important negatives of Simpson allegedly wearing these shoes had by 1997 traveled outside of the U.S. to a European destination whose intelligence agency was noted for fraudulent photo manipulation. However, we can only conclude that maybe the cost was estimated for attempting to flim flam the public and certain people in decision making positions determined that it was a price they were willing to pay after Bodziak had left the Simpson trial witness stand. dice rolling

It is our position that due to the design of the raised heel of SILGA’s U2887 sole, it was no way for Special Agent Bodziak to determine that the shoe prints in the photo were made by Bruno Magli or 20 other global brands in 1994 or 1995.  So, the question that we, who are not convinced of Mr. Bodziak’s clairvoyant skills,  is how did he objectively determine that these shoes were Bruno Magli shoes?   We know that based upon the demonstrations shown us at OMIG’s office, they certainly don’t believe it, and until Bodziak provides a prudent explanation, I’m afraid I don’t believe him either.  Furthermore, it is unimaginable to us that any prudent professional representing the FBI, would publicly place the integrity of the brand of the most preeminent investigative agency in the world on the line in a 20-to-1 gamble.  To do so, with the back up of assuming that the only persons wearing such shoe soles where people who bought them from the 299 pair of Bruno Maglis owned by the North American distributor, was purely reckless.   The brand itself is not identified in any of the bloody shoe print photos taken at the Bundy Murder site due to the raised heel, thus Bodziak in our opinion was engaging in a shell game with the integrity of the FBI put on the line.


Until the American public is presented a full exposure to the truth behind the Simpson case, they will continue to be misinformed and misled.  They shall continue to be taken for fools via the use of duplicitous actions on the part of sworn officers of the court utilizing the media in a one sided manner to continue presenting a lie, based upon a false narrative regarding OJ Simpson.  This man was used as a guinea pig to see how far they could go with duping the American public for their own clandestine pecuniary interests.

american flag

I suspect that Daniel Petrocelli’s hair is going to get much whiter than it is now, worrying about whether this alleged on-going lie is going to catch up to him.  Though he may appear to look better than the bloated fat boy face of the 90s he displayed, our suspicion is that Petrocelli is losing weight behind those hidden lies in hope that they are never exposed.  That’s what makes these people dangerous, because they have engaged in activity that potentially foments danger for all on both sides of this matter, and what makes this whole affair a crock full of excruciatingly awful smelling %^#*.

4 thoughts on “OJ Simpson: The Hidden Tapes…….a crock of……….

    1. We’re all ears, tell us and let’s see if you can get your ass out of quicksand since you are already fighting an uphill battle since you start your proclaimation with “I know who was with OJ at the Murders”. The evidence this investigative organization has compiled for the last 23 years certainly does support that assumption but we are still curious as to how you arrive at both conclusions, (1.) why you know OJ was there and (2.) who was with OJ. Although we do believe that there was more than one assailant based upon the evidence in the autopsy reports we do not support your conclusion that one of them was O.J., since our evidentiary work does not support that assumption.


  1. These gentleman Johnson brothers Has been some of the best investigators and writers concerning the Simpson saga This is modest closest you’re gonna get to the truth In America don’t want the truth They have constantly tried to black ball the information that they have trying to provide to the people For some reason no one knows the truth I blame Mr. Simpson for not trying to helping the Johnson brothers that represent OMIG 💯 investigate or help funds this Group, It’s very expensive to run the investigation of this level don’t forget cash is king the Johnson brothers have spent hundreds of 1000 dollars In order for this investigation to succeed They really need help Perform this investigation.

    My accounts of this magnitude of biggest Saga in America History the people need to know the truth of this investigation blessing for the Johnson Brothers OMIG🙏

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