OJ Simpson’s Longest Run……against his toughest opponent, Subconscious Racism

oj-simpson in gloves 2

What drives people, including so called professional journalists, to resist examining what they’ve been told relative to the guilt of O.J. Simpson in his 1995 murder trial?  Why is it that no one, including so called professional journalists, especially “investigative journalists”, have failed time and time again to examine in detail what they have been told relative to the crucial evidence in this case?    The significance of the title above possibly explains why these alleged professionals would not go deeper into questioning the quality of the evidence that they were receiving.  In this day and age one would believe that it is kind of strange, that no one bothered apparently to suppress their disdain for Simpson to ask any hard questions.

PKT4656-344219 O.J. SIMPSON 1994 O.J. Simpson- athlete, actor and suspect in the murder of his ex-wife Nicole. Picture shows a glove that was found at OJ SImpson's home which appearantly is the missing glove to a pair, the other glove was bloodied from the violent murders of Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman.  o-j-simpsons-house-from west end Rockingham looking east overhead

Let us consider what we’ve been told about the matching glove found on the grounds of Simpson’s estate.  When it first was reported in 1994 by the media that a detective named Mark Fuhrman had found the glove at Simpson’s Rockingham estate, you began to wonder who would be stupid enough to carry a glove used in a murder back to their own residence and drop it on the ground.   However, as the case began to develop against Simpson it is amazing how the thought of such stupidity  became taken for granted that Simpson was foolish enough to do such a thing.   Time and time again, the media simply gave Fuhrman a pass in terms of his allegations in this now well publicized investigation, even Oprah would later contribute to resurrecting his integrity without examining the evidence in a case that everyone claims to be so fascinated.  Fuhrman then told the public that he had the police photographer Rolf Rokahr take a picture of the glove at the murder site after 7 AM, meaning after sunrise, however, when Rokahr was interrogated under cross-examination he admitted that he had taken the photo before daylight somewhere between 4:15 and 4:45 AM while it was still dark; sunrise was an hour and a half later at approximately 5:40 AM.   So immediately, it raises the question regarding Fuhrman’s credibility regarding simple things that he will continue to inadvertently forget or simply is outright lying.  Whichever one it is, it appears to be persistent on multiple occasions relative to evidence in the Simpson case.

mark fuhrman photobloody glove found at oj_simpson_crimescene by mark fuhrman

If you study Fuhrman’s remarks, even in his book with the narcissistic title, MARK FUHRMAN,—–Murder in Brentwood—–you will find the same characteristic pattern.  He seems to be a person so narcissistic that his concern for accuracy takes a back seat to a self aggrandizing narrative.   He appears to assume that he will not be fact checked, and these type of feigned inadvertent slips grow more and more suspicious as they continue to accumulate.  What did he think that his taped interview where he casually uses the N-word at virtually every turn would not count in the inadvertent lies told?   Even when the questions in the McKinney tapes had little to do with an alleged movie script but just his personal thoughts about common things in life, he seemed to be preoccupied with prefacing his remarks with some vile reference to blacks while certainly injecting the N-word into his distorted narrative.  He did that in terms of describing the hometown in which he grew up, Eatonville, Washington.  In the Mckinney tapes he talks about the town only liking to have good people, and not accepting N-words and Mexicans, and that the town would do everything they could to run those type of people out.  However, in his book, MARK FUHRMAN Murder in Brentwood, he denies that he ever rode by the only black family that lived in the town, the Blues, and yelled that vile racial epitaph over and over again.

I won’t belabor you in a discussion regarding the accusations of Mark Fuhrman that began to rise by innuendo of him being a neo-Nazi, and avid racist with what appeared to be a deep seeded hatred towards blacks.  Believe it or not, the black female jurors didn’t hold a grudge against his use of that vile racist epitaph.    They were impressed by the appearance of  professionalism as a police officer at first they said.  They stated in their own book about the infamous trial, MADAM FOREMAN, that they envisioned that an officer working under such stressful conditions in dangerous areas where certain people lived might be prone to using the N-word in describing potential criminal adversaries and saw no reason for him to lie about it.  However, if you read his book you’ll find it to be a persistent theme, where he blames others for their inadequacies, and seldom himself; then embellishes a story related to the Simpson case, that when fact checked is erroneous.  Thus, it became not an ordinary slip of the tongue as when he discusses finding the glove at the Bundy murder site during his testimony in the preliminary hearing on July 05, 1994.  While building up the drama in his narrative leading up to discovering the bloody glove allegedly worn by one of the assailants, Fuhrman slips when referring to the glove and says that when he was outside the fence on the north side of Nicole’s condominium he could clearly see “them” lying at the feet of Ron Goldman.  That remark of seeing “them” coupled with the reality that, as seen in the photo of him pointing above, Ron Goldman’s body lay only three feet from the bottom step at Nicole’s condo, as did the glove and the cap, since the front entry gate post seen too in the photo was only three feet six inches away from the bottom step as well.  It’s amazing given Fuhrman’s recitation of how he was observing Ron’s body from the landing at the top of the entry stairs that he could not see that glove lying at the gate entrance to the condo without having to go outside and around to the side.

madam foreman book cover

It seems that many in the press have either not read what the jurors said or simply dismiss what their opinion was in order to falsely presume that Fuhrman’s use of the N-word in fact poisoned the trial and caused the jurors to fail to examine the evidence against Simpson and acquit him.  The foreperson of the jury, Amanda Cooley, stated that the first vote within ten minutes of entering the jury room was a secret ballot, the results of which were 10-2 in favor of acquittal, and both hold outs believe it or not were not of the same race.  The problem the jurors had with the trial is the same thing that most intelligent observers of the common law justice system of our country had, and that was that the prosecution put on a poor case against the defendant, and there was simply too little to find a person guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The journalists rather than examining the evidence, fueled the false concept with the public that was promulgated by another character worth examination, Fred Goldman, father of the deceased Ron Goldman, and his proclamation of the defense “playing the race card”.

Fred Goldman_wife Patti Glass Goldman    His name is Ron book  photo of Marvin Glass in newspaper

However, Goldman has remained publicly silent about something he awkwardly mentions in his book entitled HIS NAME IS RON.   Few people outside law enforcement know that Goldman married the ex-wife of a blood thirsty gangster drug kingpin/lawyer named Marvin Glass, seven months after he went to prison.  Glass was a man that had no problem in having people maimed or killed if they got in his way.   Even the manner in which Goldman got together with his present and third wife, Patti, appears strange since both, according to background research, are cited as having the same mother, whose name is Elaine Goldman.   However, this again, only indicates how lackadaisical the press has been, considering their continuing interest in this sordid Simpson affair.  All of this previously stated information is a matter of record, yet the press has chosen to focus on allegations of Simpson’s guilt promulgated initially by Fuhrman.

What has proven interesting is what the news media has taken as veritable in regard to Fuhrman’s recitation of how Simpson dropped the glove on his property.    So, let’s examine the testimony regarding the bloody glove, and its depositing by Simpson at his residence.  The issue of blood drops found at Rockingham is a factor, since Simpson freely on his own volition via interrogation by Detectives Lange and Vannatter said that he cut his finger the night before while retrieving something from his vehicle while hurrying to prepare for his trip to Chicago.  Doctors would later examine Simpson’s wounds and find that they were not consistent with cuts delivered by a knife, there ragged edges suggested glass or something other than a sharp knife blade.  However, Fuhrman’s allegation is that Simpson deposited blood drops starting on the side walk behind the Bronco, then several (8) inside the gate leading up to the front entry.  These blood drops subsequently noted by criminalist Dennis Fung are found at the beginning of the gate entry and do not exceed beyond the 60 foot mark before turning left towards the front door where another drop was allegedly found.

rgatergate blood drops rgate graphic blooddrops Rockingham with white outline 001

However, it is Fuhrman’s allegation that Simpson left the Bronco and made his way along the tree and fence line that separates his property from his neighbor, Fred Salinger’s property, and then climbed over his fence near the back of his residence and dropped the matching glove under the air conditioner of the guest house where Kato Kaelin was residing and claimed to have heard thumping on the wall that night.   The distance to the air conditioner of the guest house where Kato resided from the Bronco parked on Rockingham is estimated to be approximately 160 feet.  So now you have Simpson going in 160 feet on his neighbor’s property, which is about 90 feet beyond his front door entry, then coming all the way back 160 feet down the drive way to the front gate to begin dripping droplets of blood.   He then would turn around to go back approximately 70 feet toward the front entry, with a left turn of approximately 30 feet leading directly to the door.  Altogether, based upon Fuhrman’s scenario, Simpson would have walked a total distance of approximately 420 feet, or the length of one and one-third football fields to meet both scenarios presented by Detective Mark Fuhrman.  First of all, this is inconsistent with what the limo driver said when he saw a dark figure cross the lawn and enter the house.  He certainly does not say anything about seeing Simpson come all the way down to the beginning of the Rockingham gate and then turn around to go back to the front entry of the house.

rockingham front from opposite side  rockingham front entry

Much has been tied publicly to the pounding on the wall outside the guest house at Simpson’s Rockingham residence where Kato Kaelin stayed.    However, in our opinion, Simpson deposited the blood as he admitted he did by cutting himself while retrieving his cell phone from the Bronco the night before.   If he did then it is likely that he went into his house earlier in the evening and did not climb over his fence near the back of his estate at all.  It now raises further questions regarding the location of the glove found on Simpson’s property at Rockingham.  The suspicion now is that Mark Fuhrman walked the length of that side fence and deposited the glove there near the rear while Detectives Vannatter and Lange were preoccupied with interrogating Kato Kaelin and Arnelle Simpson.   Hence. to assume Simpson put in all of that distance to bypass his front entry in order to fit Fuhrman’s scenario of committing murder, by climbing the fence at the rear and then returning to deposit blood at the front of the gate is utterly absurd.

Rockingham and simpson down long walk towards katos roomRockingham with Simpson by Katos guest house and air comndition

It is important because Fuhrman not only was alleged by the Dream Team to have planted the glove on Simpson’s property but also was seen with suspicion by one of his own fellow detectives within the West Side Division who told the complaints officer, Deputy D.A. Lucienne Coleman that he would not put it past Fuhrman to plant evidence like that.  Fuhrman would soon be under investigation by the internal affairs division for allegedly planting a swastika in the detective’s locker.  The results were never provided to the public, but insiders said that it was allegedly said to be true and Fuhrman was simply reprimanded at a lower division level.    This type of activity and cover up by command officers who were allegedly neo-Nazi sympathizers willing to protect corrupt police officers is what drove an anonymous LAPD insider to attempt to gain the attention of a Denver true crime author named Stephen Singular.  It would be Singular who less than 2 months after the murders took place during the first week of August 1994 would bring the insiders veritable information to the attention of the Simpson defense team.   The LAPD insider who told Singular that Fuhrman had planted the glove after visiting Simpson’s Rockingham residence not once as told to the public but twice on the night of the murders, was proven to be true when the defense team checked out the story Singular brought to them.

Because he didn’t find anything that pointed to Simpson on the first visit, according to the insider, Fuhrman broke off a piece of stick from Nicole’s back fence and used it to place the glove in a blue plastic bag and carried it with him later that morning when Detectives Vannatter and Lange arrived at Bundy and all decided to go to Simpson’s residence.   They lied by claiming they went there with the intent to inform him about a dangerous situation, that would later be exposed by witnesses who heard Detective Vannater tell them that the Husband is always a suspect.   However, during the second visit Fuhrman invented exigent circumstances to go over the fence and onto Simpson’s property without a warrant.  It appeared that after he made sure that Vannatter and Lange were preoccupied interrogating Kato Kaelin and Arnelle Simpson he went around to the side of the house near the rear where he surprisingly would find the glove.   Fuhrman brings up the issue during testimony of a piece of stick that appears on the boulevard near Simpson’s Bronco that he discovered.  He said it looked out of place being in that luxury neighborhood.  What has had us wondering is what was Fuhrman’s assumption as to how it got there.  Since Fuhrman has eagerly created scenarios tying everything else unusual to Simpson, we wonder what is his explanation for the piece of stick he found near the Bronco?  It certainly would sound even more bizaar if he intends to imply that Simpson broke the stick off Nicole’s fence to carry something to his residence or discard something at the murder site and then bring the stick to his residence.  Since the anonymous LAPD insider told Singular in August of 1994 that Fuhrman broke off that stick to carry evidence to plant at Simpson’s residence, given Fuhrman’s record it sounds less absurd to us that it was he that was associated with that stick and not Simpson.

Legacy of Deception image better

Given Singular’s revelations in his book LEGACY OF DECEPTION of the alleged corrupt actions of Fuhrman, his proclamation of what occurred with Simpson is now highly suspicious because of its implausibility.  You may beguile a lackadaisical press who has failed miserably to do any meaningful due diligence in a case that has become iconic in virtually every American household.   For our acceptance of your story to the public you have to come up with something much better to explain why Mr. Simpson would proceed almost a couple hundred feet on to his property, only to the reverse his tracks to come all the back to the beginning of his property at the front gate to bleed towards his front door instead of stopping midway to enter his home.  You cannot have it both ways; but the fact that its out there only raises further questions regarding the veracity of what you, Mark Fuhrman, have sold to the public along with Marcia Clark and the LADA’s office.

2 thoughts on “OJ Simpson’s Longest Run……against his toughest opponent, Subconscious Racism

  1. Isn’t there a photo of the Rockingham glove with a blue plastic bag in it? I’m certain Cochran brought this up to Tom Lange during cross examination and he conceited that indeed it appears to be a blue evidence bag. That being the case, there has to be a photo of it. Where is it? I’ve asked Stephen Singular about this personally and he has said if it’s to be found- you guys have it. We were not aware of Stephen Singular until 2013 after Dr. Johnson’s brother, T. H. Johnson read his book “Legacy of Deception” and was blown away as he told the rest of us by its contents. However, OMIG’s (Ocean Medical Investigative Group) focus was centered around verifying the actual time of the final call from Juditha Brown back to Nicole and the Mezzaluna in Brentwood upon arriving home at Dana Point, Orange County. Their pursuit has been the intent to examine the alleged exhibit 35 Juditha Brown phone records. However, as stated OMIG investigators found out on December 04, 1998 that those records along with all evidence associated with the Simpson trial had been removed permanently by an ex parte order granted to Deputy D.A. William Hodgman on April 24, 1998. This we believe was after certain L.A. officials realized that OMIG’s investigation was gaining legs since it’s first radio interview on San Diego’s KOGO in December 1996.


    1. All Evidence within the OJ Simpson Exhibit Department Case File 94-097211 (1,009 exhibits) was removed by ex parte motion submitted by William Hodgman on, and received, by order of Judge John H. Reid, April 24, 1998. In essence there is no more evidence to be examined and Mr. Hodgman has feigned temporary amnesia when certain crucial evidence he was asked for by Dr. Henry S. Johnson’s OMIG investigators in December 1998.


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