Why the Difference in Treatment?


Here at the Maddogg we have often wondered why there is such a visceral reaction to the man on the left, Barack Obama, and yet the one on the right, Ted Cruz, receives a virtual pass and little vitriolic reaction to who he is or what he stands for.  The man on the left has been roundly criticized and challenged as being a non-American by being born outside of the United States.   Even though his birth certificate proved otherwise, that he was born on the island of the 50th state of the United States, Hawaii; he still continues to experience the same uncertainty and derision of his Presidency based upon this misinformation.   The disparate treatment is seen in how the same people react to Ted Cruz, who admittedly was born in another country and received immediate citizenship in that country, Canada, at the time he was born; yet there is barely a peep from those who examine such minutia.   Although, Cruz received dual citizenship as a result of his mother being an American citizen, Cruz did not denounce his Canadian citizenship until he began to run for President of the United States.

hawaii    mounties

Still you hear no outrage or challenges coming from any parts of America as it continued in what appeared to be an endless chant by those identified as “Birthers” to examine and challenge Obama’s nativity.   The noticeable silence is like being in an empty cathedral while waiting to hear the same intense outrage against Ted Cruz’s citizenship and birthplace as you heard in regard to Obama’s; we wonder why is that?

Birthers-are-racists-117204303048 birthers

 It’s  fascinating from a psychological standpoint how they remain so vociferously dormant and let this pass, something that appeared to be so key to their denunciation of Barack Obama as President.   It remains as an enormous stain on the integrity of the United States for the lack of apology for such crude conduct, and certainly not befitting people who tout themselves as being the defenders of democratic freedoms around the world.   It sullies the real purposes of all of their alleged patriotic military campaigns abroad and raises the question that if we can see you don’t practice democratic principles with people who don’t look like you in the U.S. why should we trust your invasion of our nation based upon such unfounded allegations.   That appears to cause us to get stuck in these lengthy military campaigns that we assume will end in short time with all of the people supporting our efforts.

The leader of the loud mouth birther bunch back in 2012 interestingly is now the front runner in the Republican race for the White House in 2016, and that is Donald Trump.

donald trump in uncle sam hat

It’s funny among all of those on the dais in the Republican debates Ted Cruz is the least of those overtly attacked by Donald Trump, thus far.  There is no challenging of Cruz’s birth place by Trump, nor the foreign national, Cuban, we all know he has as a father, or anything like that.  In fact, Donald even calls Ted Cruz his friend; now go figure!

We must remember that Ted Cruz got elected to the U.S. Senate from Texas based upon being against everything Obama.   He didn’t come across as the brightest bulb in the packet of Republican candidates from Texas, which frustrated many of them.  Cruz didn’t even try to sound bright.   In a Texas Republican debate, his rival David Dewhurst appeared to come off sounding much more politically savvy in terms of articulating real issues that required fixing in the nation, Ted Cruz did not.  He just came across as being the one necessary component to please those people of Texas who were against everything Obama, so much so, that other Texas Republicans began to mimic Cruz’s tactics, including Dewhurst.   Particularly where it came to being anti-Obama Care, the Republican voters in Texas seemed to eat it up.   “Cruz gruel” is what we called it, and the people who put him in office seem to love every ounce of it no matter how impotent Cruz has been as a savvy legislator.

Gruel one.

So you say O.K., anything goes when fighting to win a Congressional seat, that’s par for the course, we’ve seen that before.   However, you’d think they’d say “when our man gets in that’s when he’ll begin to vote on legislation that is beneficial to the nation and the people of the State of Texas from our perspective”.   The problem is we haven’t seen one piece of legislation sponsored by Ted Cruz that either benefits the citizens of the State of Texas or those of the  United States.

What we have seen is his tough-guy posture of taking a position against everything that President Barack Obama has supported, with the major effort being his willingness to shut down the operation of the U.S. Government.   Cruz has led a few in his congressional bunch that has been hellbent on suspending the capital funding to all departments of the U.S. Government by challenging an Act of Congress, The Affordable Care Act or to the delight of his backward, neanderthal thinking constituents, “Obama Care”.


Two things of importance to consider here when celebrating Senator Ted Cruz shutting down the government; one, you cannot repeal an Act of Congress that has been passed by the proper majority of members of both houses by threatening to shut off funding to U.S. governmental departments.  The act of doing so itself, we interpret by definition, is considered to be seditious, which means to deliberately attempt to unlawfully undermine the stability and tranquility of the U.S. Government, through words or actions.   A conviction of the criminal act of sedition is punishable by up to 20 years in a federal penitentiary.   The second thing is that to the delight of many, Ted Cruz got away with leading a band of disruptive Congressional malcontents that damaged the U.S. Government.   Those hooting on the sidelines simply shot themselves in the foot.   By Cruz and all doing so, it cost the U.S. citizens an alleged estimated $24 billion dollars in productivity as a result of the shut down.   Other than depriving American citizens of services and delays in many areas from paying interest on debt obligations to US Treasury bond holders, to delaying social security payments, military veteran health care benefits, and postal services, their seditious behavior accomplished nothing as far as their objective of forcing the repeal of “Obama Care”/the Affordable Care Act.

medical Bus_Medical_Exteriorcropped

What is interesting is watching people hoot and howl all across the South, as well as some anti-Obama Northerners as well.   We remember watching a report on one of the weekend news programs, like 60 Minutes or Dateline, something like that, where a couple of busloads of medical and dental personnel showed up in towns around Appalachia.


What was amazing was listening to the gratification of the people, many of them snaggle toothed, having not seen a dentist in years, in need of the dental services performed.  Others, women and men, grossly overweight and some even anorexic in appearance, suffering from a plethora of problems associated with diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney disease.

People of Apaalachia seeking HealthCare

 When asked how they liked the services they received via the courtesy of the “Affordable Care Act”,  they all appeared to be extremely pleased and jolly that someone had bothered to take the time to provide them with the medial care that they undoubtedly needed.   However, when told that the nondescript white buses that had arrived in the Kentucky and Tennessee mountain communities were sent by President Barack Obama and was what others dubbed “Obama Care”, their demeanor radically changed and they became suddenly more venomous in tone.   As far as they were concerned those who brought the needed medical services could take them back and not come back again, since they wanted nothing to do with anything that was provided by this President, Barack Obama.  That’s what generates the curiosity as to what is going through such people’s minds that would respond in that manner.

So, from that extent, maybe we can say that those like U.S. Senator Ted Cruz have been significantly successful in their attempt to turn the people against something that is arguably beneficial for the 47 million citizens in the United States who are without adequate health insurance.   Cruz, we find, certainly smiles with glee when considering his accomplishment of sticking it to President Obama, maybe because it translates into thousand of dollars coming into his political campaign coffers.  Thus, we’ll see how well his anti-Obama and anti-Obama Care stance has helped him as more Republican candidates get peeled away, and we see who are the last ones standing.

ted cruz family one

Oh, one other thing before we leave you, I don’t want to forget to mention, that besides the $174,000 a year that Ted Cruz is paid by the U.S. citizens for being a Senator in Washington, D.C.   As well as his participating and contributing to a Congressional session that has had the worst legislative record in the history of the nation in regard to passing any type of legislation.  Ted Cruz decided in 2014 that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.   At least that’s what it sounded like for his excuse for becoming involved in that which he proclaimed to hate the most, and the reason for going to Washington, D.C.     Instead of continuing his public display against the Affordable Care Act by using his significant salary to demonstrate by example the purchase of insurance that adequately meets his standards.  Instead he stated that he decided to take advantage of the enormous benefits offered to he and his family by signing them all up for  “Obama Care”.  Again, we say, go figure!

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