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I’m continually fascinated by the major advertising campaign leading up to the super-hyped cable series “American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson”. The latter end of the title “The People VS….” being the same as my 2nd book on the subject published in 2015, and well after the 2004 documentary we produced, entitled Serpents Rising: The OJ Simpson Conspiracy ( with its own film festival accreditation. I became involved with an organization in Los Angeles in 1996 which has continued to conduct its own independent investigation of this most intriguing case and celebrated trial of the 20th century.

cover people vs oj simpsonBookCoverImage serpents rising

What is amazing to me as we approach the February 2016 launch date of this new OJ series is how little research the brothers, who they keep putting in front of the microphone and camera have done in regard to this case and what little they actually know. Even though we’ve reached out to the main star, Cuba Gooding, Jr. (OJ Simpson) and Malcolm Jamal Warner (AC Cowlings) in an effort to provide them with evidence that was intentionally concealed from the public. Cuba who I’ve addressed a few times has given that evidence no acknowledgement yet I listened to him the other night making statements along with another hungry looking fellow, Sterling Brown (Chris Darden) giving away the conclusion of the series even before it airs. According to both of these black men, who others in the media always seem to need to validate their own assumptions, based upon information that they now have been exposed believe that OJ is guilty. Gee! I wonder what that evidence is? I certainly would be willing to wager our evidence against theirs that he’s not the murderer of the two victims and then let the public judge for themselves.

This man in the orange jump suit above had sent me a letter from death row a few months ago and acknowledged that his own lawyers said that the information that I exchanged with him for information in return is the only thing that may save him momentarily from Florida’s electric chair. I didn’t provide him this secret information because of trying to save him from the chair but because he had something that was key to our own investigation and the longer he remains alive it exposes the reality of what they concealed from you the public to condemn Simpson.

That information I tried to share with Cuba Gooding, Jr. and that is that in order to point the finger at OJ, the D.A. of Los Angeles County, Gil Garcetti, appeared to have the now retired white judge in the middle of the photos above, Judge John H. Reid, in his back pocket. This judge not only used the color of his authority to aid the removal of potentially exculpatory evidence from Simpson’s case file that indicated that he was innocent, but that judge’s stamp is found on two other equally important documents that raise questions about the man in the orange jump suit.


The man in orange is named Glen Edward Rogers, inmate no. 124400 death row, Union Correctional Institution, Raiford, FL. There is no question that this man has murdered a lot of people, his favorite method was by slitting their throats and now is estimated with dispatching as many as 70 women and 4 or 5 men. Evidence was removed relative to the Simpson case secretly by some of DA Gil Garcetti’s lieutenants with this judge’s signed approval, on several occasions. Namely, the telephone records of his in-laws, the Brown family, that was kept out of the jury’s eye sight by agreement of both the prosecution and defense team, (yes, including Johnnie Cochran, but that’s another story).

judge john reids order permitting the permanent removal of oj evidence

The actual phone record, if in accordance with both what OJ’s ex-wife parents said, Lou Brown on 06/13/94 to police detectives, and Juditha Brown, on 06/16/94 to defense investigators, that the last time they knew their daughter to be alive was the night before the bodies were found on 06/12/94, at 11PM. The problem with 11PM is it put OJ in the backseat of a chauffeur driven limousine speeding to LAX to catch a red-eye flight at 11:45 PM to Chicago. So, in order to have this great “trial of the century” they had to enter an unholy alliance to turn the time back and keep it from jury examination. So, the process began, and they would change the time over the next 7 months three times starting with the final phone call back to Nicole and Brentwood’s Mezzaluna at 11PM on 06/13/94, to 10:17 PM in the preliminary hearing judge Kathleen Kennedy Powell’s chambers on 07/08/94, to 9:37 PM on 02/07/95. The last two times were offered by stipulation, meaning the lawyers behind closed doors agreed as to what the telephone time would be to avoid jury examination. However, when they turned the time back the third time to 9:37 PM they painted themselves into a corner with a departure time of approximately 8:45 by reducing the time of what normally takes a minimum of 90 minutes to drive into a 45 minute drive, between Brentwood (Northwest Los Angeles to Dana Point, at the far southern end of Orange County).

All requests to allow the telephone company GTE/Verizon to replace those records in the Simpson case file have been rebuffed, but behind closed doors, as the last request was by Judge Larry Fidler on 06/12/2000. He initially, even with a packed courtroom, would not have an open court hearing in front of the TV news cameras; however, we forced the issue to have the verbal denial of Simpson’s request by the judge done before the cameras before the session ended.

So, Judge John Reid’s granting of the ex parte court order, on 04/24/98, allowing the permanent removal of those crucial telephone records along with all evidence in the Simpson case file removed by DA Gil Garcetti’s men still stands. What is equally intriguing is that it appears to have required as they say, “putting in work” in another area, in order to keep the focus on O.J. Simpson. They are continuing to do the same with this upcoming OJ series starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. I can’t get overly angry with these brothers, Sterling, Gooding, Warner and Courtney Vance because I know as I’ve heard them say in Hollywood, “we’s all gots to eat”. You can see from the Academy Award nominations, not too many brothers and sisters have the chance to do so, in Hollywood. However, Cuba could be a bit more intelligent in his answers and provide some uncertainty, as realistically it is for those who don’t know, instead of simply being their dependable token negro and acquiescing to drop to his knees.

Cuba appears to wants to play stupid and dismiss what I’ve attempted to bring to his attention regarding this sordid matter. A deputy D.A. named Lea Purwin D’Agostino, shortly after the murders took place in 1994, received reliable information that the man in orange, Glen Rogers, the reputed serial killer, had been in close proximity to Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole, something he’s admitted in letters to sent to my office in 2000 as well as statements to others dating back to 1994. Seems like Nicole had an affection for bad boys, several of them at last count. D’Agostino’s boss, the DA Gil Garcetti buried D’Agostino’s information from her own DA’s investigation in Van Nuys, CA because he apparently had his eyes on a celebrity trial featuring OJ.

dagostino lea dda the dragon lady lea_gift

Thus, D’Agostino would act on her own to bring Roger’s back to LA to stand trial. However, Garcetti and his associates chuckled, knowing that it had a million to one odds against that happening. The only way presumably for Rogers to be taken off of death row in Florida and brought back to Los Angeles to stand trial for one of the 4-6 murders he committed in 6 weeks time was in a coffin after his sentence had been carried out. Thus, the odds were long against the politically savvy Lea D’Agostino, but she knew just what political buttons had to be pushed to get it done. What she required is referred to as an executive order that involves two governors talking directly to one another, since there is no such thing as one being extradited from death row. The other potential 5 of the 6 Rogers’ murdered victims were in the deep south, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida where Rogers had fled when fleeing from the Sandra Gallagher murder he’d committed on 09/28/95 in Van Nuys, (LA County), California. However, Florida Governor Lawton Chiles honored California Governor Pete Wilson’s request and Roger’s was shipped back under heavy guard.

Now this is where the story gets even more interesting, when Gil Garcetti found out that Deputy D.A. Lea D’Agostino, who had attained the nickname years before of “The Dragon Lady” for several reasons as a tough prosecutor and strongly independent woman, Garcetti freaked out! He sent his officers in his central office downtown LA to her Van Nuys office and dumped out her desk and file cabinet, and told her she was no longer the prosecutor in the Rogers’ case. He further told her that she should not expect that they were going to allow Rogers to spend his remaining time on death row in CA, but was shipping him immediately back to Florida. Thus, they had this so called “high profile trial” of a reputed multiple serial killer in Los Angeles, but hardly no one can remember when it took place.

When it was over, Garcetti did what he said, hurried up and shipped Rogers back to Florida’s death row. He even tried prior to Rogers’ arrival one more time to keep him from coming to California by having one of his deputies contact Sandra Gallagher’s parents. When Garcetti’s deputy prosecutor, Patrick Dixon, was appointed to the case he reached out to the Gallgher parents and told them that it was probably better that Rogers be left in Florida because Florida has the electric chair that sometimes malfunctions and not only electrocutes but burns the condemned person to death. “Now, he asked “wouldn’t you be happy with that?” Gallagher’s parents were outraged, and went to the LA Times newspaper and told them what Garcetti’s people had proposed, in exchange for them seeing justice for their daughter in California. Needless to say Garcetti alleged that it was a terrible mistake and became more actively involved in getting Rogers to LA to stand trial, but not with D’Agostino as the Rogers’ case prosecutor.


D’Agostino subsequently demanded a hearing, similar to a court proceeding with court stenographers, before L.A. County’s Civil Service Commission, to protest her being denied the right as a qualified prosecutor to prosecute Rogers. During that hearing it is believed that D’Agostino made it a part of the record that she knew that Glen Rogers, the proficient knife wielding serial killer had been with OJ’s wife, though a lot is redacted leading to Nicole’s door step with black magic marker. It is believed by our own investigators that the same reason that he’d gotten upset and killed Sandra Gallagher which was in the police report on Rogers was likely the same reason he became upset and killed Nicole. The police report in Rogers death row appeal file said that Rogers while having sex with Gallagher in the back of her truck became enraged when Gallagher made some reference according to Rogers of liking “Mexicans and niggers”.  Garcetti moved once again to use his judge, shown here in the middle, John H. Reid, to seal the Civil Service Transcripts of Lea D’Agostino regarding Rogers close proximity to Nicole Brown Simpson in November of 1997 two years after the OJ trial ended, both names are shown on the order.

Lea D Agostino civil service page one 001Lea D Agostino civil service page two 001

While in the L.A. County Superior court house downtown in 2000 I was reviewing a cart full of documents on Glen Rogers. After 3.5 hours a senior clerk would step up to me and say, “We gave you the wrong cart, we were not supposed to allow you to have access to anything in this cart with the marking “P.C. 187″ on it.” “This is the cart that the public is allowed to examine”. A cart with nothing more than information about Rogers that looked like coupons in a Sunday newspaper was wheeled forward and the first one taken away. The second cart was nothing more than a lot of fluff with nothing substantive about Glen Rogers at all. However by that time I had seen it all, and when I asked her by whose order was the public denied access to documents marked “P.C. 187”, she pulled out a document stamped by none other than the same judge in the middle above, Judge John H. Reid, again based upon a request by the LA DA who sanctioned the Simpson trial Gil Garcetti. This was the third time that I had run across this virtually unknown judge’s name connected with our Simpson investigation. More and more it appeared that malfeasance and obstruction of justice regarding the Simpson case was involved here.

What was most important in the cart with the “P.C. 187 documents were multiple pre-trial medical examinations of California doctors who appeared to be covering themselves after examining Rogers once he was returned to stand trial. Each one of those reports indicated that they had diagnosed Rogers with a congenital affliction known as “Mad King George’s Disease”. It’s proper clinical name is Acute Intermittent Porphyria, (A.I.P.) and some would claim possibly the worst of the 6 or 7 known strains of the disease. It has been used by novelists in the past as the basis for their fabled tales about werewolves and vampires, sense its symptoms are triggered most notably by a sensitivity to sunlight. Most of the strains of porphyria cause deformities of the skin or appendages of the body. In the case of AIP, it is triggered by the over production of a lead enriched enzyme called heme that goes directly to and attacks the brain, causing the afflicted person to experience an abrupt and psychotic change.

All of the symptoms of AIP are psychiatric, and the person afflicted by it can immediately act with powerful psychotic violence towards an unsuspecting companion. They can act as if being possessed. Thus, it is probable that an affable, even ruggedly handsome ladies man, as Rogers was reported to be, could catch women off guard with this sudden murderous change. The one thing that medical doctors claim that they know can trigger the disease is the intake of alcohol. When Rogers killed Gallagher witnesses said that he sweet talked her into driving him home from Red’s pub in Van Nuys, CA. Four weeks later when he killed Linda Price in Jackson, Mississippi at their apartment, it was after angrily leaving a pub there with Linda and her sister. When he got out of Linda’s sister, Carolyn Evan’s car, he turned back and told her, you’ll be next. That was Halloween night, the last time Linda Price was known to be alive.

Before he was finally caught by state police outside Richmond, Kentucky, Rogers would kill two more women immediately after coaxing them from a bar, Tina Cribbs who he’s on Florida’s death row for right now, and a couple of days later after driving her car back to Bossier City, Louisiana, the red head, Andy Sutton. All of them butchered the same way as Nicole, throat slit from ear to ear, and stabbed multiple times with a knife. This last murder spree of Rogers occurred between Sept. 28, 1995 and Nov. 8, 1995, where we know that four women were killed, but we know he allegedly called his sister, Susan Rogers, before killing Andy Sutton, and told her to guess what he was sitting there doing as they talked. She didn’t know what the sound was he was making and he told her he was slapping the buttocks of two more women he’d killed. Rogers said in the letter I received that they chose to charge a black man, OJ Simpson, instead of a white man mentally sick as he. With all of the question marks hanging over the evidence in the Simpson case, Rogers’ statement just about sums it up. The tragedy as we predicted it would subliminally have on this nation 20 years ago, is what we now believe we are experiencing with these outrageous inexplicable gunning down of unarmed black males by police officers today.

However, in order to promulgate the false Simpson narrative, instead of sending a severely mentally disturbed man to a secure hospital for the criminally insane, they will ultimately sign his death row death warrant and execute him. They will simultaneously bury his John Doe medical record of his affliction with MAD KING GEORGE’S DISEASE since birth, in the grave with him, all to promulgate the lie of OJ Simpson the murderer. The latter I guess is easier to swallow then murder by a white man with a complex medical disease.

othello maxresdefaultphoto of OJ and Nicole

Shakespeare had already written the template for the Simpson case in his 17th century tragedy entitled Othello.  OJ simply became the modern day 20th century reincarnation of the celebrated Moorish general of the Mediterranean.  As Shakespeare’s mythical Othello, OJ too became the contemporary tragic figure fanatically infatuated with a white woman to the extent that he went over the psychological edge and killed her, at least this is the palatable lie that they’ve told. The sad repetitive thing for me is watching them over and over, usher these Negroes like Cuba Gooding, Jr. in front of a camera to validate this sordid lie they’ve attempted to sell the American public. The real question that remains is WHY?

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