The Long Shot Gamble, for “THE DONALD”! Thinking it’s Pimps UP, Hoes DOWN at The White House.

T Harrington Johnson's photo. T Harrington Johnson's photo.miss-melania-knauss_thumb[2]

T Harrington Johnson's photo. T Harrington Johnson's photo.

(Reprinted by Permission)

Is Donald Trump in for a rude awakening?  What is truly fascinating for us to watch is how Trump supporters, that appear to be so infatuated with “The Donald”, don’t see his vulnerable cracks, which are a sign of their own myopic blindness fueled by desperate hopes of getting their guy into the White House.   Although they claim to be disgusted with everything about our current President’s faults, which even spill over into including the First Lady, Michelle Obama, as one of our nation’s problems.  Yet, they see no fault with Donald’s potential problem.  Though I find Michele to be one of the most elegant, gorgeous, and intelligent First Ladies this nation has ever had, the vile level of criticism simply defies reason and implies that something else is at work in the feeble minds of she and her husband’s detractors.  There is no need for me to repeat the horrendous things they have said, most of you remember them anyway.

However, I find it quite odd that all of Donald’s mesmerized flock have little to say about their First Lady in waiting, Melania.  They hoot and holler with joy, in support of Donald’s immigration policy relative to illegal immigrants; and scream with excitement when he calls for the mass deportation of all of the so called “wetbacks”, a derogatory term for our Mexican brethren who have often crossed the Rio Grande River, to escape desperate poverty due to the collapse of the Mexican economy.  Yet, these foolish souls want us to simply sweep under the rug the immigration status of Donald’s First Lady in waiting, Russian immigrant, Melania Trump.   She appears to have done the same thing that so many others have done, found herself an American citizen to marry in order to remain in the country.  Maybe for “The Donald” the quid pro quo benefit of catching Melania was worth it, given his public remarks regarding women, we suspect that our assumptions are accurate.

As far as Donald is concerned, he just simply charges ahead fueling anger as his tactic for victory by knowing the visceral hatred of our present President, Barack Obama, and his First Lady is so intense among Donald’s blind supporters.   Hence, the awkward double standard for him he simply appears to be immune or pretends it doesn’t exist….or so he thinks.   Nevertheless, let’s wait and see, because American politics is brutal in terms of its inside the beltway fighting when it gets into that final stretch, that’s when the blue skies become exponentially dark and angry.  If he gets to that position, which it appears he might, then don’t be surprised to hear the vicious slogans come out that are directed towards his First Lady in waiting, Melania Trump.  We’ll see if they don’t start referring to the Russian bomb shell as “Hodessa from Odessa”.  Things like that! Yeah, inside the beltway is the best MMA dog fighting to watch because when it reaches that point it represents all of the Machiavellian sharpness the political game has to offer.  At that point the political chicanery cuts like a razor rather than some clunky knife.  You don’t know you’ve been cut until you begin to walk away and start falling apart.

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