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As we approach the over blown and over budgeted upcoming American Crime Story series on FX regarding the so called truth about the OJ Simpson case, the real truths continue to go untold, blocked by the powerful media giants who do not want to disturb the herd.   They’re spending millions in advertising in the hopes of successfully promulgating this lie.  With the narrowing down of broadcast ownership, that is what they have virtually done with broadcast TV and Radio, and the efforts getting stronger to do the same with the internet, we thank God it hasn’t totally reached that point with the internet.  That medium has provided us at least an opportunity to disseminate actual truths that have gone abandoned in the most celebrated trial of the 20th Century against OJ Simpson.

Here below are excerpts from a 6 page letter from a man on death row in Florida, all of his appeals in that information controlled police state have expired and he is now awaiting his date to sit down in Florida’s electric chair.

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This is simply one of many letters I’ve received over the last 16 years as an independent investigator in the OJ Simpson case, attached to an organization out of Los Angeles, OMIG (Ocean Medical Investigative Group). This man, whose name is Glen Edward Rogers, has allegedly slit the throats and stabbed to death as many as 70 women or more, while in the free world. We know he did 3 of 4 and possibly 2 more in the six weeks he was on the run from a strangulation murder he committed in the LA metro in Van Nuys, California.  Now, normally I’m not a person that is against the death penalty, often believing that it is the eye for an eye justice that certain people are entitled after having committed horrendous acts in which they’ve engaged.  However, there is one major reason that executing this man needs to be granted a serious second look in the two states in which he was convicted and sentenced to death, Florida, and California.  In neither state was the jury appropriately apprised of the medical disease that he has, in the case of California it appears to have been recognized as to the impact that such revelation may have had on the jury.  So during his trial, the court officers, and judges sealed the pre-trial medical examinations he underwent before standing trial.  It appeared that they did this for two reasons, one was to ensure that there would be no question about his being put to death, which would guarantee his silence.  The second and equally sordid reason is they wanted to keep the focus on pointing the finger at O.J. Simpson as being the murderer in the case against him, though they had been apprised that this guy was a better candidate for those charges early, it’s believed, before the Simpson trial began.

Where he and I began to communicate was back in 2000 when during our investigation I found documents by a deputy D.A. in the Van Nuys, California office, named Lea Purwin D’Agostino, a prosecutor known as “The Dragon Lady” because of her independence, enormous successful conviction record, and her acerbic tongue when dealing with her male peers encumbered with their own sense of male entitlement within the legal bar community of southern California.

dagostino lea dda the dragon ladylea_gift

However, because of her knowledge of certain revelations concerning Glen Rogers and being an uncontrollable factor for DA Gil Garcetti, D’Agostino was summarily removed as the prosecutor from the case that she had overseen from the beginning concerning Glen Rogers by lieutenants within Gil Garcetti’s office.  They came down on D’Agostino very quick once it was known that Rogers was returning from Florida’s death row to Los Angeles to stand trial.

DAgostino case being removed from her 001

It was Deputy D.A. D’Agostino and her investigators who found that this man, Rogers, in the above picture with OJ and Nicole, had been intimately close to Nicole Simpson, OJ’s ex-wife.   However, it would be the L.A. Superior Court Judge, John H. Reid, who would seal this information for which D’Agostino would have later testified during a civil service grievance hearing, protesting her replacement in this alleged “high profile” case.  It is Judge Reid’s actions that have resulted in the sordid information about Rogers and his close ties to Nicole being kept secret from the public as you can see in one of his orders below in November of 1997, approximately a year and a half before Rogers would lose his appeal to remain on death row in Florida and not be sent back to California to stand trial for the Sandra Gallagher murder in September of 1995.

Lea D Agostino civil service page one 001

Equally important is this judge’s sealing of pre-trial medical records indicating that when this knife wielding convict, Glen Rogers, was with Nicole he was afflicted with a lifelong/congenital medical affliction called MAD KING GEORGE’S DISEASE, or clinically referred to as Acute Intermittent Porphyria, or A.I.P. for short. This is a disease that writers have been thought to base their epic tales of werewolves and vampires on.

werewolf_attacking woman zpsf29e39e6

In other words, it is a medical affliction whose overproduction of an iron-rich enzyme is super sensitive in 6 strains to sunlight and causes skin lesions and appendage deformities.  However, in this 7th strain, Acute Intermittent Porphyria, it exclusively and viciously attacks the brain.  The enzyme, Heme, becomes extremely toxic to the brain and its poisonous effect can potentially turn a person simultaneously without notice into a violent powerfully psychotic dangerous individual.

Phoryria images for appendage deformity 001

A third document sealed during this same period of malfeasance by court officers in Simpson’s “trial of the century” is done at the behest of D.A. Gil Garcetti.  Once again Garcetti through one of his lieutenants would call upon Judge Reid to conceal crucial information.

T Harrington Johnson's photo. gil-garcetti-img

The document below signed by Judge John H. Reid is for the permanent removal of all evidence in the OJ Simpson trial maintained in the exhibit department case file, particularly around the time OMIG began to examine these irregularities in this case in 1997.  When you see the link and the timing of the concealment associated with these three documents, the sealing by request of Garcetti of Lea P. D’Agostino’s testimony of a connection between Glen Rogers and Nicole Brown Simpson in November of 1997; the aiding and abetting of the removal by court order of all Simpson trial exhibits based upon the request of Garcetti, including the Juditha Brown phone records of the final phone call between Nicole and her mother, in April 1998; and the sealing of Rogers’ death row appeal file with the medical records by California doctors of Roger’s affliction with Mad King George’s Disease in 1999.   It appears to the outside observer that something was going on whereby Gil Garcetti had this judge, John H. Reid, in his back pocket in order to protect the secrecy of suppressed evidence that could have exonerated OJ Simpson.

judge john reids order permitting the permanent removal of oj evidence

The California court officers knew that Rogers had the disease because it’s  reported in the Sheriff’s notification document from the court to inform the warden at San Quentin State Prison that Rogers is afflicted with Porphyria, if he had been transferred there. However, D’Agostino was informed that Rogers was to be shipped immediately back to Florida’s death row, in what appeared to be a personal rebuke.  Included within that admonition to D’Agostino was that Rogers would not be permitted to file his appeal while waiting on California’s death row.  Our take on this remark after examining all documents related to both the Rogers case and the Simpson case, is that they did not want the loose talk of Rogers and his relationship with Simpson’s wife getting out to the public in the state of California, as it did by reaching D’Agostino initially via someone in jail to which Rogers had written a letter.

Glen Rogers Notification to San Quentin Warden by Sheriff of LA County 001

However, when only the word Porphyria is used, it is easy to assume by uninformed people that someone is simply speaking of the other strains of the disease that are generally dermatological related strains of the disease and not A.I.P. the one that is exclusively a psychiatric disease.

photo book cover PURSUIT OF EXHIBIT 35

The most important document within that group of evidence related to Simpson, in our opinion, is the phone record of his wife’s parents, Exhibit 35, since her mother, Juditha Brown, is alleged in the autopsy report to have called Nicole Simpson, on the night she was murdered at 11 PM.    If she was on the phone and alive at 11 PM, then OJ Simpson did not kill his ex-wife, Nicole, or her friend Ron Goldman because he was climbing into the backseat of a limo at his Rockingham estate on its way to LAX for Simpson to catch an 11:45 PM flight to Chicago.

Vannatter and Langes page 28 ninety minutes away statement 001

What these sworn court officers did was to enter a time by stipulation of a drive that normally requires a minimum of 90 minutes to two hours to drive.  Anyone that is aware of the distance and the traffic conditions on the I-405 says that including the two detectives, Vannatter and Lange, as they stated on page 28, the first page of their 3rd chapter of their book EVIDENCE DISMISSED.   However, they apparently did not bother to edit the book for inconsistencies because 114 pages later in their book they post the timeline of the Brown departure from Brentwood, and arrival in Dana Point, Orange County, California based upon the lawyers’ stipulation, and third final telephone time change.  You can see on the pages 142-143 below the drive time has been extremely reduced in total to 52 minutes to accommodate an alleged final phone call of 9:37 PM back to Brentwood.

vannatter and langes 45 minute drivetime statement on p 142  and p143 001

What is most interesting in this death row inmate’s letter to me below is his statement that “they charge a black guy who didn’t do it, but refuse to convict a white guy who says he did it”.

Even within the confines of his battered and tortured brain, he gets it. The police across the nation used him undercover as an informant to go places where many of them could not go.  In those situations, he was hit in the head with baseball bats, tire irons, and hit by a car.  Thus, the women he murdered with this sickness was simply acceptable collateral damage for these police departments, because as one narcotics officers said in his Florida case “Rogers was one of the best undercover informants we had, he made hundreds of cases without ever blowing his cover”.  They never attempted to reign him in, and now pretend to not have known about the severity of his medical affliction that psychotically impacts his brain, but we believe that evidence will indicate that they knew but chose to ignore.

But now they’ve abandoned him in order to frame a black man publicly under the falsely perpetuated narrative of a negro fanatically infatuated with a white woman that he went jealously over the edge and killed her. So the white power structure simply reasserted the Shakespearean tragedy of Othello, and now in the 20th-century version of it, cast OJ Simpson as the modern day Othello.   It has been useful in a clandestine manner to denigrate the integrity of black males in the minds of others by vicariously using Simpson as a conduit for such purposes.  That is what, I believe this white man on death row is attempting to convey to me with the feeble brain, and I.Q. of 76 even without an attack of Acute Intermittent Porphyria. (www.serpentsrising.com)

T Harrington Johnson
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