Negro Provocateurs: In the OJ Simpson case

By Maddogg Buttkickin’ Brown

Regarding the Negro Provocateurs: In the OJ Simpson case


In an apparent rush to get on the OJ Simpson video production bandwagon of 2016 Ezra Edelman’s OJ: MADE IN AMERICA failed to deliver in a verym crucial area, yet, it is suspiciously considered a phenomenal success by those who apparently prefer their documentaries full of fluff and light on substance as long as it does not impact the false narrative.  Thus, as far as we’re concerned what he’s created is an epic monstrosity.

Ezra Edelman oscar If some of you serious Simpson aficionados, like ourselves, are like those who considered Edelman’s predecessor by a few weeks, Ryan Murphy’s THE PEOPLE V. O.J. SIMPSON-American Crime Story, nothing more than entertaining fIctitious race-baiting tripe, then what Edelman apparently did was engage in competition to see who could outdo the other in offering the public the most incoherent, irrelevant, buck-dancing allowed within the context of sanity.  Though Murphy’s work dabbled in bits and pieces of coonery with exaggerated images of Simpson and Johnnie Cochran’s character, Edleman’s documentary takes cooning to exalted heights, and firmly establishes race as the subtext, in the minds of whites in particular, to what the Simpson case was actually about.  In essence, blacks were painted in Edelman’s documentary with the stereotypical images of incompetence with all of the presumptive stereotypical images white imaginations have conjured-up regarding blacks relative to the Simpson matter.  This is what Edelman went out of his way to display, by fabricating an image of blacks being irresponsible, ignorant, angry, childish people. Whereas, in truth, relative to the Simpson case nothing could be further from the hidden truth.

oj-simpson-The people v oj simpson

Just as Murphy did, Edelman creates something damagingly farfetched and exponentially distanced from the truth of what occurred in this infamous trial.  The truth, once again, remains blurred and now further altered by Edelman’s own myopic views of what occurred.  His failure of due diligence appears driven by a desire to produce something, anything, rather than forge ahead to digging up the truth.  In the end, Edelman winds up with nothing more than a grotesquely altered image of the factual truth.

cuba gooding running in his underwear jim-crow

However, just as Murphy produced his pulp fictional entertainment in the form of a docu-drama distorted by the incomprehensible actor, Cuba Gooding, Jr., jumping up and down and persistently shouting incoherent remarks in his scenes attributed to OJ Simpson, Edelman uses a multiplicity of stereotypical images of Negro-buffoonery to deliver the same flavor. What is disheartening is that Edelman’s documentary comes across like Spike Lee’s racial satire in “Bamboozled”, or the even more distorted animation of Ralph Bakshi’s “Coonskin”.

All of it further poisoning the minds of a large segment of an already ignorant white populace who’ve been perennially bamboozled for the last 20 plus years and kept in the dark by the false narrative of Simpson’s guilt.  All of it encompassed in an official cover-up consisting of concealment and malfeasance by sworn L.A. court officers acting under the color of authority to hide evidence in the Simpson case.  As incomprehensible as it may seem, factor analysis leads one to believe that all of the chicaneries that fuel the perennial vilification of Simpson has one useful purpose, the reinforcement of the subliminal exultation of white supremacy.   Those in need of this perception are believed to have done so in the wake of the threat of losing their grip on the reigns of power in Los Angeles during the Rodney King affair.  That situation had further implications regarding national security since its’ videotape had been viewed and promulgated around the world.

rodney king two Rodney King news paper acquittalsrodney-king king_rodney

We consider the L.A. authorities roll of the dice in 1994 to secretly engage in malfeasance in the Simpson case to be a last desperate attempt to regain the moral high ground after the riots in 1992 subsequent to the acquittals of the police defendants in the Rodney King brutality trial.  Thus, it appeared that the clandestine conspiratorial powers in the Simpson case gave marching orders promising that others would be rewarded for taking the risk of being charged with obstruction of justice if caught in order to recapture the psychological perception of civility and decency.  

         daryl gates two

The awkward public relations attempt by LAPD Chief Daryl Gates and others to calm the waters after the Rodney King beating did not set well with the global public looking at this memorialized scene caught on tape of unprofessional conduct and insane police brutality.  Thus, recapturing the moral high-ground became the paramount order of the day; but how was it to be accomplished?   The scheme appeared to be to promote this false narrative of the celebrated athlete OJ Simpson now as the world’s contemporary version of Shakespear’s tragic figure, Othello.  It would be the late Dominick Dunne who first spun this narrative publicly after experiencing an alleged epiphany while attending an operatic performance of Othello in Los Angeles, he wrote about it in Vanity Fair in early 1995.  The new saga follows the same narrative as Othello, now 4oo years later OJ is the celebrated heroic Negro athlete of the 20th century replacing the powerful Moorish General of the Mediterranean of the 10th century.  They both, according to myth, became fanatically infatuated with a white woman to the point of jealous rage causing them to further stalk and kill their spouses.  In this case, OJ is charged with killing not only his own Desdemona (Nicole Brown Simpson) but her younger male associate as well, Ronald Goldman.   This is the twisted, yet beneficial, psychological perception that the destruction of OJ Simpson was intended to convey. 

photo of OJ and Nicole othello

What is truly disturbing in this regard is Edelman’s use of the defense team’s Carl Douglas, chief-of-staff to attorney Johnnie Cochran, offering his unbelievably absurd remarks about the infamous Simpson trial. At this point, Edelman’s “documentary” really solidifies that ridiculous perception of Negro-buffoonery particularly when Douglas gets surprisingly elated while stating some of the most outrageously foolish remarks from a defense attorney in such a historically important case.  He seems to experience a type of joy amounting to some pleasurable gratification in discussing how he and others changed photos on the wall of Simpson’s stairway to impact the minds of the Simpson jurors.  All it does is steer clear of probing into the malfeasance in this trial while stoking white racial animus.

carl douglas twofool ass looking negro

Carl Douglas appears to engage in his own round of coonery in Edelman’s documentary OJ Simpson: Made in America while casually spewing reckless commentary regarding the Simpson trial.

 What the defeated prosecutors passed on to the press and would have one to believe, has little to do with the miscarriage of justice that occurred in the Simpson trial(s) by attorneys on both sides allegedly altering and concealing evidentiary facts.   Consider the crucial and potentially exculpatory evidence of Juditha Brown’s phone records, Exhibit 35, which under closer inspection of the document below presents a terrible problem in veracity based upon the illegibility of much of the document.  The actual phone record was never presented to the jury for its exclusive examination only an alleged phone record document embedded in this prosecution’s exhibit POSTERBOARD designated as Exhibit 35.  This POSTERBOARD contains the alleged final initial phone call from the Browns back to Brentwood’s Mezzaluna at 09:37 PM and then Nicole allegedly at 09:40 PM once they arrived home at Dana Point after departing Brentwood at approximately 08:45 PM.  This POSTERBOARD is what defense attorney Robert Shapiro would stipulate to as the actual phone record of Juditha Brown on February 07, 1995.  However, this was after Shapiro’s offering to stipulate to 10:17 PM of that final call in Judge Kathleen Kennedy Powell’s chambers at noon on July 08, 1994, while attempting in open court on the same day to get the prosecutor to admit to knowing about an 11PM phone call as the time of the final phone call to Nicole Brown Simpson from Juditha Brown.

Exhibit 35 Posterboard 001

EXHIBIT 35, POSTERBOARD Entitled Juditha Brown Phone Record

As OMIG’s suspicions heightened in 1997 this document, Exhibit 35, above along with all of the peoples’ exhibit evidence in the Simpson case file was removed surreptitiously by an ex parte motion filed by Simpson prosecutor, Bill Hodgman, in April 1998, to which Carl Douglas feigns a loss of memory with his remark in Serpents Rising of having “forgotten that level of minutia”.

judge john reids order permitting the permanent removal of oj evidence

LA Deputy DA, William Hodgman, LA DA Gil Garcetti, LA Deputy DA Marcia Clark

However, in the same documentary, it appears that Carl Douglas’s former boss, Johnnie Cochran, who went along with the concealment of those phone records didn’t forget.

Johnnie cochran image without a doubt marcia clark

Although the jury was removed from the courtroom at the time, on July 06, 1995, Cochran reminded the court of their mutual secret to conceal the phone records from the jury in a heated exchange in front of the courtroom camera before capitulating and stipulating to the same time change stipulation that his associate Shapiro had in February, that the final call from Juditha to Nicole Brown Simpson came in initially at 09:37 PM.  During their heated debate, Cochran tells  Judge Lance Ito, who appeared to be fully aware as well, that those phone records circumvented the jury’s examination because they all agreed to deny the jury “triers of fact” their responsibility to examine those records as they are entitled, particularly when such evidence is in conflict.  The exchange took place when prosecutor Marcia Clark apparently attempted to renege on a closed-door agreement regarding showing those vividly gruesome and prejudicial photos of the murdered victims to the jury.

OMIG investigative Officers cited this irregularity concerning the alleged 11PM phone call in at least two books that include the investigation of this crucial subject by T.H. Johnson, one of the OMIG investigators.   In the documentary SERPENTS RISING: The OJ Simpson Conspiracy, Douglas tries to maintain  ( remarkable composure in light of what the defense and prosecution are alleged to have concealed according to the Serpent’s Rising documentary.

serpents rising 3 by 4-2

Robert Shapiro even talks about how his own defense investigators told him that he’d better go and interview Juditha Brown around June 16, 1994 because she had told the investigators that she was on the phone having called Nicole at 11PM on the night she was murdered.

robert-shapiro Robert Shapiro search for justice book cover

Shapiro recites how he confirmed that she had told the investigators as well as himself that she made that final call to Nicole at approximately 11 PM on page 33 of his book, SEARCH FOR JUSTICE.   Edelman comes nowhere near these discovered allegations but lingers on placating white hostility by attempting to make the jury’s decision appear to be racially biased.

photo book cover PURSUIT OF EXHIBIT 35 cover people vs oj simpson Conspiracy of Assumptions vol. 2 The people v oj simpson

Although these actual phone records OMIG beleaves could have potentially exonerated OJ Simpson by supporting OMIG investigators’ claims that the Brown family was unable to travel the 72-mile distance to their home at the south end of Orange County departing Brentwood at approximately 08:45 PM on the night of June 12, 1994 in approximately 45 minutes or even an hour.  Given the official traffic volumes from the California Dept. of Transportation, the southbound I-405 Freeway, which looked like the youtube clip below, was too congested between the departure hour of 8-9 PM for the Browns to arrive home from Brentwood in approximately 45 minutes as the lawyers’ stipulation and witness testimony alleges.

The distance to their home was 72 miles, in order to arrive there in an hour required a speedometer rating averaging 72 MPH from door to door on both surface streets and freeway.  Anytime the Brown average speed fell below 72 MPH the difference between 72 MPH and the lower speed would have to be added on top of 72 MPH.  In the I-405, eight-mile, travel zone below where the Browns would have driven on the evening of June 12, 1994, the traffic volume of 35,000 vehicles flowing down this freeway had reduced speeds for at least the 8 miles for which we were given traffic data to below 30 MPH.  Thus, it required one to add 42 MPH on top of 72 MPH requiring the Brown family vehicle carrying their infant grandchildren to travel at a rate of speed of 114 MPH for at least 8 miles in order to maintain the average 72 MPH and arrive in Dana Point within an hour.   The drive normally took from 90 minutes to two hours so one can understand OMIG’s suspicion where testimony locks them into a drive time less than an hour with these type of highway traffic conditions.  The driving situation was further exacerbated by 15 mile construction zones in year two of the HOV Lane construction project on the I-405 near Long Beach straddling both LA and Orange counties.  The secret agreement of the lawyers on both sides of the defense table to change the time from close to 11PM back to 09:37 PM cut the travel time by a minimum of half when the testimony of the Brown’s departure time of approximately 08:45 PM is given in court by at least three of Brentwood’s Mezzaluna Restaurant employees.

Nicole_brown_simpsonlimo_06oj simpson three

If Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole, was alive at 11PM  as Brown family members first stated then Simpson could not have killed her because he was climbing into the backseat of a chauffeur-driven limousine at his Rockingham address on his way to LAX to catch an 11:45 PM flight to Chicago.

Ryan Murphy’s FX series, “OJ Simpson: American Crime Story” was based on the author Jeffrey Toobin’s book, The People V. OJ Simpson: The Run of His Life.   However, soon after the trial was over, beginning in about 1996, when books including Toobin’s about the Simpson case began to appear on the retail horizon, one of Toobin’s peers alleged he’d spent much of his time outside the Simpson courtroom in the hallway of the downtown  Los Angeles County Courthouse talking on his cell phone to someone back in New York City regarding an impending pregnancy.

jeffrey toobin run of his life

It appears that Toobin’s association with the New Yorker may have provided adequate strength to guarantee that he’d get up-front treatment when his nefarious book took its place in the Pantheon of erroneous works on the Simpson case placed on the New York Times Best Sellers list.   Toobin received a pass for his allegations allowing them to go unchallenged while freely befuddling the public with prefabricated hearsay given to him by the LAPD and LADA’s office.  Its contradictions, however, further exposed his book’s lack of substance and accuracy.

Edelman, on the other hand, in celebrating his Academy Award winning documentary, “OJ Simpson: Made in America”, winds up creating, in my opinion, one of the worst narratives yet of the Simpson case.  Rather than examining the veracity of investigators outside of those who plopped so-called evidence on the public platter, Edelman ultimately gives us an extended version of the Simpson-is-guilty saga with what appears to be a cast of fools buck-dancing their way through the whole series.  Not long into it, Edelman appears to become the ringmaster in an on-going stereotypical racial clown show that becomes a very thin veneer concealing his own lack of due diligence in this complex case.


It is strange because you would think that Edelman, unlike Murphy, as a documentarian would have a better understanding of the need to examine all aspects of this infamous case, whose subtext through erroneous self-serving allegations became race.   Although Edelman’s documentary apparently satisfies the predilection of those in the Simpson-is-guilty camp it does little to shed light on the serious irregularities in evidence associated with the case that raises serious doubt regarding Simpson’s guilt.   Edelman is an African-American himself, the product of an interracial marriage between his mother, the noted African-American civil rights activist, Marian Wright Edelman, and his Jewish father, civil rights attorney, Peter Edelman; yet, in presenting his video dissertation of what he subtlely implies this whole case was about he does so while painting blacks, and in many instances, allowing them to paint themselves into a corner as a bunch of buffoons offering irrelevant information.

marian-wright-edelman peter edelman Ezra Edelman two

With all that those who were removed from the investigative trenches of this case have to say it has little if any merit relative to the issues of malfeasance that occurred in the due process of the Simpson trial which involved the intentional lies, concealment, absconding and suppression of mitigating and potentially exculpatory evidence by sworn officers of the court.  Whether Simpson commiserated or not with blacks or failed to give a dime to black causes, something when pressed he bristles since he claims to have perennially held an annual golf tournament to benefit the United Negro College Fund or other African-American social services, neither side of these allegations have anything to do with whether officers of the court in Los Angeles County California engaged in seditious conduct that undermined the system of justice in our country.

Everything within the documentary that implies Simpson’s guilt is to be questioned based on flawed and/or erroneous evidence intentionally presented in one or both of the Simpson trials; however, Edelman never bothers to address anything regarding that issue. Rather, he chooses consistently to present such African Americans to wander off on the pseudo-tangential topic of race as the criminal juror, Carrie Bess, to convey false impressions.  In her case, it was allegedly how the jurors overall felt during her involvement as a juror in the criminal trial.


If Edelman were true to himself and had done his homework by reading the book that the African-American women on the Simpson criminal jury, including Bess, authored years ago, entitled MADAM FOREMAN, there would have been less probability that he would have arrived at the conclusion he attempts to convey to the viewing audience through Carrie Bess.  The women who authored the book Madam Foreman, with Carrie Bess in the middle on the cover, clearly deny that the jury, which included non-blacks as well, arrived at their decision based upon what Carrie Bess alleges in Edelman’s documentary as racial vindictiveness.

madam foreman book cover

The truth of the matter is that the first official vote taken in the jury room, once a foreperson was chosen which was the very level-headed, respected, and unbiased Armanda Cooley was a secret ballot that came back with a vote of 10 in favor of acquittal and 2 in favor of guilt.   The next three-and-a-half hours was spent, according to Cooley, listening to the two jurors who voted for Simpson’s guilt to explain why they felt he was guilty with others in the jury providing rebuttals as to why it was still impossible for the jury to reach a unanimous decision of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

tabloid magazine-oj 2;

Only in the court of public opinion where the medium of conveyance, the press, has been tainted by inadequate and incomplete evidence where one is easily able to reach a distorted conclusion of Simpson’s guilt.  Instead of conveying that message Edelman’s documentary wanders off on tangential issues regarding Simpson’s past, how other blacks felt Simpson abandoned the African American community, with a lot of talk of how he should have conducted himself during the epic period in the civil rights struggle in the latter 60’s by presumably boycotting the National Football League in some manner, since he did not participate in the 1968 Olympics.  That was the occasion where Tommy Smith and John Carlos demonstrated their dissatisfaction with the de Jure and de facto racial discrimination in America at that time by raising a gloved fist in a show of solidarity.   As significantly powerful their actions were at the time it has nothing to do with the undisclosed malfeasance for which Simpson was subjected to in his trial.   In fact, the implications potentially have a more dire effect on the poor and people of color beyond OJ Simpson relative to the dysfunction of the U.S. justice system, particularly in California, as a result of the seditious conduct of Clark and others to undermine common law trial protocol.

TommieSmith and johncarlos

None of these allegations regarding what Simpson did or did not do vis-a-vis the black community have anything to do with the acts of criminal malfeasance that these attorneys engaged in on both sides of the defense table in covering up, absconding with, suppressing, or aiding and abetting, the removal of potentially exculpatory evidence that could have exonerated Simpson.  It is believed that Simpson’s downfall served the needs of the white power structure in regaining the moral high ground, not only in L.A. but across the U.S. as well.  It was whites who were previously mesmerized by O.J. Simpson as a Madison Avenue creation of the Good-Spirited Negro, who helped advertisers sell a lot of consumer goods.  By destroying Simpson it allowed those clandestine powers to shift the focus back on the American-taboo, of interracial affairs, and paint not just Simpson but all black men in general in America as lustful and jealous beasts relative to this erroneously propagated idea of a fanatical infatuation with white women.  That was the invaluable beneficial myth that served the agenda of destroying the integrity of black males in general throughout the country.  This predictably has led to further complications 20 years after the fact with the destruction of the social contract by those sworn “to protect and to serve” our communities with the numerous inexplicable fatal assaults by this nation’s police on unarmed black males.

philando castile 3Officer-Jeronimo-Yanez-cop who killed philando castile

It appears that the public skewering of OJ Simpson has been psychologically internalized to the point of individuals joining police departments in order to commit heinous acts under the color of authority as in the case of the execution of Philando Castile outside St. Paul, Minnesota in July of 2016 and so many others in the 20 years since this Simpson episode ended.  Edelman’s documentary simply continues to reinforce these worn out stereotypes of black men that subliminally fuel hatred and these deadly assaults.

Legacy of Deception image better stephen_singular twoNeo-Naziscover talked to death book

Stephen Singular, a Caucasian author from Denver, whose revealing book LEGACY OF DECEPTION should have come out before the Simpson trial started in late 1994, speaks of his anonymous source within the LAPD who told him of the dangers within that organization by what Vincent Bugliosi, even with his twisted mind, acknowledges in his book OUTRAGE as fascists inside the Los Angeles Police Department.

bugliosi book outrage

The anonymous source came to Denver specifically to meet with Singular and told him during the first week of August of 1994 of the increasing strength of the neo-Nazi sympathizers who have changed their appearance from that of rogue and ruffian to more sophisticated public servants in the police department with the intent to influence and control power in LA and potentially across the nation.   Not only was the anonymous source giving Singular vital information just six weeks after Simpson was arrested for the murders, he told him about evidence that would be found with the glove that Fuhrman allegedly planted at Simpson’s Rockingham estate and left behind; a blue plastic evidence bag and a broken piece of wood off of the back fence at Nicole’s Bundy residence.   This anonymous source was giving this information to Singular well before the defense and prosecution were fully aware of the evidence themselves.

A week earlier in Los Angeles, on July 24, 1994, the Deputy D.A. in charge of police complaints in Gil Garcetti’s office, Lucienne Coleman, was following up on police complaints about Mark Fuhrman walking around the West Division Precinct in Nazi paraphernalia and placing swastikas in the locker of an officer, Det. Andrew Purdy, who he held disdain for because Purdy was marrying a Jewish woman.  In that same week two other officers from two different precincts who’d worked with Fuhrman previously came forward to talk about his corrupt conduct and his intimate relationship with Nicole Brown Simpson.  Fuhrman had bragged with pride to other officers in the past about knowledge that most people, including OMIG’s research investigators, didn’t know about Nicole’s breast enhancement until it was revealed to them in the autopsy report in 1996.  This was a person that Fuhrman said that he’d only encountered on a domestic abuse call for which he was dispatched in 1987 or 89.

mark fuhrman photoIron_Cross

What makes Edelman’s exaggerated implication of race so interesting is what he and others fail to discuss about the significance of race or ethnicity associated with the Simpson trial.  The reality of others’ involvement in promoting this massive lie is like the 600 LB gorilla sitting in the corner that no one wants to discuss and that is how another ethnic group of  Caucasians particularly those of the Ashkenzic Jewish background like Marcia Clark and others attempted to denigrate and impede the internal affairs investigation into alleged neo-Nazi activity within the LAPD while undermining the investigation of Fuhrman.  They were concurrently engaged in either concealing or aiding in abetting the suppression of evidence while passing erroneous evidence and misinformation on to influential Ashkenazim in the media, like Barbara Walters, Geraldo Rivera, and Chuck Grodin(sky).  CNBC gave these latter two the ability to stoke the fires of the Simpson case without any apparent responsibility to discern what was truth and what was not.  They began the propulsion of the false Simpson narrative in 1994 with their continuous nightly broadcasts at the CNBC cable network.  Geraldo Rivera ultimately would win that broadcast competition.  It would later be alleged by a tabloid magazine that Rivera was awarded a new $10 million dollar contract for his success of building viewership at CNBC and probably saved that NBC affiliate from bankruptcy.   This should not be interpreted as an anti-Semitic rant because it is not.  Though because of the neo-Nazi, fascist, component involved in this matter, it is peculiar to find this intentional or inadvertent alliance.  However, more so, it is a reminder that those in the media must focus on doing their due diligence and not misuse their power by presenting a distorted message that demonizes others particularly on the basis of race.  Unfortunately, that is not only what Rivera and others continue to do, it is what Edelman’s documentary does again to blacks as well, as it relates to the Simpson case.

Besides vilifying Deputy D.A. Lucienne Coleman these same court officers, including Clark, Hodgman, and Garcetti, would suppress evidence that raised further questions about the potentially close criminal ties of  Fred Goldman and his son Ron.  Fred allegedly married the wife of a notorious Illinois drug kingpin and gangster seven months after his entering the federal penitentiary named Marvin Glass.   He was charged as an attempted murderer and massive drug trafficker facing 210 years in prison for conspiracy to sell over 100 pounds of cocaine and producing thousands of pounds of marijuana on a farm in Arkansas.  The multi-millionaire ex-spouse of Fred’s present wife Patti Glass Goldman was diagnosed by pre-trial medical doctors as having psychotic problems, of being a psychopath afflicted with Narcissistic Personality Disorder; another person’s life was worth very little to this malignant narcissist, Marvin Glass.  Although Fred mentions the man eight times in his book, HIS NAME IS RON, he avoids ever mentioning his name but refers to him with a lie as a retired defense attorney and father of his step-children Lauren, Michael, and Brian Glass.  The trial documents indicate that Marvin Glass was disbarred before he was sentenced to federal prison for the criminal RICO violations he was charged with.  He avoided the 210-year sentence by becoming a reliable confidential informant for the FEDs and receiving only eight years.

his name is ron two

The LAPD and LADA’s office, including Marcia Clark, has hidden the fact that this man, Marvin Glass, was in Los Angeles at the same time that Ron Goldman was murdered.   When his body was discovered on June 13, 1994, Glass ostensibly was there in LA in close proximity to the Goldman family to attend his daughter Lauren’s graduation from Middle School on June 15, 1994, as admitted by Fred in his book.  Glass had avoided the 210 years by becoming a key figure and snitch for the FBI and assisting them with their ‘Operation Greylord’ action in Chicago to bring down bribe-taking judges, including an important appellate judge assigned by President Kennedy to head a commission to study the impact of race in America by the name of Otto Kerner.  Neither does Clark and others they explain how dangerous Glass could be with his potential range to reach out and touch people with his own hit crew, as he allegedly used to shoot his law partner Michael Pritzker in the head while jogging in Lincoln Park and another law partner whose legs he had broken once he stepped off the Elevated Train at his destination in Chicago for crossing Glass and taking something he presumed that he was entitled.  He was on the rise in Chicago gaining a reputation as a flamboyant Jewish gangster when the DEA and FBI brought him down.  His son Brian Glass has stated in OMIG investigative files how verbally and physically abusive his step-father Fred Goldman was towards he and his younger siblings which he stated that he allegedly reported to his father while visiting him in prison.  Researchers have wondered whether Glass who was also terminally ill with HIV sought retribution for Fred Goldman taking his wife and family away from him and mistreating his children who he allegedly had great affection.   Was that retribution in the form of taking Fred Goldman’s son, Ron’s life?   What deeper pain could be inflicted on a parent than hearing of their child being murdered?  What greater retribution could one deliver than being in close proximity to witness the impact for taking such retribution?  Yet even though this occurred and is part of the record the prosecutors in the Simpson case have gone out of their way to hide this fact, presumably in order to continue to promote the profitable but false Simpson narrative.  The LADA has never bothered to bring any of this information to the attention of the public, and nor does Edelman attempt to do so because it potentially destroys the well-crafted narrative of OJ Simpson being the exclusive violent black killer.

Goldman family

Anything regarding the Goldman family or anyone else, such as the notorious medically psychotic serial killer Glen Rogers remains hidden from the public.   Court documents sealed by the same judge, John H. Reid, indicate that this man Rogers who is afflicted with a potentially violent psychiatric disease called Mad King George’s Disease, or Acute Intermittent Porphyria, since his childhood was intimate with Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole.  Those documents in his death row capital case file BA 109525 which include several pre-trial medical reports indicating Rogers’ psychiatric condition are not to be disclosed to the public by order of Judge Reid using his color of authority to seal them in 1999.

Nicole_brown_simpsonGlen Rogers photoimages8HD8064T werewolf 2

However, Rogers intimate relationship with Nicole Brown Simpson was noted in the civil service grievance proceeding transcript of a former Los Angeles County deputy prosecutor, Lea D’Agostino, who went to DA Gil Garcetti, her boss, in either 1994 or early 1995 and told him of this relationship.  D’Agostino was protesting her removal from the Rogers’ case because what he knew and what he might say if allowed to be incarcerated on California’s death row could be damaging to the careers of several in the DA’s office, including Garcetti.

dagostino lea dda the dragon lady

D’Agostino, unlike Clark and Garcetti, had exceptional high marks as a seasoned prosecutor which garnered her the nickname “The Dragon Lady” and politically she was considered a threat to Garcetti for his position as County Prosecutor.   She brought the Rogers connection with Nicole to his attention prior to the Simpson trial began.  However, once again it was Garcetti’s office that requested that the contents of that civil service case file 97-222 of D’Agostino and its relationship to Glen Rogers be sealed by the order of the judge, John H. Reid, on November 10, 1997.   This would make the third action that he sealed that was related to the Simpson case.

Lea D Agostino civil service page one 001  Lea D Agostino civil service page two 001

Who are Ron, Fred, and Patti Goldman?  No one bothers to ask that question because the focus in this false narrative is kept on OJ Simpson.  However, if you are engaged in presenting the ultimate documentary as Edelman’s documentary has persistently been touted in the media then you would think that these questions and answers would come up in your documentary.  Instead, apparently to sell it to ESPN, Simpson and now black by his hand have to be thrown under the bus.  Below will give you a little background on who they are, but much more is confidential because two of the four below have records protected by laws that protect the information of confidential informants.

.  Fred Goldman_wife Patti Glass Goldman Ronald_goldman 4photo of Marvin Glass in newspaper


The prosecution has not presented any of these facts that were favorable to Simpson but instead began supplanting the charges against him with stipulated evidence that is inconsistent with certain facts, including the time in which Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole, was last known to be alive, the alleged Bruno Magli shoes, and Ron Goldman’s criminal case file protected as Marvin Glass’s criminal information is protected once he became a federal confidential informant but Goldman’s is protected under a version of California’s “snitch protection” law  that protects information on confidential informants cooperating with law enforcement in California; CAL. Government Code Sec. 6254(f).  Reduced excerpts of it are stated below.

6254. Except as provided in 6254.7 and 6254.13, nothing in this chapter shall be construed to require disclosure of records that are any of the following:

(f) records of complaints to, or investigations conducted by, or records of intelligence information or security procedures of, the Office of Attorney General and the Department of Justice…..

CA Govt Code Sec 6254 F

Edelman and his producers had access to the investigators of OMIG, (Ocean Medical Investigative Group) via C.J. Stewart who was convicted in Las Vegas, Nevada with Simpson and who he briefly interviewed in his documentary but according to Stewart, Edelman said nothing significant he wanted to have included.  In our opinion, Stewart was simply used by Edelman to highlight his theme of the continuous buffoonery that Simpson and other blacks engaged right up until he was sentenced to the absurd sentence of 33 years for armed robbery and kidnapping both carrying enhanced consecutive sentences of 15 years each.  Stewart initially received 27.5 years but after serving three was released upon appeal that being tried with Simpson prejudiced his entitlement to a fair trial.

CJ Stewart Front Page photo standing CJ Stewart and OJ in blues

It is OMIG who provides damaging discoveries of massive malfeasance by court officers regarding the contradictory evidence of Nicole’s wounds to the left side of her neck being inflicted by a left-hand assailant as opposed to the right-hand assailant simultaneously attacking her associate Ronald Goldman.

Nicole Brown Simpson stab wounds in Left side neck 001 Ron Goldman photo face stab wounds

Nicole Brown Simpson left neck wounds, Ron Goldman right facial wounds

It is OMIG who shows how Simpson’s foot does not fit into the shoe soles that made the footprints at the murder site of 875 Bundy.   They noticed years ago that some of the shoe prints fit neatly inside of the eleven-and-one-half inch square sidewalk tiles at Nicole Brown Simpson’s condominium which are indicative of a size 10 and-a-half or size 11 in the US.  After securing copies of those alleged size 12 Bruno Magli shoe soles from the Italian manufacturer and overlaying a tracing from OJ Simpson’s foot, it is easy to conclude as the green foot photo-diagram below that Simpson’s size 13 foot did not fit inside those alleged Bruno Magli shoes carrying the so-called size 12 SILGA shoe sole.  It is OMIG who raises the question of how the raised heel on the SILGA shoe sole prevented the FBI agent, Bodziak, from distinguishing the Bruno Magli brand of shoe from at least 20 other brands with the same SILGA manufactured shoe sole attached.

bruno magli shoe with bodziak holding sole shoe print at Bundy outlined 001OJ's foot in padded BM shoe sole 001

Thus, if the counter-allegations are substantive and plausible regarding a lack of veracity of the prosecution’s evidence, then how could a so-called credible investigative journalist conclude that he’d done an effective job of doing his due diligence if he fails to include a critical examination of such challenges in his one-sided narrative?  In conclusion, a journalist’s failure to critically examine such relevant counter-claims renders the work appallingly insufficient.  All Edelman has done here is the same thing that others have done and that is to take the easy way out by throwing someone under the bus since in America the false narrative in the Simpson case has become the official narrative and the only one that networks appear willing to buy.

Edelman has simply given the culprits in the Simpson trial a vehicle to continue distancing themselves from potential prosecution for the obstruction of justice and the dangerous fraud they perpetrated on the people of the United States and the world.  In the meantime, in the aftermath of the social destruction they’ve wreaked upon our society these culprits smile in satisfaction for the pecuniary gain that continually accrues to their bank accounts from book deals, broadcast interviews, and other items at the expense of undermining the integrity of the justice system in these United States of America.

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