Contributing Guest Writer to the Maddogg, Author T.H. Johnson

death card I remember the global handicappers predicting the world being dragged into the final war of earth’s existence as we’ve known it due to conflicts in the Middle East. That was 40 years ago and I used to wonder if something was so predictable as this why then can we not avoid it?  However, the way the cards have now been dealt to all of the arrogant egos at the global table, given all of the mindless atrocities, chest pounding, and double dares, it appears that we may have finally arrived at the threshold of the final hour of world conflagration.

mexican standoff
There’s just too many arrogant, narcissistic, ego-maniacs, domestically and globally who are spoiling, it appears, to tear down a national society or destroy the world altogether, to where there is no place to retreat.  As we stare into this cauldron of fire and destruction it is hard to see the door leading out of this potential quagmire and they can’t see with all of the nukes that they all have that it is a “no-win” game for everyone involved.  I guess in the end it is hard to bet against the chalk bettors who appear to have handicapped the present circumstances most accurately.   Unfortunately, the key factor appears to be arrogance and the chalk bettors knew that given such arrogance it is extremely hard to bet against such mindsets causing destruction.  However, as the old Negro spiritual opines “I believe I’ll run-on, and see what the end’s gonna be”.

T.H. Johnson, as a lead investigator with the OMIG group of Los Angeles, California, USA has done an exceptional amount of research investigation on the OJ Simpson case starting in 1996.   Having a principal role in OMIG, which has uncovered so much compromising veritable information and evidence depicting official malfeasance in the infamous OJ Simpson case subsequently dubbed the “trial of the century”, he is always welcomed here.   Johnson, along with his brother and medical doctor/chairman of OMIG, Dr. H.S. Johnson, has authored several books and a documentary entitled SERPENTS RISING on this perennially compelling criminal cold case file.   Amazon’s Book publishing division came along at the right time for authors like these who are outside of the mainstream but come with very powerful information to impart to the public.  Always, T.H. Johnson is successful, never failing to offer the type of food for thought that inspires us here at Maddogg Communications. We look forward to his next offering whether it be simply a morsel of knowledge as that above or one of the more in-depth lengthier offerings he has written in the past.

photo book cover PURSUIT OF EXHIBIT 35 cover people vs oj simpson Conspiracy of Assumptions vol. 2 The people v oj simpson serpents rising 3 by 4-2 double crossed for blood

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