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Guest Writer, Maddogg Brown

The first problem with the President’s son-in-law, Jarod Kushner, pursuing a secret back channel communications line with Russia held within the Russian Embassy or other agency the Russians control within the United States starts with bad timing in the midst of the suspicion of espionage that now hangs like a pall over the Trump White House.  The fact that it was pursued even prior to the last President Barack Obama’s leaving office by a non-governmental official, Kushner, raises red flags.  His actions intentionally were meant to undermine Obama’s executive order sanctioning Russia for its usurpation of the Crimea and is simply seen as an act of arrogant disrespect by many political on-lookers.

kushner and trump

This lack of respect, often fueled by an undercurrent in the U.S. of  racist white supremacy has been the camouflage that has given the Russians, Kushner, and others license to feel that they could do as they pleased because they had a mandate from a section of the American electorate that could be interpreted as accepting anyone and/or anything but a black Obama, or anyone perceived to be tainted by Obama’s legacy such as a Hiliary Clinton in the powerful and symbolic position of President of the United States.

These continued inexplicable revelations of the chummy-chum-chumminess that these alleged American public servants of the Trump administration have with Russian officials most notably with Russian bankers simply adds fuel to the fire of suspicion of espionage particularly after the foregone conclusion of Russian meddling in the U.S. so-called democratic Presidential election.  It too has its problems with U.S. voter district gerrymandering and the surreptitious implementation of racially biased visual identification mandated to vote, among other things to depress voter turnout.  We’re certain that Russian intelligence agents in the U.S. could see a developing opportunity to strike long before Obama’s term was up.

Even with weeks to figure out an alibi for his conduct I doubt that Kushner will come up with a satisfactory justification for doing what he did that would be palatable to most Americans that have become highly suspicious of these continuous reckless activities of those close to Trump.  However, even though it appears like a not too polished brand of thuggish behavior there will still be some that are such die-hard Trump supporters that will continue to kiss his behind and defend the irregular appearances just shy of corruption regardless of how suspicious Kushner, Trump, or others of his administration appear to be.

In whose interest was Jared working while negotiating a private communication vehicle that would be off limits and out of the access loop of the normal intelligence agencies that protect the national security of the United States?  Given all of the nefarious conduct that continues to arise revealing all of this administration’s secretive connections to Russian banks, governmental and espionage agents of Russia these revelations regarding Kushner’s attempts at backroom dealing raise the antenna of anyone distrustful of this group now running the show in today’s D.C. Whitehouse.

After the demeaning and embarrassing collapse of their prestigious USSR back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Russia under the guidance of Vladimir Putin is attempting to regain its prestige and coming strongly.  Mind you there collapse occurred after a ridiculously expensive sojourn in Afghanistan too that brought the USSR dangerously to the brink of economic collapse as well   Finally, it was during Premier Gorbechev’s administration in the late 1980s that the U.S.S.R. (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) broke up to the embarrassment and economic uncertainty of its citizens.

After dividing up all of the former state controlled assets among a few Russian oligarchs in positions of power, today’s Russia under Putin is now using its off-shore banking ties to advance its global agenda.  While the U.S. has stumbled along haphazardly over the last 8 years, with no meaningful congressional legislation to keep up with the economic growth or infrasturcture development of other nations of the world Russia has patiently grown.   The U.S. sluggish growth over the prior 8 years within the middle class has been hampered by congressionally perpetuated racial animus installed within several statewide electorates to impair a black President’s legacy while creating disharmony within the working class with meaningless unproductive legislation while favoring the wealthy in this nation.

As the political atmosphere is currently in the U.S., if such an alleged back-channel communication line were installed it could easily and securely communicate to the Russian-controlled Trump minions in the US when and where to position themselves in the marketplace well ahead of time of a climatic event.   Conveying to those in the Trump inner circle what position to take prior to a manufactured event set to occur with the intended result of causing the market to fluctuate radically albeit momentarily.  Billions of dollars, the favorite words often used by Donald Trump, could be made quickly if one is positioned properly in a highly leveraged Bearish market.

By potentially manipulating the crude oil market either by adding to or subtracting from global oil supplies such actions can have an adverse rippling effect on oil and other markets as well.  It is in such occurrences where a few people positioned properly, like some of those within the Trump inner-circle become filthy rich.  You do remember, don’t you, the inexplicable Bearish positions in certain specific airline stocks that a few unknown individuals took in the stock market prior to those planes crashing into the World Trade Center in New York City, on September 11, 2001?  Eventually, the national and global marketplace settled down again but a few people that were pre-positioned got rich at the expense of a nation’s relative peace and tranquility.

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