An Issue of Disrespect

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Maddogg Real Truth Guest Writer, from OMIG, Cecil Ware

Twelve days ago the media had the nation fixated on whether OJ Simpson would be granted his freedom after spending close to a decade of a thirty-three-year sentence in a northern Nevada desert prison, in Lovelock, Nevada.  During the publicly broadcast discourse, regarding the Simpson parole hearing, the ABC TV network had their legal pundit, Dan Abrams, spring forth to denounce their guest spokesperson on behalf of the Simpson family, Dr. Henry S. Johnson, as being DISRESPECTFUL!

dan abrams threeDr. Henry Johnson

According to Abrams Dr. Johnson was showing “disrespect” for the prior mid-1990s criminal and civil trials of OJ Simpson for the murder of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.  Simpson would be held liable in the subsequent civil trial in 1996-97 for the deaths of the two victims and ordered to pay the penalty of $33 Million Dollars to plaintiffs in the case, Sharon Rufo, the Goldman, and Brown families.

Family members of murder victims Nicole Brown-SimpGoldman family two

In his feigned belligerence, Abrams cited the fact that he knew more than what Dr. Johnson knew about the evidence in the Simpson case, though unknown to Abrams Dr. Johnson is chairman of the 21-year-old investigative group OMIG.   In essence, Johnson hid the fact that he was more than just a friend to OJ Simpson, who became a friend upon showing Simpson hard evidence of how he had been framed 22 years ago by lawyers in his first trial.  That was in 1998 when Johnson was introduced to Simpson and was based on contradictions in testimony by members of the coroner’s department that contradicted what the actual medical examiner placed in the autopsy reports of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.   Dr. Johnson asserted that the evidence in all probability indicated from the four deep stab wounds on the left side of Nicole Simpson’s neck with the sharp edge facing the rear over the shoulder was indicative of a left-handed assailant.  The substitute medical examiner prosecutors used to replace the actual medical examiner attributed all stab wounds to an assailant wielding a knife in their right hand; OJ Simpson is right-handed.



That is where the discovery of a plethora of malfeasant acts began for OMIG but over time snowballed into a major obstruction of justice case concerning concealed evidence.  All of these irregularities involving evidence continued to grow including things like the ill-fitting shoe soles which were equal to a size 10 US shoe rather than a size 12 as the testifying FBI agent stated.   These same shoe soles on the bottom of the Bruno Magli brand of shoes were found on the bottom of at least 20 indistinguishable brands of shoes that carried that same unique SILGA U2887 shoe sole.

OJs Green full foot padded 001 Bruno Magli shoe and foot and sole 2

OJ Simpson was willing to comply with a request for a tracing of his foot upon one of Dr. Johnson’s visits with him at Nevada’s Lovelock Prison.  As the above photos indicate, O.J. Simpson’s foot extends beyond that expensive shoe brand’s outer shoe sole.  Much of what OMIG has uncovered over the last 21 years is unlikely to see the light of day as a result of officers of the court in Los Angeles County using the color of authority to keep this information and evidence concealed from the public.   The fascinating thing is that the media appears to be in cooperation with those committing malfeasance to prevent these truths from emerging.   Thus, as ABC’s legal analyst, Dan Abrams, was pontificating on how disrespectful he considered Dr. Johnson’s remark about another medical doctor having to be an “unmitigated fool” to not see that the autopsy reports pointed to at least two assailants attacking the victims, Abrams became animatedly puffed up claiming that he was prepared to be that fool.

A&E Live PD -- Pictured: Dan Abrams CR: A&E

Abrams feigned posture implied that he was prepared to challenge Dr. Johnson’s assertion, and his offer of proof was that he knew more than Dr. Johnson because he’d sat for months in the Santa Monica courtroom of the Simpson civil trial and was privy to evidence that Dr. Johnson hadn’t seen.  We highly doubt that, but be that as it may, we will go further in saying that it is we who’ve found Abrams on-air lashing to be truly disrespectful.

fourthestate-new-logoAwesome Journalism

His intentional attempt to redefine the standard for investigative journalism by plopping his behind down on a seat in the O.J. Simpson civil trial is shameful and disrespectful to that noble occupation.    His lack of due diligence simply does not meet a minimal standard of investigative work; however, he isn’t alone in betraying the trust vested in him as a beneficiary of the power of the 4th Estate, meaning the press.  It was a title which Edmund Burke, allegedly coined during a session in the House of Commons in 1787.   For the last 230 years in a so-called democratic republic, an emerging power, the press, would grow to keep a potentially errant government apparatus in check.  That expectation failed as of the date of June 13, 1994, in the United States with the actions of corrupt government officials using the color of authority to manipulate and suppress evidence in what would soon be defined as the OJ Simpson “trial of the century”.  As a result of their inaction as journalists, Abrams and others via the Simpson case have turned news into tabloid buffoonery.


As they now bristle when an erratic President Trump refers to their offerings as “fake news” who other than themselves do they have to blame for allowing it to decline to such an abominable state since the 1995 Simpson trial?  Dr. Johnson was not able to provide a response to Dan Abrams because senior producers were pulling the communication’s plug behind the camera.  However, it’s easy for Abrams to pretend to take up the challenge of volunteering to “be that fool” when shadow boxing with himself before ABC’s viewing audience, but both he and ABC are not foolish enough to take on that challenge against OMIG’s 21 years of investigative due diligence.  If so, by this time next year, if they call the proposition bet we’ll present to them on multiple pieces of evidence indicating malfeasance on the part of sworn court officers in the Simpson case, Abrams will own nothing but a straw hat to cover himself and OMIG will become the new owners of ABC.   We will give Abrams and all double or nothing on each piece of evidence which we are certain from doing our due diligence that he and others don’t know because they didn’t do theirs.  Sitting in a courtroom regurgitating evidence of corrupt officials is not independent investigative journalism and because it is not it is a certainty they would lose if they took up the challenge we at OMIG propose.

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