OJ Simpson the Great American Hypocrisy

Maddogg Real Truth Guest Writer, OMIG Public Relations Director, Omar Lee


engaged in the greatest act of domestic terrorism ever on the shores of the United States,


killing 168 men, women, and babies like you can tell me who owned this white SUV below, I’m not interested in you telling me what you wish would go away.


Ever since OJ Simpson was paroled from prison last week the airwaves have been flooded with OJ Simpson pundits analyzing what Simpson will or will not do once he’s released.  The Goldmans, Fred and daughter Kim, have been pandering on each TV network and in the major newspapers.  They’ve turned their pursuit of Simpson into a cottage industry while the media and press have acted like real amateurs.  Dan Abrams exemplified that last week when calling the chairman of the Ocean Medical Investigative Group (OMIG), Dr. Henry Johnson, “disrespectful” for calling the Simpson trial a fraud. People have been given a bill of worthless goods based on lies, innuendo, cover up, and concealment regarding the Simpson case with networks quoting meaningless racial statistical changes that have occurred over the last generation (20 years) as if it to validate some theory they have that Simpson was guilty of committing these infamous murders.

fred and kim goldman

The problem is that so called investigative journalists and whatever Dan Abrams calls himself have done no meaningful due diligence relative to an independent investigation of the Simpson case evidence.   Abrams even sounded stupid by suggesting that he’d sat in the Santa Monica civil trial courtroom and could cite a numerous amount of evidence that pointed to Simpson’s guilt.  Wow!  Whoopee!  Stop the presses!  Dan Abrams has now defined the new standard for quality investigative journalism.


Now you can do like he did, by sitting his dumb ass in a court room where he was fed evidence from one of the most corrupt justice systems in the 20th century U.S., the city and county of Los Angeles.   Within a year of the Simpson civil verdict the whole justice apparatus would come under USDOJ supervision for the level of malfeasance that had gone on for years on the part of police planting evidence and prosecutors sending anywhere from 3,000 to 30,000 innocent men to prison with coerced plea deals.   But of course, fools like Abrams and another Angeleno, Harvey Levin, of TMZ fame don’t think that any of that corruption has any relationship to the Simpson case.


Let’s face it, OJ Simpson for the last 20 years has been the perennial gift that just keeps on giving.  It has helped make Abrams, Levin, and Marcia Clark millionaires.  So we do not expect these media pimps to do nothing else but attempt to protect their “Ho stroll”, at least the one they’ve attempted to grind for the last 20 plus years, by pimping OJ Simpson.  The truth of this is Clark and others in the DA and police department manipulated, lied about, and concealed evidence to promote this strange 20-year addiction of denigrating OJ Simpson.  It all began with Mark Fuhrman who orchestrated the alleged ‘discovery’ of the crucial piece of evidence that targets Simpson as the murderer the bloody glove found on Simpson’s property.  However, how can one believe Fuhrman when he lied by attempting to mislead the public and telling you he matched the glove by taking the famous photo of himself pointing at the matching glove when ordered to return to the murder site after sunrise about 7:10 AM by lead Detective Phillip Vannatter.  The lie Fuhrman had told would be exposed by the testimony of the LAPD photographer Rolf Rokahr who later testified that Fuhrman had arranged to take that photo in complete darkness between 4:10 and 4:40 AM and about 20 minutes before they departed for Simpson’s house at 5:00 AM which was approximately an hour and a half hour before sunrise at 5:41 AM that morning of June 13, 1994.

mark fuhrman photobloody glove found at oj_simpson_crimescene by mark fuhrman

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