Maddogg’s Real Truth, Guest Writer, OMIG Investigator, T.H. Johnson

OJs Green full foot padded 001

The top of the shoe that covered the above diagram with shoe sole as the red outline contained the foot of O.J. Simpson according to the prosecution’s key government witness, FBI Special Agent, William Bodziak.  He would testify that the shoe sole that fit inside this red-outlined sole above was the same size found in blood on the night the victims were murdered at 875 South Bundy in the lower Brentwood section of Los Angeles.  The alleged brand of shoe itself, Bodziak claimed was  bruno magli logo two  which was touted as being an expensive luxury brand back in 1994 and cost the purchaser somewhere between $160-$180 USD.  Needless to say when it came to men’s shoes in the early 1990s spending close to $200 for a pair of shoes was considered an expensive purchase for the average guy on the street back then.  However, adjusting for inflation today the brand name of the shoe attached to this sole  bruno magli image  is estimated to cost the purchaser in today’s 2017 money in North America about $500 -$600 USD for a pair.

bruno magli Lorenzo model shoe

The question to ponder is that if you sat down in a shoe store with the intention to purchase a $500 pair of shoes would you want to purchase them if your foot extended beyond the edge of the shoe sole as the green foot of O.J. Simpson’s does above?

What we found in our on-going 21 years of researching the alleged evidence in the OJ Simpson case was that the crime scene photos of the shoe prints left at the Bundy murder site presented a problem to the naked eye.  We found that one of the many shoe prints identified on the walkway fit within the square side walk tile at the murder site, and within 6 months we would track down testimony of the actual dimensions of those side walk tiles.  It would occur during the direct examination of the lead LAPD Detective Tom Lange who when asked by Marcia Clark would cite the dimensions of the side walk tiles as being 11 and 1/2 inches square on all sides.

shoe print at Bundy enlargedshoe print at Bundy outlined 001

The photo of that shoe print as in the expanded view of the crime site above now presented a major problem because it implied that the person who left that print inside that square tile was much smaller in physical stature than a person who was over six feet tall and had a large physical frame and appendages as O.J. Simpson.  We had to be certain of our findings so OMIG ultimately attained the shoe sole, according to the FBI agant William Bodziak’s testimony that left the bloody prints at Bundy.  It was according to Bodziak the European size 46/US size 12 shoe sole from the actual manufacturer SILGA’s U2887 rubber mold in Civitanova Marche, Italy.

When the package of SILGA shoe soles arrived in the United States we found that the size 46/size 12 SILGA shoe sole measured 12 and 1/4 inches in length or about the length of a size 10 and 1/2 or size 11 in the US.  Nevertheless, we asked our OMIG chairperson, and by now Simpson’s medical doctor to ask him to provide OMIG with a tracing of his foot when he visited him next at Lovelock state prison in northern Nevada.  Simpson had previously told us that the majority of his shoes were size 13.   He would ultimately comply with our request and send his foot’s tracing and the results are as seen above with the foot of Simpson being colored green for comparative purposes when over-layed on top of the red-outlined size 46 SILGA U2887 shoe sole.   As you can see the green foot above extends beyond the shoe sole in four locations, two locations on the inner sole, and at two locations on the outer sole.  The actual green foot also overlaps all areas of the yellow ribbon of interior insulation in the above diagram that makes the shoe comfortable and presumably worth $500.

These problems raise serious questions concerning the credibility of the photos and most particularly the photo negatives which would appear 2 years later in the Simpson civil trial after traveling half way around the world before returning to the United States.  It would challenge the integrity of the FBI’s involvement in the Simpson case upon reviewing Bodziak’s testimony.  In review, we found that the FBI agent was denied a request made to the LAPD for a search warrant to compare shoes in Simpson’s closet to the tennis shoe that was given to him by an LAPD employee.  The FBI agent would further testify that he could not be certain that the tennis shoe given to him belonged to Simpson but that it was “REPRESENTED” to him as belonging to OJ Simpson by the LAPD.  fbi imagebodziak william fbi special agentFootwear impression evidence boziak

These irregularities in evidence present a continuum of credibility questions regarding the integrity of governmental agencies in the US, including the FBI agent’s testimony during the Simpson trial that the shoe leaving the blood trail even belonged to Bruno Magli, bruno magli image , when he knew that there was no way for him to tell whether it came from Bruno Magli or twenty other shoe brands sold around the world that he cites in Bodziak cites in the 15th chapter of his book, (the O.J. Simpson Chapter) of FOOTWEAR IMPRESSION EVIDENCE, Detection, Recovery, and Examination.  The impossibility of brand determination was due to the raised heel construction on the SILGA sole that as you can see in the photo below prevented the middle area of the shoe where the brand’s logo bruno magli image is located from touching the ground and leaving its impression.

Bruno Magli shoe prints show less than 12 inches

Two other FBI agents were dismissed as prosecution witnesses in the Simpson criminal trial for lying in prior cases and slanting evidence in favor of state prosecutors to secure a conviction.  It saddens us that the most preeminent investigative agency in the United States, the FBI, would have to stoop to such levels of denying an accused fully their right to due process under the United States Constution.   However, for the time being, we here at OMIG are curious as to what the public may think about purchasing a $500 pair of shoes where their toes would extend beyond the edges of the shoe sole on both sides as they do in the above diagram.

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