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Maddogg Guest Writer, OMIG Investigator, T.H. Johnson

Do not send this light weight arrogant fool Dan Abrams to spar with us.   OMIG does not accuse anyone including white folks, black folks, red, yellow or brown folks unless we have the empirical evidence in hand of what you have done.   I reminded him, when Dr. Johnson brought to the public’s attention in early 1997 that there were contradictions in the autopsy reports on the murdered victims and again in early 1998 the discrepancy in the alleged time the Browns drove home to the far end of Orange County in 45+ minutes, that these people bore watching.   The Brown family allegedly did the impossible that night of driving at over 110 MPH based on the lawyers on both sides story to make that crucial final phone call to their daughter allegedly at 09:37 PM.  This stipulated time entered by the lawyers avoided jury examination of the actual evidence and turned the time back an hour and a half from the original time stated by Nicole’s mother, father, F. Lee Bailey, and Robert Shapiro of 11PM.  The question that still is unanswered is whether they could do it under the highway conditions that the data of traffic volume on that evening made it look like the traffic volume of the red tail lights below.  It is highly doubtful under those conditions they could have maintained the average 72 MPH door-to-door speed required for their 72 mile journey home from Brentwood to Dana Point in one hour, let alone the 45 minute time table that testimony locks them into.

I-405 imageI 405 freeway

Thus, we concluded that we’d better watch these people.   In that same year, on April 24, 1998, Deputy D.A. William Hodgman formerly of the Simpson trial secretly went behind closed doors into the judge’s chamber on behalf of DA Gil Garcetti’s office with an ex parte motion, meaning by himself, and asked this relatively unknown chief judge of the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Judge John H. Reid, for a court order for the permanent removal of the phone records that neither jury saw along with all of the 1,009 exhibit evidence in the Simpson trial.

bill hodgman LA DDAgil-garcetti-imgjudge john h. reid photo

Where all that evidence was taken and stored no one but Hodgman knows and he’s not talking. That was the notice the last time we talked to his African American secretary (who invited us to step out of the DA’s office and into the hall in Dec. 1998 to discuss it). However, the employees of the LA County Superior Court exhibit department were so incensed by Hodgman’s refusal to sign a receipt acknowledging his acquisition of those exhibits that they gave OMIG’s investigators all of the documents showing Hodgman took them including the judge’s order to the left that names him specifically as the receiver.

judge john reids order permitting the permanent removal of oj evidence

They used you people in the media to frame Simpson and the best you and they can do is keep running, ducking and hiding but the truth does not go away and always finds away to rise to the top.

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