OJs Green full foot padded 001

MADDOGG REAL TRUTH Guest Contributor, J.W. Parada, OMIG Team Investigator

Above is an image of OJ Simpson’s foot, highlighted in green, overlaid on top of the alleged Bruno Magli (actually SILGA U2887 size 46/size 12) shoe sole.  It appears to be quite an uncomfortable fit for a rather expensive $180 pair of casual shoes.   The actual photos of the sidewalk tiles at the Bundy Drive murder site appear to have even smaller shoe prints than the above since the red outlined shoe sole above measured 12 and 1/4 inches.  Those fitting within the side walk tiles appear to be no more in length than the dimensions of the Bundy tiles themselves.

det. langemarcia clark in court

LAPD Robbery/Homicide Det. Tom Lange (L) and Deputy LA DA Marcia Clark (R)

When asked by Deputy D.A. Marcia Clark, Detective Tom Lange of the LAPD testified during the Simpson trial, that the sidewalk tiles were 11 and 1/2 inches square.

shoe print at Bundy enlarged

It appears that officials conspired to frame this man, who was a celebrated sports icon, O.J. Simpson.  Two prior FBI agents had been excluded by Judge Lance Ito in appearing for the prosecution because of their prior revealed activities of engaging in malfeasance and slanting evidence against defendants to favor state prosecutors.  It appears that Judge Ito may have missed a dangerous third expert witness when he didn’t deny FBI Special Agent, William Bodziak, from testifying during the Simpson trial.

bodziak william fbi special agent    fbi image

FBI, Special Agent, William Bodziak

Bodziak’s standard of determining the shoes which made those bloody footprints at the murder site belonged to Simpson was some of the worst technical testimony that a so called professional could provide.  Furthermore, after the lengthy investigation of these discrepancies by OMIG’s investigators regarding the shoe soles that made those prints, Bodziak has brought disgrace onto the image of the FBI since he knew that he only had a one out of twenty chance in selecting the correct brand of shoe that contained that SILGA U2887 shoe sole.  He would later state in a republished college text book that SILGA not only provided the shoe soles to Bruno Magli but to 20 other companies as well.  The construction of the shoe sole which has a raised heel prevents someone from accurately determining that the shoe print was left by the Bruno Magli brand of shoe.

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