The Perpetual Clown Show of the Donald Trump Administration

clown shoes two

By Maddogg Buttkickin’ Brown

After nine months of this erratic presidential administration with its decimation of the US State Department rendering it virtually anemic in its all too important roles abroad,  the multiple firings of corrupt cabinet appointees, on-going FBI investigations of collusion with foreign governments to impact our national electoral process,  errant financial dealing, it seems like more time has passed than just 3/4 of the first year of the Trump administration.  With the abysmal performance of Trump in so many crucial areas particularly his responses and perceived lack of a proper bedside manner towards the victims of the hurricane-ravaged regions of the United States and Puerto Rico.  His miserable performance strips the cover off of this President and exposes an image of complete incompetence.    His persistent verbose proclamations of how victorious his actions have been has fallen on tdeaf ears of those who bother to listen anymore to his persistent impotent rants.  Other than a smattering few who are die-hard loyalists regardless of how emotionally flawed and empty the promises that this president happens to boast, such as his sabotaging of the Affordable Care Act aka Obama Care.

trump with trump lips

Now you get the feeling that while this President appears only intent on dismantling any and everything that has Obama associated with it, nothing substantive and beneficial for the citizens of the United States is being accomplished.  In fact, given all of his deconstruction activity what actions he has taken appears to be targeted towards bringing hurt upon his own loyalist base.   The myopically focused Trump appears to be ambivalent to the massive damage that his acts will do to everyone, including his base, as long as his actions allow him to proclaim victory, regardless of how hollow it is.  As long as he has met his verbal promises of destroying executive decisions of anything Obama in his mind whether it causes complete devastation, to Trump he gleefully sees it as a victory for himself.   This seems to be a carryover from the alleged issues brought up regarding Trump’s reluctance to pay people for work or services they have provided him.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani attend a news conference with Swiss President Johann Schneider-Ammann in TehranKim-Jong-un-daily-sun

Those things the Obama administration endorsed that the US engaged in abroad now being dismantled by Trump are extremely dangerous; nevertheless, it is doubtful that this President whose intelligence level is certainly questionable that he comprehends it.  His juvenile spelling errors seem to exemplify more problems than the spelling of the word “little” with two d’s rather than two t’s, as his attempted put down of the Senator from Tennessee “Liddle Bob Corker” displayed.  Corker remarked on Trump’s lack of fitness to hold the office of Commander-in-chief, and his dangerous remarks that threaten the security of the United States and its allies.

Donald Trump Campaigns In Raleigh, North Carolina

One thing that this ongoing display of neurotic and erratic behavior indicates is that ‘we the people’ are trapped on a bus that we can’t get off as it continuously rapidly circles the center ring of a circus.  This is a perennial clown show with the top clown behind the wheel.


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