The Phony Phone Records in the OJ Simpson Case

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Brown phone record exhibit 35 no 2 001

It dawned on us that we may need to help our chairman of the Ocean Medical Investigative Group-OMIG, Dr. Henry S. Johnson, out by coming to his aid after a bunch of scared bunnies on CNN, anchored by Martin Savage, this past Sunday morning October 01, 2017, were doing everything they could to cut him off the air.    He would not fall into the trap of their cookie cutter narrative of what’s OJ Simpson going to do now that he’s been freed from prison?  Dr. Johnson pretty much told them the hell with what Simpson is going to do in the future, he’d received his marching orders from Simpson and they were to continue to pursue and press authorities for the return of those phone records removed from his case file that could have exonerated him from this perennially public hedonic scorn as well as the murder trial itself.

This present wrangle between Dr. Johnson, OMIG’s chief medical investigator, OMIG started out as the Ocean Medical Investigative Group but as more irregularities in evidence came in to their offices regarding the Simpson case the boundaries of OMIG expanded.    This dispute about time is crucial and it started with a discrepancy found by Johneon’s field investigators at OMIG relative to the time that the mother of Nicole Brown Simpson actually arrived home with her family to their residence in Dana Point, Orange County after leaaving the tawny L.A. enclave of Brentwood.Linda Stasi 10 17 juditha brown phone call writes Call opens 39 minute 00110 17 phone call new york newspaper 001

The Brown’s residence was 72 miles down the I-405 freeway at Monarch Bay, Dana Point, Orange, County.   The Browns left the Mezzaluna at approximately “08:45-ish” after the last supper they had with their daughter, Nicole Brown Simpson, according to waitress Tia Gavin and three other employees who served the Brown party.    However, attorneys after wrangling behind closed doors began to change the original phone call between Juditha Brown and Nicole from 11PM back 43 minutes the first time to 10:17 PM on July 08, 1994 and finally a full hour and a half back to 09:37 PM on February 07, 1995 the fourteenth day of the Simpson trial.  Below is the in-chambers certified trial transcript of Arnella Sims the court reporter in Judge Kathleen Kennedy Powell’s chambers on that day, July 08, 1994.  In this case, it was Shapiro offering the change of the time from 11 PM back to 10:17 PM.  By February 1995, it would be the prosecution offering 09:37 PM as the initial time of the last phone call from Juditha Brown back to Brentwood from Dana Point, and Nicole led by deputy D.A. Marcia Clark in a poster-board entitled Exhibit 35.

Robert Shapiros 10 17 stipulation sealed by judge powell on 07 08 94 001

This alleged phone record at the top of this page we believe is a fake, and we’d wager that no one receives a telephone bill with call lines that look like the one above.  Due to its irregular type sizes across the multiple call lines and the illegibility of the type makes a number of call lines undecipherable and unintelligible.  Who receives something as raggedy and unprofessional as this corporate document, except a valium induced O.J. by slick lawyers passing it off on Simpson in the OJ Simpson trial?   No one that we know receives a phone record from their company that comes to them with such a ragged appearance, but this is what lawyers in the Simpson trial passed off as being truthful.and is something we received from Louis Brown, Nicole Brown Simpson’s father after repeatedly telling him the problems that it created before he’d sent it.

This discussion occurred with Brown after he reneged on allowing OMIG investigators to receive the actual record from the legal archive department of GTE communications in San Angelo, Texas back in 1999.  After waiting an additional 6 weeks Brown received them from the man who had secretly absconded with them from the Simpson case file, Los Angeles County deputy D.A. William Hodgeman.    So, this is what the big stir is about that Dr. Henry S. Johnson’s and his OMIG investigators won’t let up when invited on any of the network news shows to discuss OJ Simpson’s general welfare.  They find a way to flip the script and bring it back to the original narrative of where are the actual phone records removed from Simpson’s case file that will either affirm their position that the Brown family could not drive between Brentwood, Los Angeles to Dana Point, Orange County in a 45 minute window of time.  Even the lead detectives, Lange and Vannatter said the same in their book EVIDENCE DISMISSED.  They wrote on page 28 that the Brown family lived a minimum of 90 minutes south of Brentwood (Los Angeles).

Well if that is so then how could the Browns depart Brentwood as testimony claims at approximately 08:45 PM and arrive at their home in Dana Point in time to make a 09:37 PM final phone call back to Brentwood’s Mezzaluna Restaurant and then two minutes later to their daughter Nicole Brown Simpson at 09:39 PM.  This was literally the beginning of the last phone calls before Nicole was murdered.  However, 09:37 PM changed the original phone time given by the mother and father on two separate occasions right after the murders took place of making the last call to Nicole at approximately 11PM.   Shapiro a month later would offer 10:17 PM as an offer of compromise it appears, and subsequently, Marcia Clark would offer 09:37 PM on a posterboard seven months later in February 1995 during the Simpson criminal trial.  Below is a video clip of what the highway volume looked like on the I-405 the night the Brown family left for their residence in Dana Point.  Their seaside community at Monarch Bay had to maintain an average traffic speed from door to door of 72 MPH in order to reach home 72 miles away within an hour and a higher speed if in 45 minutes.  Anytime as in this clip the traffic speed fell below 72 MPH they had to add the difference on top of 72 MPH.  Where you see traffic poking along below at possibly 30 MPH near Brentwood it would require adding 42 MPH +72 MPH requiring the Brown vehicle to travel at a rate of speed of 114 MPH for a distance equal to this 8 mile slow down below.

Read further into the OMIG investigation via Amazon Books where you will find these.

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photo book cover PURSUIT OF EXHIBIT 35  BookCoverImage serpents rising  Legacy of Deception image better




17 thoughts on “The Phony Phone Records in the OJ Simpson Case

  1. Thanks for posting all of this!

    On the “CNN’s Racisim” video, I found this interesting comment: “Those records were locked away and can not be accessed for 75 years. ” Do you know if this is true?

    Also, yesterday I listened to an audio with Donald Freed, author of Killing Time (posted here:, and he said that Nicole and Ron both saw the same therapist and that her office was broken into and that she was later stalked and threatened that she better not talk about the OJ case. I have no idea what that was about, but I thought it was very interesting.

    I also saw some strange but kind of interesting info on the OJ case from Sherman Scholnick–I’m not sure what to make of his information, but he seems to suggest that the DEA was following Nicole and Ron and had information about the murders.


  2. Regarding the phone records being locked away for 75 years was that a respondent’s comment? I’ve heard it mentioned before and that it was assigned to Dick Gregory, point us to the link so we can check it out.
    (1.)–The only thing I can comment on is what we at OMIG have experienced because if it is an odd activity we at lease attempt to keep some evidence of it, such as the Ron Goldman docket sheet, since they certainly did not wanted us examining the inside of his case file. Had it been about two inches slimmer T.H. Johnson said it could have fit through the clerk office in Malifbu CA customer service window. The Asian fellow he talks about was stuffing and he was trying to pull but it was too thick to go through. It was when they buzzed him into the ante room that the Asian fellow apparently looked into the file and asked his supervisor and she told him that file was off limits. Johnson would later be introduced to California Government Code sec. 6254(f) by Clerk Office Mangaer, Ann Madden, who pleaded with him to not make her the bad guy because the law governed it, and that law prevents anyone’s records from public examination when they are acting as cooperating confidential informants. So he could not attain access to the interior of the file but he kept the docket sheet for that case file 91C00362 People V. Ronald Lyle Goldman.

    (2.) –My understanding is that the psychologists office that both Ron and Nicole used had been broken into, that has come up in a number of books.
    (3.) –If I remember Sherman may have been the investigator who revealed the Marvin Glass Illinois connection and that besides facing the criminal RICO charges, Glass stood trial for attempted murder. However, he was acquitted when his henchmen, Jack Kurat and DeCicco, began to allegedly contradict themselves concerning Glass’s involvement in hiring them to shoot Glass’s law partner Pritzker in the head. We interviewed Glass’s son and he said that Fred Goldman was abusive and used to beat he and his brother and knocked him down a flight of stairs while he was on crutches. He seemed pissed with his mother for continuing to support Fred, because Fred attempted to beat his dad while in a wheel chair and the kid jumped across his father’s lap and took the beating according to his email responses to OMIG to protect his father who was by then going down due to AIDS. He’d avoid the 210 year RICO sentence because Glass too became a confidential informant and though Fred acknowledges that he was in LA at the time of Ron’s death in his book, HIS NAME IS RON, he manages to not speak his name over 8 times in the book. Then Fred lied and called him a retired defense attorney when the judge took his license to practice law when he sentenced him to 8 years in federal prison.


  3. Wow! Thank you so much for all of your information.

    On the comment about the records being sealed for 75 years, when I watched the “CNN’s Racism: Dr. Henry S. Johnson Was Cut Off After Exposing Phone Records From O.J.’s 95′ Trial” here: I scrolled down to read comments and “Memphite Theology” said “Those records were locked away and can not be accessed for 75 years. That Goldman jew is Satan incarnate” (maybe they were just exaggerating).

    It’s great that Porkins Policy Radio and Opperman report have had Stephen Singular, T. H. Johnson, Pat McKenna and Brian Heiss on their shows to get the truth out, but that’s not enough. I’m going to start writing to other internet radio hosts and try to get them to start getting the truth out. I think there are a lot of people out there who realize the MSM lies to us (e.g. Iraq WMD), and who are willing to go back and look at things on their own. We just need more independent radio hosts to be willing to look at this.


    1. Hello Amanda, there’s a movie that’s supposed to come out this year called Nicole and OJ starring Boris Kodjoe and directed by Joshua Newton. I’ve read it’s going to include all the information the media has suppressed and lied about this case/trial for the last 25 years. If you look up the movie’s cast there’s an actor listed who will be playing Brett Cantor.


      1. Yes, Josh Newton has been attempting to produce his version of the movie on the Simpson matter for the last 6-7 years, certainly, before Ryan Murphy’s 7-week series American Crime Story appeared on the Cable Network. I know it’s been that length of time since Newton first made contact with OMIG (Ocean Medical Investigative Group’s) top officers in L.A. However, he came back to them and proclaimed that he could not present the true narrative that centers around OMIG’s top investigators who continue to uncover these documents of malfeasance because they are black. He alleged that he could not attain the financing to produce his movie because no one would believe that black investigators made these discoveries regarding the concealed evidence hidden to protect the false narrative in the OJ Simpson case. We saw one or his first trailers and it had OMIG’s chairman called Doc (meaning Dr. Henry S. Johnson) concealed as a hidden shadow talking to a white attorney, presumably OMIG’s former hired lawyer for the Simpson matter named Doug McCann. I think Newton has attempted to complete the last production in Bulgaria that features Boris Kodjoe and the female playing Nicole Brown Simpson.



    Thank you for that info. That’s disappointing if true but I am not surprised. I knew he was in communication with you guys during the early stages. Is there anything more you can share about your interactions with him? Curious if he’s going to include some of the information your website has been talking about in his movie.

    It’s possible he may changed the script of the movie because on the movie’s IMDB page there is no characters listed as Doc or Doug McCann. It’s supposed to release at some point this year but I’m not sure when. I do know there was a screening for it in Universal Studios last year. I also received info that most of it was filmed in Bulgaria but not all of it was. I do hope it finally comes out this year and is able to find an audience. It’s been a couple year’s since the FX series and ESPN doc came out, and it’s about time a project tells the other side of the OJ case/trial.


    1. I haven’t seen a new trailer but only photo images of Boris Kodjoe and a blonde female as Nicole posing seductively together. I don’t know if that is even the same woman he was planning to use a few years back, a woman from England who was introduced by Josh on one of the tabloid shows, i.e. TMZ, etc. That’s when he was attempting to get his movie completed before Ryan Murphy’s series was scheduled to air. OMIG no longer gets bent out of shape behind how the story is told, since three of them now have presented the alleged “other side” of the OJ case, four counting the ESPN documentary of Ezra Edleman “OJ: Made in America”. They all are produced, IMO, with too much ego and less actual facts and they all end with OJ being thrown under the bus in order to get a platform for distribution in the US. They all, however, have come to OMIG’s door prior to production and asked for our involvement but OMIG rarely becomes involved in anything involving this matter that it doesn’t control the final editing. That is due to what they have seen in the past regarding market realities including British producer David Monaghan’s “My Brother the Serial Killer”, Ezra Edelman’s and his producers’ “OJ: Made in America”, the real let down of Norman Pardo’s messy madness of “Who Killed Nicole” and finally Josh Newton’s last entitled “OJ and Nicole”. The unbelievable proclamation that is a common denominator with all of these guys, or at least two, Newton and Pardo, who have attempted to suck tons of details from OMIG investigators is their remark “I know what really happened”. We laugh because we know that none of them have been in those trenches like OMIG’s investigators have for the last 23 years or they wouldn’t be standing in our office making such proclamations and producing such fraudulent schlock. However, the truth for them seems to be up against a deadline and markteing realities so our position is “C’est la vie”; however, we don’t have to participate in it. ——————————————————————————————————————————————–They all have a little taste of OMIG in them though, Norman Pardo has the green foot tracing of OJ and the blue foot tracing of Glen Roger’s overlaid on top of the SILGA U2887 size 46/size 12 shoe sole he got from OMIG in one of his background shots while sitting at the table talking to his people. Glen’s foot fits easily within the boundaries of that shoe sole found on the bottom of the Bruno Magli Lorenzo model shoe, OJ’s toes and foot protrude outside the boundaries of that shoe sole. Hidden case file 97-222, a civil service greivance transcript offered by a managing deputy DA of the Van Nuy’s office, sealed by Judge John Reid in November 1997 indicates Glen’s alleged intimate involvement with Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole.
      ———————————————————————————————————————————–That reality presents a new era of discoveries on how a couple of rogue FBI agents aligned with the fraud perpetrated by the LADA and LAPD to frame Simpson. That discovery by OMIG which started with examining the crime scene photos of the shoe prints inside the 11 and 1/2 inch side walk tiles at Nicole’s condo has brought former FBI agents who saw the shoe demonstration in OMIG’s SERPENTS RISING and came to OMIG’s door with about 53 pounds of documents they stored for the last 25 years. The documents show that the FBI sent their representative to negotiate to keep other FBI agent from taking the witness stand who had filed a complaint with the USDOJ-Inspector General on behalf of other special agents in the FBI laboratory. That complaint was regarding another agent committing perjury relative to the blood of Simpson found allegedly at the crime scene and blood found on socks thrown on the floor of Simpson’s bedroom. The FBI lab scientists were asked in Feb. 1995 to disprove an allegation of contaminated blood that had come from an anonymous LAPD insider via a Denver, Colorado based author Stephen Singular in August of 1994, that the blood was not to be trusted. The anonymous insider told Singular to take that information to Simpson’s defense team at the very beginning of the case that blood swatches number 47 (the gate) and swatch number 48 and blood found on the socks was blood planted at the crime sites from a blood collection vial lined with a highly concentrated preservative called EDTA. The lead detective, Vannatter, had collected both Simpson’s blood vial and the blood vials of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson from the coroner’s office. The actual FBI lab scientists found the blood they were asked to examine was contaminated with that highly concentrated compound of EDTA. However, their unit chief, Roger Martz, absconded with their research results and took them back to his office and modified the results to aligh with the state Prosecutors case against Simpson. The FBI agents who did the research came to another and protested when their unit chief stole and changed their results and wrote a fraudulent letter to the LADA’s office denying that there was any EDTA found in the blood. Then lied after being called to the witness stand and continuing to commit perjury under oath. That is when these other agents cajoled another whose career had already been damaged for filing over a hundred such complaints regarding the unprofessional conduct within the FBI Lab with the Inspector General. He filed the complaint found in US DOJ-OIG Case file 9403575 that the FBI and OIG has continued to attempt to hide from OMIG’s FOIA requests. The OIG (Office of the Inspector General) had to notify Simpson’s defense team in 1995 after they received the complaint. However, the top brass of the Agency did not want their FBI brand sullied in this widely publicized trial so they sent their top general counsel to Los Angeles to negotiate with the prosecution to keep the other FBI agent whose name the complaint was filed in off the witness stand testifying about another FBI agent who had changed the blood results and lied about arguably the most crucial evidence in the Simpson case, the blood.


      1. I meant to say, the FBI sent their top general counsel to negotiate with the Defense team’s Johnnie Cochran we presume, to keep the Defense from putting the FBI agent Martz they had subpeonaed on the witness stand. I did not mean to say that the general cousel negotiated with the prosecution.


      2. Let me try one more time. I have watched Serpents Rising and have listened to several interviews with TH Johnson on the Ed Opperman show. You guys have done a lot of good work and I learned a lot about this case from your work.

        I talked to people who worked on Nicole and O.J. film and they said it was halfway complete and still needed to shoot more. The completed half screened at Universal Studios last year. I don’t think the film will release anymore in light of the controversy surrounding the lead actress Charlotte Kirk, as well as allegations that Joshua Newton tried to extort Ron Meyer. Not sure if you guys have been following this story. I’m not trying to praise Newton because I know based on your posts he attempted to whitewash Nicole and O.J., but I think this whole situation is really unfortunate. I think Nicole and O.J. had the potential to shed light on the lesser known trial evidence and facts of the case, as well as the drug connections. For that reason I still hope it releases one day even though things aren’t looking good right now. Court TV’s OJ25 series recently did a good job of telling the truth about the trial, and I encouraged Stephen Singular to produce a documentary about his involvement in the trial. He’s planning to update Legacy of Deception in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the BLM protests.


      3. Yes, Singular has informed the OMIG Investigative Team Coordinator, T.H. Johnson, of his intent to produce an updated version of LEGACY. We applaud any and all who help in the heavy lift to hoist the heavy blanket that has covered this fraud for so long. Glad you stay informed…. Kudos from The Maddogg Staff at Maddogg Central.


  5. Love what you guys are doing. We joined a facebook group called “ OJ Simpson Not Guilty but Liable”
    Respectable site every now then it’s get kind of crazy. A while back there was a online radio program from Washington DC interviewing Doctor Johnson. He stated that LA fire department engine 19 recorded Nicole time of death a quarter to 12, is the public record and if so how can I access it



    1. We encourage you to reach out to Dr. Henry Johnson, Chairman of OMIG (Ocean Medical Investigative Group) at his Face Book page, since that information as we remember came to our attention about 20 years ago. He and another staff member’s where approached while promoting his book at a Los Angeles Book Festival. The staff member and Dr. Johnson who was promoting his book Double Crossed for Blood back around 2001 when it was first published was approached by one of the EMTs that was on duty at that Engine 19 Fire Dept that was called shortly after the bodies were discovered. I cannot remember the time that Dr. Johnson cited as to when the EMT said they examined the bodies, since I thought they arrived after midnight. So I am not going to quote that time you cite above. The only thing we can remember is that Doc told us that he was told that the bodies were still warm indicating that the murders may have taken place much later than the time the prosecution cited since the bodies would have been closer to the ambiant temperature of the ground and surrounding cooler air at the time.


  6. based on the dog’s incessant barking we already know when she was murdered…. it was in/ or around 1030-40, maybe 15 mins earlier than that cuz pable fenves said that is when he heard the dog. So if we have established that, the phone call of Juditha could not have been at 11pm. Although driving that distance in less than hour is unusual.. What is the latest the phone call could be to exonerate OJ? If the phone call was at 1017, does that exonerate OJ? HOw about the witnesses at mezzalunna who took the phone call? Did they doctor their testimony to fit the narrative? I believe the asst manager/bartender Karen Crawford said she did take the call at 940.. Was she lying? She testified at the prelim. hearing but I dont think she was at trial.


    1. Oh, so you and Pablo studied dog language in college did you and they taught you and Pablo how to translate dog bark into the English language, did they?

      So, professor, did the dog show you and Pablo a photo of the time he took on his doggy Rolex between 10:30 and 10:40 PM? According to the testimony, professor, there were several dogs barking in and around the block that Nicole lived on that night and several being walked that evening. You people are so silly drawing an affirmative conclusion based upon when dogs began barking at night. However, I guess that dogs barking is par for the course when people are seduced by a false narrative with subtle but powerful racial undertones. Those kind of people like you are hellbent on conducting a public lynching and dispensing with a defendant’s basic constitutional rights.

      Furthermore, you haven’t provided anything substantive to rebut OMIG’s traffic data of traffic conditions on the I-405 freeway at that time of night in order to establish that Juditha Brown could not have made the phone call at 11PM. All you have cited is Pablo’s statement of when a dog talked to him, I guess by phone since Pablo nor anyone else came out to see why dogs were barking. Lou Brown stated Juditha talked to Nicole at 11PM on the night Nicole was killed. Juditha is alleged in Shapiro’s book on page 33 to have told him that she called Nicole at approximately 11PM. F. Lee Bailey stated on the CBS Morning Show on June 27, 1994 that they had evidence that Nicole was on the phone talking to her mother at 11 PM. Furthermore, the traffic data provided to Dr. Henry Johnson’s OMIG investigative team by CALTrans traffic engineers indicates traffic volumes and density between 8-9PM on June 12, 1994 rivaled the highest work week rush hour traffic volumes that would have caused the Brown family to arrive home at the far end of Orange County between one and a half and two hours after an 8:30 or 8:45 PM departure. Do you have anything else to offer to support your supposition and conclusion of why Juditha could not have made the phone call to Nicole at approximately 11PM besides you and Pablo’s conversation with dogs barking? You two clowns don’t know why dogs were barking at one another in the Bundy drive neighborhood though speculating is allowed it certainly is nothing conclusive to offer as testimony in a capital murder trial.

      The phone call was alleged on July 8th 1994 by Bob Shapiro in Judge Kathleen Kennedy Powell’s chambers to have been at 10:17 PM and he attempted to offer it as a stipulation and pull back from pushing 11PM during the preliminary hearing. Marcia Clark refused to accept the stipulation proffered by Shapiro. The time of 10:17 PM was reported to the New York Daily Newspaper the following day July 9th 1994 allegedly by someone close to the phone records that it was made by Juditha to the Mezzaluna at 10:17 PM and would have ended at 10:28 PM which still would not have given OJ enough time to murder two people and drive home in time to catch his limo to LAX. If the Mezzaluna was under surveillance for drug distribution as allegedly it was along with other food establishments where the rich and well to do could score their drugs, then yes, we believe that Karen Crawford was willing to lie and attest to an alleged impossible time of the phone call coming in at around 9:30 to 9:40 PM.


  7. It appears they have a lot to hide knowing Simpson is innocent with those phone records . The truth is a threat to the media as they made so much money and ratings off of the O.J. Simpson is guilty at all cost narrative. Time could not allow one person do these crimes . The forensic evidence shows there was more than person with unmatched fingerprints, DNA , and other shoe prints . Remember the envelope and Goldman’s genes had tale tale signs of another shoe imprint. Ron Goldman’s knuckles showed significant defensive wounds that he fought valiantly and Simpson had a mere glass cut no bruises or signs of trauma .


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