OJ’s continued Ass Whipping

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caricature of angerBy Maddogg Guest Writer, OMIG Investigator/Author T.H. Johnson

If Simpson continues to resist fighting by failing to publically expose some of the evidence we at OMIG have shared with him over the years regarding the cover-up and concealment of exculpatory evidence that could have exonerated him, then he’ll continue taking this phony perennially media driven ass whipping.  You would think that he would at least use some of the evidence we’ve given him to back the Goldman grifters off, such as the fact that Goldman is married to his 3rd wife who is the ex-wife of an Illinois drug Kingpin, and attempted murderer and a hit crew contractor who faced 210 years in Federal prison.

Fred and patti goldman

However, he escaped guilt in the attempted murder conspiracy to execute his law partner even though the hit-men he hired testified against him.   He was diagnosed as a psychopath, a Malignant Narcissist, afflicted with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and thought little about taking others lives who took things he considered he was entitled. Taking the life of Goldman’s son would have been in the mind of this malignant narcissist nothing more than killing a fly on the wall in retribution for a perceived offense.   He escaped the RICO drug sentence of 210 years by becoming a Federal Confidential Informant and helped make the biggest federal bribery case of judges in Illinois history “Operation Greylord”.   Then according to Fred Goldman in his book, HIS NAME IS RON this man, the ex-husband of his present wife, Patti Glass Goldman, was in L.A. in close proximity to the Goldman family at the time of Ron Goldman’s murder in June of 1994.   He speaks of him eight times without ever mentioning his name usually referring to him as his step-childrens’ father.

His Name is Ron book cover

Fred appears to forget that he used to beat up his stepchildren, and they would tell their father about Fred’s physical abuse when their grandparents came to California and would take them on a cross-country journey to visit their father, Marvin Glass at the federal institution in Illinois he was incarcerated.

photo of Marvin Glass in newspaper (2)

Marvin was HIV infected and would die three years later in 1997 but according to his son was disenchanted when Fred married his ex-wife 7 months after he entered prison and moved his children from Illinois to California. Here is the only photo we have of Marvin Glass in a Chicago Newspaper article below since the Fed’s refuse to release information regarding a confidential informant, including a dead one. This man had the ability to reach out and touch people across the U.S. but after 15 hours on the same day the bodies were discovered, June 13, 1994, the LAPD claimed to have had their man, OJ Simpson, and never bothered to examine this angle whatsoever but it is a matter of record this alleged killer was in LA at the time Fred’s son was killed.    photo of Marvin Glass in newspaperWatch the discoveries of OMIG in the Simpson case at http://www.serpentsrising.com or in the books we have written regarding this 21 year investigation of OMIG.  This is just an ounce of the information concealed that we have shared with Simpson but for whatever reason that only he knows he must remain silent and take this racist ass whipping that’s been ongoing for the last 23 years.

double crossed for blood Serpents Rising BookCoverImage large 1920 photo book cover PURSUIT OF EXHIBIT 35 cover people vs oj simpson

7 thoughts on “OJ’s continued Ass Whipping

  1. I do believe that OJ was the patsy in the murders of Ron & Nicole but I do agonize over the fact that no DNA other than OJ’s was found and why did he never come out and protest his innocents but rather allow people like Fred Goldman to continue to hound him like a dog all these years?


    1. Well, Prudence, let’s take first things first. Here’s an unpublished rough draft article from our OMIG (Ocean Medical Investigative) file from a few years back that is entitled THE BLOOD. It will give you further incite regarding certain realities associated with Simpson’s DNA. Let us know how you feel about it.

      As it relates to Simpson and others’ DNA: This case, resulting in the Simpson dubbed “trial of the century”, could have been brought to an abrupt end by the FBI at the beginning of week five, March 01, 1995. The reason being is that back on August 01, 1994, 6 weeks after the murders, an anonymous LAPD insider traveled a thousand miles to Denver, CO to seek out a meeting with a true crime author named Stephen Singular to tell Singular that the glove found on Simpson’s Rockingham property had been planted by Mark Fuhrman, and other evidence, that was unknown by lawyers on both sides at the time, would be found on Simpson’s property with the glove. He wanted Singular to take this information to Simpson’s defense team in L.A., for which Singular was lucky to score a meeting in L.A. with the Simpson defense team on Aug. 8, 1994. As a result of that incredulace meeting the defense checked with the LAPD evidence department and did find that they in fact had collected a piece of stick alllegedly used to pick up the glove by Mark Fuhrman and a blue plastic bag that he used to carry the glove to Simpson’s Rockingham property during the alleged second occasion during that early morning of June 13, 1994. Besides the evidence associated with the planted glove, the anonymous LAPD insider told Singular at that August meeting that no blood collected by the LAPD should be trusted and that he should convince the Simpson defense to test the blood swatches # 47, # 48 and the blood on socks found on the floor in Simpson’s bedroom floor. The anonymous LAPD insider alleged that the blood ascribed to be Simpson’s was contaminated with a preservative that lined a blood collection vial and did not fall directly from Simpson’s body or the victims bodies. Singular would later find out from a blood specialist in Denver, Dr. Daniel Ambruso, that compound lining the blood vial was a highly lethal concentrated preservative called EDTA. The anonymous LAPD insider had no trust for the Los Angeles County justice system and considered it utterly corrupt. He sternly advised that Singular only bring this information to the Simpson defense. Singular has told our OMIG investigators that he implored Johnnie Cochran’s chief of staff, Carl Douglas, at least 20 times to test the blood. However, the Simpson defense failed to do so.
      ===============================================================Singular and the Simpson defense team would part ways by October 1994 and Singular would be introduced to Michael Viner, owner of Dove Books, in the hope of getting a publishing deal for a book based on these issues. It would later be released a year later as LEGACY OF DECEPTION. However, in Oct. 1994 it was a short treatment of a manuscript that he and Viner agreed would be governed by an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). However, Viner allegedly was a guy that enjoyed the importance of being in the mix claimed that his lawyer advised that he might be obstructing justice by not disclosing what Singular had alleged in his manuscript. Viner and his lawyer would arrange to meet with the subsequent Simpson prosecutor, Chris Darden, around Nov. 1, 1994, approximately two months before the trial began. Darden ran to Marcia Clark and demanded to be relieved of the assignment to manage Mark Fuhrman and Phil Vannatter, two LAPD detectives he considered to be corrupt. ===============================================================However, the issue about contaminated blood did not escape the DNA expert that was on loan to the Simpson prosecution from northern California’s Alameda County, Oakland DA’s office, Rockne Harmon. Harmon was allegedly only included in meetings of the LA prosecutors called by Marcia Clark on a need to know basis. Hence, we think that Harmon may have become concerned about the implications of the blood being contaminated and planted. So, Harmon wrote a letter to the FBI’s head of the chemistry unit, Roger Martz, in late January of 1995 asking that the FBI lab refute the allegation that the samples contained any EDTA whatsoever. Harmon’s letter as cited in court testimony stated this below:
      MR. BLASIER: Agent Martz, could you read that from there?
      MR. MARTZ: “(Reading from DDA Rock Harmon’s letter while on the witness stand) We would like you to test these items for the presence/absence of EDTA in order to refute the possibility that the stains on the sock, item 13, could have come from Nicole’s reference sample, 59 or 72. Similarly, we would like you to test item 117 to refute the possibility that it could have come from Simpson’s reference sample, no. 17.”
      FBI special agent Roger Martz would claim that the blood samples were tested by him around February 22, 1995 and thereafter in a letter dated March 01, 1995 he would state the following:
      the FBI report reads: “no EDTA was identified in the bloodstains removed from the q204 swabbing of the rear gate at the crime scene and from the 0206 sock,”.
      ===============================================================Roger Martz was scheduled to be called as a prosecution expert witness but somehow was not selected to do so. However, he would subsequenly be subpoenaed by the Simpson defense who were anonymously made aware of something. Nevertheless, Martz would initially take the witness stand and attempt to assert what he had proclaimed in the March 01, 1994 letter to LA deputy DA, Rockne Harmon. Under oath he would swear that his testing did not reveal the presence of EDTA, then after lunch the defense asked the court to allow him to be treated as a hostile witness. As a result they got Martz to admit that he in fact did find the ions that indicated the presence of EDTA. His testimony occurred on July 25th and 26th, 1995 during the Simpson trial. ================================================================Immediately after testifying several scientists from the FBI laboratory and a couple of FBI agents approached another, a PHd Chemist and FBI explosive’s expert by the name of Frederic Whitehurst. He was standing outside the paint chip laboratory of the FBI lab, where he had been demoted to examining paint chips because of filing several hundred complaints over the last decade concerning the unprofessional conduct, sloppiness, overt racism and xenophobia within the lab that stood unaddressed by officials he had complained to within the agency itself. These agents told Whitehurst that Martz had absconded with their research and went back to his office to change it to fit the prosecution’s case against Simpson. Whitehurst told the scientists and agents that they were obligated by law to file a complaint for knowledge of perjury with the Inspector General. They refused to do it because of concern for their professional careers, so they implored that Whitehurst should file the complaint. He ultimately did, as USDOJ-OIG case file 9403575 indicating how Martz had committed perjury regarding the contaminated blood in the Simpson trial. As a result FBi agent Frederic Whitehurst would be subpoenaed by the defense to appear in Los Angeles to testify regarding the OIG complaint against FBI special agent Roger Martz by September 1995. Whitehurst was sequestered in a five star Beverly Hills Hotel for 8 days on the final day he was brought to court and sat outside of the Simpson trial on a bench for several hours. That day may have been dark, with no activity for the media or press to be there, because Whitehurst stated that no one emerged from the courtroom into the hall where he sat during that time. ================================================================What was going on inside was negotiations. The FBI did not want Whitehurst to testify publicly against Martz in the Simpson trial because it could have become a major embarrassment for the Agency to have one agent testifying that another had been lying and commiting perjury on the witness stand. The FBI had sent their top black general counsel, a man by the name of Steven Robinson, out to Los Angeles from Washington D.C. to negotiate with the defense’s Johnnie Cochran to keep Whitehurst from taking the witness stand and testifying. After hours, Whitehurst states that attorneys came out of the courtroom and he was told that his services as a witness would not be required and he could return to Washington, D.C. ================================================================Whitehurst had already alerted both his superiors within the FBI and the OIG of issues with Martz’s professional acumen. Martz was not a Chemist but a biologist even though he was in charge of the FBI’s chemistry unit. There was resentment there but it seemed to be more so associated with Martz’s failure to apply scientific analysis procedures to test his conclusions and was considered to be a shoot from the hip scientist. However, what is more concerning is that Martz’s superiors in the FBI knew that he was not qualified to testify as an expert witness representing the integrity of their brand. =================================================================In 1989, Martz had been given samples of a soft drink to examine for poison in a Florida murder trial of George Trepal, and by the time he took the witness stand Martz repeatedly asserted erroneous statements that would later become the focal point of a death row appeal by Trepal in 1996. Though Trepal’s appeal would be denied by the Florida senior judge E. Randolph Bentley the judge noted in his ruling five years after the Simpson trial ended that Martz’s testimony in the Trepal trial was completely erroneous. However, it is how the judge expressed his feelings that we know that Martz’s superiors at the FBI were well aware. Judge Bentley stated “The court recognizes the States argmunt that because Martz’s gave his opinion at trial his opinion could be incorrect but not false. In most cases that would be an accurate statement. However, when Martz’s testimony is taken in its entirety, it supports two possible conclusions: (1.) Martz is an incompetent examiner who did not knowingly testify falsely; or (2.) Martz is quite skilled and knowingly colored his testimony. There is no doubt that the data available at the time of trial did not support the opinion that Martz offered and he knew it. =============================================================== The FBI touts itself as being the preeminent investigative agency in the world, and is the investigative arm for the US Department of Justice; however, the essence of that reality is that justice appears to be an oxymoron. These agents who came forth and filed that OIG complaint 9403575, in August of 1995, through Frederick Whitehurst cared less about helping OJ Simpson than their intent was to expose the high level of corruption and fraud over the years in that agency to help state prosecutors attain convictions. The agency had become less than professional and a bunch of frustrated agents were tired of going along with a lack of integrity that they did not sign up for and chose the biggest media event of the 20th century, the OJ Simpson trial to expose it. ================================================================The same thing at the end that threatened to bring the agency down was the same thing at the beginning that threatened to do the same to the LAPD, the blood. In the case of the LAPD the anonymous insider was attempting to expose the fact that that organization had become infiltrated by neo-Nazi sympathisers operating in higher command positions who were protecting corrupt officers like Mark Fuhrman. Detective Fuhrman according to his partner Andrew Purdy was a neo-Nazi himself, who wore Nazi paraphernalia on the weekends, and allegedly placed a swastika in Purdy’s locker because he was offended at Purdy’s choice of a Jewish woman as his fiance. Fuhrman would also retire as so many former LAPD veterans in close proximity to the white Aryan resistance headquarters in Northwest Idaho and Northeast Washington state. Fuhrman’s home in Coeur D’Ailene is approximately 8 miles south of the White Aryan Resistance headquarters at Heyden Lake, Idaho.


  2. Hi I got a question about the case and Mark Fuhrman writing a new book about the case and it’s called the Murder at the dragonfly Brett Cantor case and he did believe Ron and Brett have relationship and Rose McGowan and Rons girlfriend named Jackie Bell did believe Ron and Brett having a relationship more than friends and it was said in the media that Ron and Brett have a relationship more than roommates and also part time singers at the clubs


    1. Ron being bisexual to get ahead in L.A., is possible. The possibilities that it has raised for OMIG in the past is that it may have opened the door to a Masochistic/Sadistic homosexual link, when you take a man named Glen Rogers who when interviewed by OMIG stated he knew those people, meaning Ron and Nicole. He was asked to confirm what OMIG found was concealed by an order of a judge, John H. Reid, sealing the transcripts of another intersecting case with the OJ case. Case file BA-109525 and Case file 97-222 both associated with the convicted veteran knife wielding murderer/defendant, Glen Rogers, and his ties to Nicole. However, an Illinois case names Glen Rogers as a witness to the brutal stabbing and Satanic riddance of the body of a homosexual bar owner in a suburb of Chicago, Buffalo Groves, Illinois. The homosexual bar owner drugged another man and had involuntary sex with him, it angered that man, and he wielded a knife and killed the offender and Rogers and a couple of others carried the man’s body a short distance over the Wisconsin border line and did a ritual burial there. Rogers admitted to having homosexual relations with another member of the Sado-Masochistic bar in Buffalo Grove. Buffalo Grove is just north of Northbrook another northern suburb of Chicago, and home to the present wife of Fred Goldman, Patti Glass Goldman. Patti was married to the now deceased Illinois drug kingpin, and attempted murderer, Marvin Glass. Marvin, faced 210 years in a federal penitentiary for drug trafficking but agreed to wear a wire for the Feds in order to help them make a major bribery case against multiple judges in Illinois. Marvin was diagnosed before his sentencing as someone afflicted with NPD narracisstic personality disorder, and was considered to be a Malignant Narcisist, one who does not take the loss of anything easy and will seek retribution against those who he fills have offended him. He may have held such resentment for the alleged abuse his sons experienced at the hands of Ron Goldman’s dad, Fred Goldman since the oldest son told OMIG investigators that he and his brother would give such reports when visiting there father in prison. Marvin would not do any where near the 210 years, and would be released after serving 4 of 8 years in prison, most of which was in a federal prison hospital fighting terminal HIV-AIDS. Marvin, happened to be in L.A. admitted by Fred Goldman in his book HIS NAME IS RON at the time Ron Goldman was killed. Marvin Glass was in close proximity to Fred Goldman and Patti Goldman at that time, since he was allegedly there for his own daughter, Lauren, Fred’s step daughter’s graduation from Middle School two days later on June 15, 1994. Marvin Glass would die 3 years later in 1997, whether he received mental satisfaction watching the pain on Fred’s face for losing a son after abusing Marvin’s sons is unknown, as is whether Marvin contracted AIDS from a contaminated blood transfusion when injured in a highway accident while on the run or through his own connections to Sado-Masochistic bars like the one north of his home in Buffalo Groves. Since Ron’s ambivalent conduct about paying his obligations is similar to the arrogance and sense of impunity that Glass displayed, it makes one wonder if he did not know of the sordid lifestyles before he left Illinois, he and Kim, along with Fred, Patti and Patti and Marvin’s children heading for Los Angeles? So, even though I cannot tell you whether the friendship with Brett and Ron was simply casual or not based on these other ties it always makes one wonder but only outside OMIG since it does not allow subjective conclusions. Only objective imperical evidence is what OMIG seeks to go into its case files, so with that said, it is nothing more than titillating speculation on my part based on your question.


  3. Hi I got a question about the case and Mark Fuhrman writing a new book about the case and it’s called the Murder at the dragonfly Brett Cantor case and he did believe Ron and Brett have relationship and Rose McGowan and Rons girlfriend named Jackie Bell did believe Ron and Brett having a relationship more than friends and it was said in the media that Ron and Brett have a relationship more than roommates


  4. Hi I got a question about the case and Mark Fuhrman writing a new book about the case and it’s called the Murder at the dragonfly Brett Cantor case and he did believe Ron and Brett have relationship and Rose McGowan and Rons girlfriend named Jackie Bell did believe Ron and Brett having a relationship more than friends and it was said in the media that Ron and Brett have a relationship more than friends


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