OJ’s continued Ass Whipping

oj Simpson leaving prison two

caricature of angerBy Maddogg Guest Writer, OMIG Investigator/Author T.H. Johnson

If Simpson continues to resist fighting by failing to publically expose some of the evidence we at OMIG have shared with him over the years regarding the cover-up and concealment of exculpatory evidence that could have exonerated him, then he’ll continue taking this phony perennially media driven ass whipping.  You would think that he would at least use some of the evidence we’ve given him to back the Goldman grifters off, such as the fact that Goldman is married to his 3rd wife who is the ex-wife of an Illinois drug Kingpin, and attempted murderer and a hit crew contractor who faced 210 years in Federal prison.

Fred and patti goldman

However, he escaped guilt in the attempted murder conspiracy to execute his law partner even though the hit-men he hired testified against him.   He was diagnosed as a psychopath, a Malignant Narcissist, afflicted with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and thought little about taking others lives who took things he considered he was entitled. Taking the life of Goldman’s son would have been in the mind of this malignant narcissist nothing more than killing a fly on the wall in retribution for a perceived offense.   He escaped the RICO drug sentence of 210 years by becoming a Federal Confidential Informant and helped make the biggest federal bribery case of judges in Illinois history “Operation Greylord”.   Then according to Fred Goldman in his book, HIS NAME IS RON this man, the ex-husband of his present wife, Patti Glass Goldman, was in L.A. in close proximity to the Goldman family at the time of Ron Goldman’s murder in June of 1994.   He speaks of him eight times without ever mentioning his name usually referring to him as his step-childrens’ father.

His Name is Ron book cover

Fred appears to forget that he used to beat up his stepchildren, and they would tell their father about Fred’s physical abuse when their grandparents came to California and would take them on a cross-country journey to visit their father, Marvin Glass at the federal institution in Illinois he was incarcerated.

photo of Marvin Glass in newspaper (2)

Marvin was HIV infected and would die three years later in 1997 but according to his son was disenchanted when Fred married his ex-wife 7 months after he entered prison and moved his children from Illinois to California. Here is the only photo we have of Marvin Glass in a Chicago Newspaper article below since the Fed’s refuse to release information regarding a confidential informant, including a dead one. This man had the ability to reach out and touch people across the U.S. but after 15 hours on the same day the bodies were discovered, June 13, 1994, the LAPD claimed to have had their man, OJ Simpson, and never bothered to examine this angle whatsoever but it is a matter of record this alleged killer was in LA at the time Fred’s son was killed.    photo of Marvin Glass in newspaperWatch the discoveries of OMIG in the Simpson case at http://www.serpentsrising.com or in the books we have written regarding this 21 year investigation of OMIG.  This is just an ounce of the information concealed that we have shared with Simpson but for whatever reason that only he knows he must remain silent and take this racist ass whipping that’s been ongoing for the last 23 years.

double crossed for blood Serpents Rising BookCoverImage large 1920 photo book cover PURSUIT OF EXHIBIT 35 cover people vs oj simpson

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