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You might as well end the season early, meaning right now NFL owners, since you have all been put on front street by failing to address these killings of innocent unarmed black men by the inexplicable use of excessive lethal force by police in this nation.    You are placing your brand (the NFL) in jeopardy by failing to address this social malady head on and depending upon the mercenary necessity of your players’ financial needs to accept your mandate to ignore the inexplicable malady now plaguing our nation.   Not one of you have called attention to this continuous absurd excessive lethal conduct that impacts the families and friends of over 50% of your players who happen to be African American.

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You want to make the money while remaining ambivalent to what is occurring in the nation but the moral issue is so large that it erodes the willingness of your players to be mandated by you to remain silent.  That’s not the type of security needed to protect the integrity of your industry.  Presently, the NFL team owners are being presented as mean-spirited plantation owners and that’s not a good look whether you consider yourselves to be that or not.

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If you decide to end the season early you will get the attention of all Americans, including Donald Trump, who is attempting to commandeer the league by his tactics of loud-mouth innuendo.  By doing the unthinkable and ending the season before it gets too far underway you will be sending a powerful message calling for a time-out.  You will be implying that you are going to take the lead at addressing a dangerous situation which is eroding the social contract that exists in this so-called civilized society of ours.


The NFL should throw all of its strength behind this problem this year, including demanding that politicians come to the table, police commissioners, civic and social movement leaders.  Attempting to duck or bury your head in the sand is not going to bode well for your brand in the future.   If you want change you’ve got to be willing to face the boar’s head, and call it to be wrong on the part of law enforcement not to provide every individual with equal treatment under the law.    Failing to address this social malady relative to this issue of racially based unjustified assaults does no one any good.  Thus, since the NFL has the visual strength to call all to the table it should take the lead.  Police cannot hide behind the badge, kill innocent people, and assume that it is not going to tear the fabric of this nation apart.  At some point, one can conclude that people who assume they’ve only got a 50-50 chance of surviving a petty misdemeanor encounter with police are going to take lethal action first whether they die or not.  We’re seeing more and more where certain events involving police engagements appear to be taking on that image.  Thus, unless we interrupt this madness we are heading for a racial precipice of fire and violence that will further cripple our nation.  Thus, I believe the NFL can truly capture the attention of this society that it is serious about addressing this issue and pull everyone to the table by announcing a temporary interruption in its schedule.

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