volcano smoke

By Maddogg Buttkickin’ Brown

The smoke billowing above the horizon in Hollywood is signaling a potential impending lawsuit regarding what some are saying is another Jewish betrayal of the African-American community with the visual on-screen analysis of the 20 year fraud known as the OJ Simpson case and its subsequent phony evidence entered in the so called trial of the century.   However, this time the additional fraud is being allegedly perpetrated by another group of Jews promoting an additional fraud with the movie itself.   The ongoing Simpson fraud is described in an article that appeared this week on the Show Biz 411 website in an article written by Roger Friedman

oj trying on glove

with the bill-boarding headline:

OJ Innocent? Producers Will Try and Prove it In New Movie About Disbarred Lawyer and Phony Phone Call

This recent effort promoting a new motion picture by British film producer, Joshua Newton,  “NICOLE, O.J. and me” alleging the fraudulent act that framed OJ Simpson is the concealment of exculpatory evidence that could have exonerated him.  Truthfully, it is an act that others in a black investigative organization called OMIG (Ocean Medical Investigative Group) discovered in 1998.  The evidence entered by attorneys in OJ Simpson’s California trial in 1995, the crucial Juditha Brown phone records, after behind closed-door lawyer wrangling is what the blacks alleged was an unholy alliance of attorneys mutually agreeing to enter alleged phony evidence into the Simpson trial by stipulation for their own pecuniary gain and notoriety.  That evidence, Exhibit 35, which changed the final time of that crucial last phone call 3 times of when Simpson’s ex-wife was last known to be alive, OMIG’s black investigators and its chairman, Dr. Henry S. Johnson, have long proclaimed to be a fraud.  It is also evidence that was surreptitiously removed in April, 1998 from the Simpson case file BA-097211 by one of the Simpson prosecutors, deputy DA Bill Hodgman from DA Gil Garcetti’s office 2 months after Dr. Johnson raised concerns about the credibility of that phone call due to the impossible travel time created by the third and final time change of 09:37 PM.

bill hodgman LA DDAmarcia clark and gil garcetti

Deputy DA Bill Hodgman, and LA DA Gil Garcetti

figure 12.3 order from judge john reid to wm hodgman

lou and juditha browndenise-brown

Juditha and Louis Brown (left) and one of their daughter’s Denise Brown (right)

The third change of 09:37 PM created virtually an impossible time for the Brown family to drive that night between the Mezzaluna Restaurant in Brentwood where they ate their last meal with daughter Nicole and the Brown’s residence at the south end of Orange County at Dana Point’s Monarch Bay within one hour after leaving at approximately 08:45 PM.  The commute in the best of times is at minimum approximately a 90 minute commute and certainly could have been longer in 1994 when construction was just beginning on the HOV lane system and wasn’t completed until 1998 and the CAL state highway 73 through the San Joaquin Hills a toll road under construction would not open until 1996.   Both of the Brown parents Lou and Juditha told authorities on separate occasions that the last time they talked to their daughter, Nicole, was at 11 PM on the night she was killed.  Recent California Department of Transportation Highway Data for the night of June 12, 1994 between the Brown’s departure time of 8-9 PM shows highway conditions due to the on-going construction and traffic volume that did not favor the Brown family arriving in time for Juditha to make that all important 09:37 PM phone call.  In order for the 09:37 call the Browns had to maintain a constant speed of 72 MPH to arrive at their home in Dana Point 72 miles away within an hour.  The speed dropped below 30 MPH across all five lanes through an 8 mile zone they had to travel according to data provided to OMIG by traffic engineers of the California Dept. of Transportation.  This implied that the Brown’s vehicle would have had to increase its speed constantly for a minimum of 8 miles to over 114 MPH by adding the difference in speed on top of 72 MPH or 72 + 42 = 114.  OMIG does not believe that the Brown family would recklessly increase their speed to 114 MPH with 2 infant grand children riding in the back seat.

dr henry johnson in white coat

Dr. Henry S. Johnson, a Los Angeles medical doctor and OMIG Chairman

However, Newton is telling this fascinating story regarding the Simpson case, subsequently dubbed “trial of the century”, through the eyes of a white attorney named Douglas McCann.     McCann was the attorney the black principals of OMIG hired on behalf of Simpson to act as the attorney of record to bring forth their allegations in a court of law regarding the removal of certain documents surreptitiously from the Simpson case file and concealed by former Simpson prosecutors.   However, it was black investigators that revealed those hidden facts and not McCann, OMIG investigators claim.   “McCann is a decent fellow” according to OMIG investigator T.H. Johnson, “and we were glad when he came on board right before 1999 but Doug did not have the temperament, the time, nor streetwise persona to do the trench work of pursuing the clandestine documentation and knowledge regarding the framing of Simpson”.   According to him, McCann was for all intent and purposes OMIG’s attorney of record and ” if he’s truthful” Johnson said, “McCann will tell you that, but if he doesn’t the compilation of letters and documents produced by the actual OMIG investigative team members who in my department were black and Hispanic men and women will impeach any lies that Josh Newton alleges in his film concerning the role of who was central to this investigation”.   “We pursued this investigation intensively” Johnson said ” for the last 20 years because as we predicted and felt the impact of the fraud would have a detrimental impact on blacks and particularly black males”.  ” The poison of racial animus that was being recklessly injected into the mainstream of public discourse in this country at that time has been manifested in the inexplicable acts of alleged professional police offficers unloading their service revolvers in the backs of innocent unarmed black men 20 years after the fact” he said.   “We are glad that McCann joined our effort but it wasn’t anything that he could consummately relate to since the events of the day he understandably could not see  as we saw how it impacted Dr. Johnson and I, or other people of color so we had no concern about any lack of a same level of enthusiasm as we had” according to Johnson “that was not the role we expected of McCann when we asked him to come aboard”.

Newton, who is Jewish, has discounted the role of blacks in the motion picture script he wrote allegedly by telling T.H. Johnson he could not sell it to the film’s financial investors who Newton allegedly claimed would not believe that an audience would buy the fact that blacks had made such discoveries.  “Apparently Josh Newton believed as a result such a movie would not be profitable to produce with a true story-line of blacks conducting the critical analysis and making the crucial decisions regarding the successful investigative discoveries relative to the suppression of evidence in the Simpson case” Johnson said.

Joshua+Newton nicole-and-oj

Josh Newton, Producer/Director and his proposed Simpson movie in 2018

The behind the scene combatants are at loggerheads over money as well as the truth of how the story is to be told regarding this fraud sold to the public as the “O.J. Simpson Trial of the Century” in 1995.


without a doubt marcia clark  According to our sources, investigators have alleged that Marcia Clark, a Jewish woman, along with other Jews in and outside of LA County’s justice apparatus with surnames like Shapiro, Golden, Goldman, Goldberg and others aided in the concealment of evidence that could have exonerated Simpson ;and passed fraudulent information on to other Jews in the news media to implicate OJ Simpson in the infamous murders.  Other receiving such questionable evidence in 1994 included Jews like Geraldo Rivera, Barbara Walters, and Chuck Grodin in the powerful broadcast media regarding the Simpson case but each one while vilifying Simpson failed to do any meaningful due diligence relative to the veracity of the evidence they were given.

geraldo-rivera barbara-walterscharles grodin

Those sworn court officers like Clark are accused as also were members of the press of engaging in the most insidious feeding frenzy in the nation’s history for pecuniary gain that recklessly destroyed an American sports icon, a black man, OJ Simpson, based upon nothing more than hearsay and adulterated evidence.

oj simpson number 32 making moves

“The lawyers unethically we allege went behind closed doors and mutually agreed to violate one of the most sacred obligations of a common law court and that was to deprive the “triers of fact” the jury through the use of stipulation from examining evidence favorable to OJ Simpson, namely the phone records of Juditha Brown, exhibit 35, in the OJ criminal trial”  according to Johnson.   “Stipulation is an agreement by opposing attorneys that was abused and it was done in a manner as the preeminent legal scholar on evidence John Henry Wigmore stated and we allege to enter false evidence for the purpose of the lawyers pecuniary gain or personal interests”  Johnson said.

Johnnie cochran imagegeronimo pratt last man standingjohnnie cochran book cover

“What hurt me for a number of years was to find out that attorney Johnnie Cochran knew about and went along with the concealment of these phone records that could have exonerated Simpson; however, after reading his autobiographies regarding his life, the Simpson case, and other important cases of his involvement in history I forgave him after seven years by 2007” Johnson said.

” I believe he had a greater cause than the enormously publicized Simpson trial to do what he did after reading the book LAST MAN STANDING regarding the framing of an earlier Cochran client who’d spent about 29 years locked up by the name of Elmer “Geronimo” Pratt.

omig medical symbolOMIG symbol 001 photo book cover PURSUIT OF EXHIBIT 35

The ambivalence on the part of the press, OMIG’s investigative team coordinator, Johnson argues, is worthy of in-depth psychological analysis at the highest level of psychiatric research concerning mass hysteria.  He claims that those members of the press claiming to be investigative journalists who went along with perpetrating this fraud should be ashamed of themselves.   “They truthfully knew that they did no due diligence and their failure to do so had them participating by their own volition in the destruction of an individual without questioning the integrity of the evidence they were told in any cogent or effective manner” according to Johnson.  “They are, it appears, too shallow to comprehend that what they have engaged in is mob violence, a public lynching, based on cat calls of this nigger is guilty in regard to the question of OJ Simpson’s guilt” according to him.

lynching in omaha

Clark is alleged to have impeded an internal affairs investigation by launching a verbal attack on another Los Angeles County deputy D.A. Lucienne Coleman, the internal complaints officer within the DA’s office who went to Clark in an effort to get her to slow down with her trial movement until a comprehensive investigation concerning detective Mark Fuhrman was completed.

swastika flag  mark fuhrman photo

Coleman and other deputy DA’s in her department were told by several other LAPD officers from various precincts within a month of the murders in July 1994 of Fuhrman’s alleged neo-Nazi activity within his West side precinct, his alleged intimate knowledge concerning the breast enhancement of Simpson’s ex-wife, and his corrupt conduct as an officer regarding planting evidence.   Coleman considered the internal affairs investigation to be vital to the credibility of the DA’s office and the LAPD due to Fuhrman being the indispensable detective who was key to the potential high profile Simpson case.   However, along with Coleman’s vilification by Marcia Clark, she would speak of the internal affairs officers treating her with disdain as if she were the culprit and not Fuhrman for doing her job as well as others making her a pariah within the LADA’s office.  Coleman claimed the LAPD was “circling the wagons” in an attempt to defend Fuhrman who they felt early was being unjustly accused of planting the glove, the only evidence that tied Simpson to the murders, rather than the person they considered to be guilty, O.J. Simpson.

stephen_singular two Legacy of Deception image better talked to death book

Other officers allegedly in the LAPD in higher command positions were said to be neo-Nazi sympathizers by an anonymous LAPD insider talking to author Stephen Singular a thousand miles away in Denver, Colorado around the same time as Coleman was talking to Clark about Fuhrman’s neo-Nazi activities.   Singular would go on to present the manuscript of his book on the Simpson case, LEGACY OF DECEPTION, to the owner of Dove Books in October of 1994 after parting ways with Simpson’s defense team.  The anonymous LAPD insider who was talking to Singular had read a prior book Singular had written about neo-Nazis from the Aryan movement’s headquarters in Idaho called “The Order” who’d killed a Jewish talk show host by the name of Allen Berg in his driveway, entitled TALKED TO DEATH.   The LAPD anonymous insider told Singular he had read TALKED TO DEATH and that was why he was reaching out to him to tell him the truth of what was going on inside the LAPD and what had actually occurred in the Simpson case.

alan berg murdered

Denver Radio Talk Show Host, Allen Berg, gunned down outside his home in his driveway by members of a white supremacist group called “The Order” in 1984.

Singular  wound up coming to LA in August of 1994 to talk with the Simpson defense team and would convey information, subsequently confirmed by Simpson attorneys, that the LAPD insider told him would be found as evidence at Simpson’s Rockingham residence that was heretofore unknown to the defense or prosecution allegedly left at the site by Fuhrman.  The LAPD insider indicated that Fuhrman had visited Simpson’s property twice during the dark night of the murders and planted the glove that was found on Simpson’s property tying him to the murders the second time he went there with the now designated lead detectives Tom Lange and Phil Vannatter.  Both of those gloves have lies told by Fuhrman regarding them as well.  Regarding the one found at Simpson’s residence OMIG investigators point out something that only a few others have noted and that under the airconditioner on the back side of the guesthouse in which Kato Kaelin stayed where the Roickingham glove was found is approximately 70 yards in from the street where Simpson allegedly left a trail of blood upon leaving his parked Bronco.  However, there is no blood trail leading that 210 feet to the glove nor is there according to Fuhrman’s own testimony a blood trail leading away from that glove 210 feet back to the Rockingham gate where alleged Simpson blood was found.   Fuhrman just blatantly lied about when he is seen pointing to the glove in another celebrated case photo.  He testified that he was ordered to return to the murder site after daylight around 7:00 AM and find the police photographer Rolf Rokahr to take a picture to compare to the glove he’d “discovered” at Rockingham.  However, when Rolf Rokahr finally took the witness stand a few months later he would testify that the photo of Fuhrman pointing at the glove was taken before he departed for Simpson’s Rockingham residence with the senior detectives.   In fact, Rockahr testified, that photo of Fuhrman pointing at the glove was taken in complete darkness at around 04:15 AM instead of approximately 07:15 AM as Fuhrman had testified or almost an hour and a half before sunrise which was at 05:41 AM on the morning of June 13, 1994.  Thus, OMIG investigators point out that the inexplicable reason as to why Fuhrman would lie about when he ordered Rokahr to take that photo once again raises questions and doubts about the credibility of Fuhrman as well as the most crucial piece of evidence that even ties Simpson to the murders; the glove.

glove found at Simpson homebloody glove found at oj_simpson_crimescene by mark fuhrman

The Simpson case in all its manifestations proves to still be fascinating and thus we can maybe answer Roger Friedman’s sense or perplexity as to “why someone” would want to make this movie.    However, OMIG is pleased that someone is interested in making it but certain things regarding the movie must be acceptable to those who truly conducted the investigation into this massive fraud.  This one concerning the proposed Josh Newton movie and the tension with OMIG’s principals appears to be more exciting for the wrangling behind the scenes than even what is proposed on screen.  Need we say, stay tuned?






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