Maddoggbuttkickin’Brown guest writer Richard Alcindor


Sometimes Van Lathan of TMZ gets on my nerve,  especially when he doesn’t check that fool he works for, Harvey Levin, when Levin gets to ranting about what he knows to be truthful regarding the OJ Simpson case.    The fool ran on for about 6 minutes a several months back with the brothers standing around skinning and grinning listening to the fool who knows nothing while alleging “OJ did it and OJ’s Guilty” in that fraud perpetrated by sworn court officers concealing evidence that proves otherwise in the OJ Simpson case.   Actually this fool Levin knows little at all but has either knowingly or at least can claim as an alibi, that he inadvertently got caught up and participated in a massive cover up regarding evidence in the Simpson case.


However, this time, in my opinion, Van got it right especially about your simple ass, Kanye.   Your creative musical position in our national society, which is still a mystery to me, has people apparently giving you a privilege of being influential to them relative to current events or history.  However, if you do not read, which you allegedly have admitted to not doing, then your ignorance simply makes you an embarrassing pied-piper of fools, and a limited number at that, willing to blindly follow you over a cliff.

masses walking towards the cliff

I assert the word limited because my assumption is that one must have something worthwhile to compel others to listen to them.  Since the world is influenced significantly by the sounds of music particularly that which is (1.) based on melody, tempo, lyrical content, interwoven and working together within a harmonic rhythmic structure as that below;

or either today’s competition represented by that for which you produce that has, in my opinion, little or none of the above elements working together; and is artificially propped up by those I believe with sinister purposes.    The award categories that black artists would generally win virtually have no participants other than rap artists who make no melody like you and then cry when a white man or white woman is given the award.


Albeit, your saving grace is that I’m a melody aficionado of the old school so that you can bury your head in the sand and claim an age difference justifies my dismissal; be that as it may, whether young or old a good ear knows good music and you, in my opinion, have not produced any in a very long time.   As far as I’m concerned, your desert of music goes all the way back to Gold Digger whose successful catchy melody you stole from Ray Charles.  So now, as far as I’m concerned, you are trying to attract attention under the merit that any news is good news when people are talking about you and saying your name.  So you’ve decided to join the ranks and align yourself with the other buffoons embracing Donald Trump whose a special clown himself, totally unfit for the job he’s been elected to oversee.  A man who has made some of the most vilest comments about women and people of color ever but here you are riding his jock, with your bootlickin’ Stepin Fetichit ass routine.


400 years of slavery involved a brutal system that didn’t just begin and end with beatings.  It involved a system of mind control and the breeding of people to have no meaningful thought of how to conquer the circumstances that a century of children were born into by the time this exiled European and those on the continent decided that slavery for economic purposes regarding blacks of African descent should be perpetual.

slaveship two

You need to read more often, however, this subject was not your main agenda.  You were simply trying to push your controversial persona while aligning yourself with as you claim the “dragon energy” of your soul mate, Donald Trump.  Though I understand your no melody making, no singing, ass isn’t selling any records these days; and is what I truly suspect is behind your feeble minded antics.   Nevertheless, with this Trump flunkie, buckdancing, schtick you’ve been doing, you’ve morphed into someone or something TMZ’s Van Lathan and many other followers of yours don’t recognize. However, let me give them a hint.


Sucka Ass money hungry fools are what you all have morphed into with no sense of dignity regarding the struggle of your people or any concern for them either but simply feigning an interest as a bunch of hanger’s on with your hands held out for some of Mr. Charlie’s shekels.   None of you, including yourself, even have the visual persona of someone worthy of being trusted.  Just a bunch of Negro buffoons associated with a group of white ones destroying the integrity or what’s left of it, of the United States.

stepin fetchit and white man onemark burns and make america cap on Kanye in make america grreat again capmark burns twouncle ben carson on the boxben carson six


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