Maddoggbuttkickin’Brown’s guest writer, T.H. Johnson,

Johnson is a noted author and OMIG investigator of the conspiracy to destroy OJ Simpson but takes time to weigh in on the injection of the presence of Kanye West in his own not well thought out public relations move by opining on slavery and aligning with President Donald Trump this past week.  It appears that Johnson has great respect for Wendell Pierce and his assessment below.

wendell pierce

Not only do I enjoy his screen presence especially in my favorite “The Wire” but I always enjoy the precision and succinct manner in which the actor Wendell Pierce opines on topics of the day.  His offering recently concerning Kanye West’s antics and statements regarding slavery in the US appear to be the best assessment that I have read so far.  Without all of the words that someone as myself might offer in an attempt to examine a fool’s journey, Pierce simply gets right to the heart of the issue.  This is not unusual for him as I have seen Wendell do it before in other articles written regarding his thoughts.  His observations regarding Kanye West’s remarks, in my opinion, are definitely worth reading, and can be accessed via the link I’ve posted immediately hereafter.  http://www.pajiba.com/celebrities_are_better_than_you/wendell-pierce-with-the-first-and-last-response-you-need-to-kanyes-slavery-comment.php#.WuoJ7c_PJJM.facebook

The striking observation of Kanye in my opinion was Pierce’s description of West’s creativity, referring to it as “The trite monotony you call music” .  That line alone made me double up in laughter because it pinpoints what a lot of people think about his creativity and socio-political significance.

Albeit, he appears to have a following but is it as numerous and deep as it is alleged for us to believe and if so, why?    Kanye does not strike me as being some brilliant oracle that people like TMZ’s Harvey Levin and others attempt to present and place on a pedestal as some abstract sophisticated genius.  If he’s a musician, which is also debatable, his creative offering arguably needs not be abstract that people don’t immediately appreciate it.  Thus, what I really think about Kanye is that much of his celebrity is artificially created and propped up by others with ulterior motives.

kanye west again

He appears to be what one generally could opine as an artist but not a glimmering one but whose attention showered on him is now mostly attributed to the tabloid interest of his marital alignment.  However that event came to be I always thought it may have been one of the best public relation’s moves for both of them, the Kardashian gal and West.  They both make a kind of interesting twisted celebrity nuptial  and that sells in this tabloid universe in which we now all seem to find ourselves bombarded.  The maternal executive director of this economic generator, the mother Kris Jenner, is no fool and for them West is another arm of their multi-million dollar asset base, so now there is a vested interest to probably insure him, and take care of his needs and make sure he takes his medication.

However, this week brother West was off the chain in what appeared to me to be a feeble minded attempt to salvage a declining presence in the tabloid media by embracing Donald Trump.  Then he doubled down with his ignorant comments regarding slavery being a choice after 400 years.  After that jaw dropping remark we then find out that Kanye says he doesn’t read; thus, one can now understand why he may see what he refers to as a kindred spirit with Donald Trump with their mutual “dragon energy”.   We now are all well aware that Donald Trump does not do any historical reading himself and it shows in the ignorance of his daily remarks as well.

Singer Kanye West and President-elect Donald Trump 

Hence, I cannot find any major disagreement with Pierce’s assessment.   So Kanye’s usual monotonous two beat rhythmic pentameter that’s simplistically and psychologically entertaining to preschool intellect, maybe, perplexes me and becomes the backdrop to any subsequent concerns I have as I struggle to examine his alleged socio-political importance.   He’s a clothing designer but examine the subliminal impact of what he offers each time his models hit the runway, always appearing to offer the latest fashion style for extras in FEAR THE WALKING DEAD.

kanye-west and oj

kanye west clothingkanye west clothing two

Thus, it appears that you have Kanye, who persistently appears to be impaired, using a failure to take his medication as an advantageous mitigating factor in either being a fool or acting like one.   He is wrong to think by asserting a pseudo-intellectual assessment of a tragic historical period in North America over 20 generations of physical and psychological torture that he can receive a pass.  He has denigrated a people with his PR stunt now for his own personal pecuniary gain and he cannot get away with just a little damage to his delicate entertainment presence.  I don’t care how much those fools like Harvey Levin attempt to offer a mitigating excuse for your assertions, your creativity is neither that compelling nor accurate for the presses to stop.  I dare you, say something about your perception of Jewish malfeasance and I’ll bet you Levin isn’t jumping up on TMZ offering you any mitigating defense regarding your remarks.


We are not allowing that fool to attempt to mitigate your assault on the integrity of the historical record as it relates to the misery suffered by your own people.   Just like those that make excuses for the white kidnapper of African humanity your making public remarks in an attempt to mitigate the irreparable damage in this 600 year trans-Atlantic assault on African humanity is unacceptable.

slaveship two

burning slave at the stake in 1741

The suspicious thing was that West drove down to a broadcast studio and offered his assessment on the popular televised tabloid TMZ after embracing another mentally impaired fool who’s a malignant narcissist.   He too inherently thrives on engaging in erroneous bankrupt assertions with no regard for the social and psychological damage he inflicts on others as the so called leader of the “free world”.

con artist donald trump

Kanye, who appears to be inexplicably and artificially propped up by clandestine forces in the entertainment world simply made a bad public relations move.   In what appears to be an attempt to revitalize his significance in this tabloid world he’s done so at the expense of defiling the reality of the involuntary black experience in this diaspora of hell in the Western Hemisphere.   This Negro Kanye alleges that he doesn’t read but just thinks; thus, how can anyone take such a mentally deficient character serious.  The depth of this 400 year duplicity and misery that is the foundation of the deeply embedded wealth of this nation cannot be examined and discounted by such cavalier shallowness.


These are the books, literature, and other media from the Ocean Medical Investigations of the OJ Simpson Conspiracy over the last 24 years.

double crossed for blood photo book cover PURSUIT OF EXHIBIT 35

cover people vs oj simpson serpents rising 3 by 4-2


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