The Injustice of Oprah’s Book Review….

MaddoggbuttkickinBrown’s guest writer, T.H. Johnson, OMIG Investigations member


Anthony_Hinton_Sun Does Shine

How Oprah stated she had picked up a book by a man who was unjustly convicted and sentenced to death for a murder the authorities knew he did not do.   Anthony Ray Hinton, author of the book, THE SUN DOES RISE, spent over 30 years on Alabama’s death row before being exonerated of guilt.

oprah and ray hinton

What was so moving to me is what he stated he was told by the arresting officers when first arrested 30 years before.

anthony ray hinton and arresting officers

They said when told by Hinton that he did not do this, the arresting officer said that there are five things that are going to convict you. “Number one, you are black, number two as a white man who arrested you I’m going to say you committed the murder, number three, the judge will be white, number four, the prosecutor who will prosecute you will be white, and number five, you will be tried by an all-white jury.  So, I don’t care whether you did it or not you are going to be convicted”.    This was shockingly moving as Hinton told his story to think that in America people could be so viciously ambivalent to whether an innocent man is convicted of murder.

oprah and mark fuhrman

Now, consider this since I, like so many others, lovvvvves me some Oprah; however, I believe that you, Oprah, should have had the same pause before inviting and resurrecting the integrity of a lying police officer, Mark Fuhrman, along with a dirty prosecutor, and multiple judges that concealed evidence in the OJ Simpson case.   You should have taken time as a journalist is supposed to do before opining in such a conclusive manner your feelings about the guilt of O.J. Simpson.  

fuhrman and marcia clark

Two of several corrupt court officers of Los Angeles County, although the police detective on the left, Mark Fuhrman, was found guilty and fired for committing perjury relative to statements he lied to about race, more important lies directly connected to the case were downplayed.  Such evidence of when he actually took a photo of the only evidence that tied Simpson to the murders, the matching bloody glove, were taken prior to his going to Simpson’s house where he allegedly found the matching glove.  He testified that he was ordered to return to the murder site by his superior officer after 7AM to find the photographer and take that photo.  However, the photographer would testify that the photo was taken between 4 and 4:30 AM and about a half hour before Fuhrman and other detectives decided to go to Simpson’s residence.  The other corrupt official next to Fuhrman above is Marcia Clark who assisted in the changing of the telephone time of the final phone call from the mother of Simpson’s ex-wife, Juditha Brown, to her daughter Nicole.  It is believed that Clark was so beset with financial problems in the second bad marriage that threatened to take her two children and cost her dearly in child support that she made a move for independence.  The Simpson case that she was not supposed to get, since she was not on call for the DA’s office that night, under normal circumstances but one that she positioned herself to receive via a private telephone call by a detective she had close relationship with, Phillip Vannatter.   The Simpson case would become her vehicle out of the DA’s office and ticket to retirement.

without a doubt marcia clark

photo of OJ and Nicole

Your interview has helped to destroy Simpson in the court of public opinion that is arguably just as agonizing for him as being behind bars.  Although you or your producers who book people on your show were told about evidence concealed by corrupt officials in the Simpson case, you have simply ignored repeated requests to allow our organization to present its findings to the public via your media platform as you have allowed Fuhrman and others access to perpetuate the destructive lies and cover up.

dr henry johnson in white coatdouble crossed for blood

Dr. Henry Johnson, MD of Los Angeles, CA is the author of Double Crossed For Blood.  He is also Chairman of the 22 year old investigative organization OMIG (Ocean Medical Investigative Group) that has done a great deal of intensive investigation of the alleged evidence in the Simpson murder trial.

The racial animus that has grown from it has had a debilitating impact upon our society which was something that we at OMIG predicted some 22 years ago when information in the form of the autopsy reports first came into our possession on the murdered victims.  Our chairman, Dr. Henry S. Johnson, has never been disputed based upon his findings of how these two people, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered.

OJ Simpson Trial and Media Circus

Though I am extremely happy that freedom has prevailed for Mr. Hinton who is due so much more from the state of Alabama, I am still upset with Oprah’s double standard of fairness and equity.   

oprah-heroYou had a grand opportunity to be fair on the world stage in the role you would play in the so called “trial of the Century” but instead, Oprah, you reinforced the same old custom in this country that when a white person accuses a black individual of guilt, they are guilty.   You need to read additional literature on this subject involving the Simpson case as well view this documentary.  maybe it will help to shine a light on your own flawed judgment.

photo book cover PURSUIT OF EXHIBIT 35People vs OJ Simpson better book coverserpents rising 3 by 4-2

T.H. Johnson has been an investigator in charge of the investigative team of the Ocean Medical Investigative Group since 1996 and author of several books on the Simpson case.

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