The Maddogg’s Guest Writer, T.H. Johnson

donald_trump finger pointing

This defining of the conduct of this President and his administration in these local terms of RIGHT vs. LEFT is myopically moronic with all of its subliminally racist, lightly veiled xenophobic, homophobic, and/or misogynistic perceptions. These reckless ham-handed actions of de-construction by Donald Trump reveal enormous incompetency and veil a narrow regionally unsophisticated Hill-Billyish mindset simply to satisfy his supporters continuously referred to as his “base” by just invoking the name “Obama”.

anti obama signanti oboma sign two (2)obama as a witch doctor

This is all that is needed to keep the focus narrow in regard to his incompetence as if the political realities within the US are all that matter.  With the blinders of racism secured over the eyes of America he mindlessly sacrifices and diminishes the important stature of the U.S. within the eyes of the world.  For most of the last 70 years since the end of WWII this nation has had things its own way because the rest of the globe including all of Europe and most of industrial Asia needed a Marshall Plan constructed by the US and on US terms to rebuild and get back on their feet.   There was no crying from the US for the bulk of those years from approximately 1945 through 1975 while the enormous trade imbalances tremendously favored the US.

dresden_bombed_1945_2 bombed out germany

Now we threaten reckless trade wars that lead to who knows where and certainly through factor analysis appear to be dangerous to the delicate balance of the US’s own economic equilibrium.


We assumed it was going to be that way forever as we languished in our “Leave it to Beaver/Father Knows Best” world with its own subliminal images of Western white supremacy.   Now we continue to perpetuate an image of extreme racial paranoia in

father knows best

in America with what appears to be these mindless schizophrenic acts of people like “Permit Patty” and “Barbeque Betty” calling the police on African Americans and other people of color engaged in the most innocent of activities.  These are activities the generally go unnoticed if whites are engaged in them.

BBQ Betty

However, the real problem in America beyond the paranoia of presumed racial extinction and where it really matters is that we did not bother to keep pace in retooling our core industries from the 1950s onward.

buick assembly line

We temporarily stayed ahead of everyone else by relying on principles of economic inequity that largely built the foundation of this nation for the first 250 years off of free and then cheap labor.  Since everyone else’s nation had collapsed during the destruction brought on by European fascism and nationalistic fervor, and Asia as well relative to the expansionist ideals of the Empire of Japan, none of these nations were in any position to challenge America.  The almighty US Dollar which most of them depended on in order to rebuild their economies became and has remained the key currency for conducting international transactions around the world.   Even though the English language and the US dollar became the common international language for diplomatic and business transactions it also made Americans backward.  We had more money too spend, we never feel a need to learn anyone else’s language, and feel so mighty that only our word counts around the world.  That is the epitome of arrogance and not success.

Clerks Gesturing at Tokyo Stock Marketjapanese industryNow that those nations that were utterly destroyed during World War II are back on their feet and competitive we cry and recklessly de-construct the bindings of world order to the glee of our traditional opponents, Russia and China.

TRUMP AND KIM twotrump and putin two

In the name of preventing the growth of Communism through our so called paranoid “domino theory of Communism” we sacrificed the precious lives and wounded bodies of over 200, 000 young men and women in war.

donald-trump two finger pete

How reckless can we be by seeking one sided gratification cozening up to Putin while arrogantly repeating the inadequacies of the past of talking tough and ostracizing our western allies?


T.H. Johnson is a research investigator and author of several books and documentaries associated with the conspiracy surrounding the OJ Simpson murder case in California.  All are available through Amazon Instant Video of Amazon Books.

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