Maddogg Editorial by Guest writer, OMIG Investigative Team Member, T.H. Johnson

US troops increasingly fear that a major war with Russia or China is just around the corner is in the title of the article below.   The question is have we examined some of the overt reasons as to why we may have come to such a point?  Well, I simply share my observations below as to how we are continuing to contribute to that real possibility.   As a result of our own self imposed destructive internal attacks on our society and disingenuous conduct contributing to what leads to the weakening of our nation and our potential collapse.

War ships on the high seas


It is a poor time to ponder for real yet a predictable situation for this splintered nation to be facing.   However, it was predictable given the perpetuation of domestic racial animus that becomes a tool in the arsenal of our opponents.   Your adversaries need only wait and watch you implode by continuing down this reckless road of alleged white nationalism.

white nationalism

It is destructive to have such ignorant racial animus surreptitiously promulgated by a President of the US, that in all probability only leads to internal domestic isolation, self-imposed fragmentation, and racial-ostracization due to a continued instigated hatred of African Americans, Latinos, Asians, and Africans by whites.

trump supporters two

The ignorance of those “Barbeque Beckys” and others who cannot fathom that more than those who simply look and talk like themselves live within these boundaries of the United States of America is inexplicably deplorable yet fascinating, not only to we who witness this silly conduct but our adversaries as well.  What it is doing is fractional-izing the nation to retreat to their assigned corners and by doing so diminishing a nation of 330 million into non-unified regional pockets of 40 and 50 million people here or there.

BBQ Betty

That doesn’t bode well for us when one of the main alleged culprits you accuse in the article has five times the population number of your maximum non-unified number of 330 million.  The one thing that is not a daily topic of discussion in the news regarding China or India, both with 1.5 billion people, is the fragmentation of their society as the appearance is in the U.S.


We will be down to a sparse number of white folks trying to feign military patriotism  and unity while lying about our true military strength if we continue traveling down this splintered societal path of promoting racial animus.


The Russian and Chinese military intelligence employ analysts who already seem to have our number who recognize that the promoting of this racial hostility, such as voter suppression and threatening criminal actions against the feigned illusive voter fraudsters, will have weakened us with anger and hatred.  It will turn us into a paper tiger still masquerading as a super power.   Your adversaries know that our egos are too arrogant and fearful to deal with the real world of recognizing the demographic shift in the racial and ethnic growth within the nation. This change has occurred over the last half century and has now increased the population of people of color from 15% to 50% and growing.

CJCS visits Afghanistan Feb 2014

The claim of democratic principles as our guiding light was meaningful apparently as long as those who talked of it in such platitudes of optimism were truly only comfortable with the idea of majority rule if it always meant white majority, few beyond the actuarial scientists predicted such a dramatic demographic growth. These moves to artificially manipulate social advancement are simply a waste of time involving feeble minded attempts to stunt this momentum of social expansion in a nation historically of immigrants.   Eventually, all Americans must be more substantively involved at all levels of government and commerce within this society.   True loyalty and patriotism must always be nurtured with equitable treatment for all and not artificially alleged and enforced.   The failure to act positively instead of pretending to do so while adopting policies that stunt true societal inclusion simply becomes a defeating asset that accrues to the benefit of our adversaries.  They will know by your actions in real time your strengths and your weaknesses as to what makes you vulnerable.

suicide bomber (2)

The author and adviser to the sovereign rulers of the principalities of Italy during the middle ages, Machiavelli, pointed out that the weakest army is one that consists of solely mercenaries, those simply paid to fight, and that the strongest army was one that consists of loyalists who are loyal to the cause of those freedoms that its nation represents and they respect.  We know that some of our adversarial nations are willing to go all the way including wearing suicide vests laden with volatile explosives.  They are watching us too, as yet the question remains, where does America lie in terms of this international equation?


T.H. Johnson has been an investigator with the OMIG group, a writer and documentary producer, relative to evidence concealed in the infamous O.J. Simpson criminal case from 24 years ago. http://www.serpentsrising.com

photo book cover PURSUIT OF EXHIBIT 35 cover people vs oj simpsonserpents rising 3 by 4


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