Maddogg Guest Commentator, T.H. Johnson

You know that shutting down the government and holding un-involved third parties as hostages by refusing to pay them is cruel and unusual punishment, and denying services to the American citizens by shutting down the government denies them their liberty interests. These are Constitutional questions that should have influenced you as the Judiciary to act long ago, before it reached this level of crisis.

But I suspect that as long as your pay checks go undisturbed asking you to weigh-in as the third leg of this balance of power system is an imposition on you.

You know that you should issue an injunction ordering the federal workers on behalf of the national security of the nation, and its social tranquility, to be paid and returned to their jobs. The injunction you issue should order both the Executive and/or Legislative Divisions of government to appear before you to show cause as to why the federally issued temporary injunction should not remain in effect.

Associate Justices of the esteemed U.S. Supreme Court quit ducking your heads in the sand and intervene with some sense of sanity in this juvenile temper tantrum that has paralyzed the nation. We the people deserve better.

If you believe in our cause please click on our GoFund Me link below and donate to our effort to raise the money we need to establish our organization that will fight for the common citizen’s causes.


T.H. Johnson, is a historical forensic investigator, author, and documentary producer whereby legal issues concerning the right of the average citizen has always been an interest of his for many years and something he often finds himself fighting for

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