Open the Government Back to Work

By Guest writer, OMIG Investigator, T.H. Johnson

My name is T.H. Johnson, and I have been a forensic research investigator, author, and documentary producer investigating matters where people unjustly endure personal injury.  With your help I would like to once again create another venture to help people who are unjustly injured.   As I watch what is taking place with the government shut down in Washington, D.C. I am quite alarmed because it seems like we have but a limited few law groups testing the Constitutional violations that politicians are egotistically callously engaged in taking away. 

Today politicians engage in juvenile tit for tat actions against one another, while defending their personal egos they ignore government workers inexplicably laid off who unjustly feel the pain of receiving no paycheck at all as the government remains shut down. However, the Legislators in Congress wrote the laws to guarantee that neither the President or the Legislators would miss receiving their pay checks even if the government is shut down. That is not only unfair to the workers it is reckless in regard to national security.  If you believe in our cause please click on the link and help by donating a small amount at our GoFund Me page below.

The present empty situation with a few lawyers acting on behalf of the people is unlike the legal activity of the 1960s and 70s where civil rights and labor lawyers continuously actively challenged Constitutional violations of people’s right in the Federal Courts. I want to create a legal advocacy organization consisting of lawyers, young and old, active or retired, in law school incubators or private practice who with our support will be willing to pursue these injuries to the common citizens in a court of law whenever a transgression intended to injure the citizens of our society occurs. If you like what we are proposing please click on the GoFund Me page link below.

Though these politicians escape the human misery faced by loyal government workers, we believe they are abusing the Constitutionally protected guarantees of the workers who are employed to serve the public in the various federal agencies.  It is their labor that helps to maintain the social stability within the Republic of the United States. Thus, we do not believe that politicians in this Republic can lawfully hold government workers hostage by shutting down the government and disabling the nation.   These workers are employed by us to serve “we the people”, and the majority are U.S. citizens themselves.  The inexplicable pain and suffering inflicted upon the unemployed workers as American citizens arguably rises to the level of cruel and unusual punishment, and that is a violation of the 8th amendment of the United States Constitution.   This is one of the causes of action we wish to pursue by hiring our own set of lawyers to argue on behalf of the workers. If you want to help us, please click on the GoFund Me page link below.

Shutting down the government also injures beneficiaries of government services by recklessly disrupting entitlements of this Republic that American citizens are eligible to receive.   There are so many important administrative services that the government provides to its citizens and by recklessly impeding access to them, citizens’ health as well as the general welfare of our nation are put in jeopardy.  Hence, the recklessly wanton actions of this President and Congress undermine the liberty interests  of all citizens in the United States and we see this as a  violation of the due process clause of the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution.     Although it has not been argued before, we believe that there is precedent  that our forefathers did not intend for one individual’s personal whims to shut down the total government.   Thus, pursuit of our citizens liberty interests is a cause of action we wish to pursue by hiring our own set of lawyers to argue on behalf of the displaced and/or destabilized citizens of the United States. If you believe in our cause, please click on the Go Fund Me link below and support our campaign with a small donation.

Veterans in Murfreesboro, Tenn., enjoy a wheelchair tai chi class; other alternative health programs now commonly offered at VA hospitals in the U.S. include yoga, mindfulness training and art therapy.

Our financial goal in building this organization for the people’s rights is to raise $20 million.  So we are requesting that you help us to reach two million people and that each person  donate ten ($10) dollars to this organization so that we may put the organization into action by hiring our own lawyers and public relations staff .  We will prepare to take such actions to protect the citizens rights within federal court by demanding the reopening of the government.  We will appeal to the Judiciary,  asking it to exert its authority to take action to restore stability in the nation by ordering that all government workers are paid immediately and returned to work?  If you are with us on this, please click on the GoFund Me link below.

We all inherently know that it is wrong when one or more reckless individuals act to shut down the government.  No one should be allowed to undermine the workings of the Republic by wrecking its normal activity. There is no cogent justification for intentionally inflicting pain on third parties, the government workers or the rightful beneficiaries of goods and services granted by the Republic of the United States.  If you believe what we are saying here please click on and support us at the GoFund Me link below.

These injured parties are not directly involved in the arguments being debated but are simply being used as human pawns to see which side will give in first because of witnessing the excruciating emotional pain and suffering inflicted upon innocent people. If you believe this is wrong click on the GoFund Me link below.

Thus, we will argue that government should not be shut down while the Executive arm of the Republic is locked in heated debate with the Legislative arm over a questionable issue such as that involved in the debate of building a 3,000 mile transcontinental border wall.  As important as the issue at odds may be the continued unimpaired function and neutrality of our government of this Republic of the United States is a must and is of paramount importance. When the dust settles the government should always continue working as smoothly as it was before the two divisions of government engaged in a heated debate.

Please share what you can with us if you believe in our cause by clicking on the GoFund Me link below. The time is now, let’s go. Respectfully,  T.H. Johnson, Executive Director, Open the Government Back to Work.

T.H. Johnson has been a historical forensic investigator with the organization OMIG (Ocean Medical Investigative Group) relative to the infamous OJ Simpson case for the last 23 years and has written several books and produced documentaries regarding the official concealment of evidence, cover up, and malfeasance involved in that case.

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