Intentional Governmental Destruction

Maddogg Guest Writer and Commentator, T.H. Johnson, of OMIG

Where Are We Going And Will There Be Anything Left After We Arrive?

The Supreme Court must distinguish what is lawful in the continuing destruction of the citizens’ liberty interests within this national Republic. If we allow political strong-arming tactics of questionable arguments over ill-defined objectives to tear down the Constitutional Republic then the privileges that American citizens are entitled to enjoy are potentially permanently destroyed. Certainly the Executive Division can continue its debate with the Legislative Division of this government without causing gangrene to systematically destroy over time all of the appendages that make up this Democratic Republic.

When two sides are at loggerheads because of egos, the third division in this triumvirate of balanced power should exalt it authority to at least assure the nation’s citizens that the appendages of this nation’s government will at least receive the prior year’s sustenance to continue functioning on the behalf of everyone. What good is it to come to a mutual conclusion when all aspects of the government have been eviscerated? This is the basis of our argument as to why the third leg of this balance of power the Judiciary should step in on behalf of maintaining the status quo at least while the Legislative and Executive Divisions work through their differences.

Destroying all of the apparatuses of government that arguably define the working arteries of this nation for political gain should be off limits for any division of this republic to engage. Certainly the Judiciary could take such a position without being politically biased but acting in the best interests of the Republic’s stability.

One of the benefits of this democratic republic is that political power has the opportunity based upon the will of the people to not be stagnant, and thus we have a history of relatively smooth political change. However, the ship of state that carries us all should not be intentionally steered into harm’s way by political opportunists for personal, political, or pecuniary gain. The entity to best argue this point of balanced sanity from a neutral position on behalf of the American electorate is the Judiciary.

T.H. Johnson has been an investigator and author/documentary producer of the infamous OJ Simpson case of 1994-95 and beyond as a team member of the investigative organization, OMIG (Ocean Medical Investigative Group). It was the chairman of this group who was first presented secretly the autopsy reports on the murdered victims, Ron Goldman and OJ Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. There was a massive cover-up and concealment of evidence that led to others and away from O.J. Simpson and the attempted concealment continues hidden behind several false narratives to manipulate public perception.

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