OVERBOARD: Trump’s Newest Members of the Old Convict Leasing System?

Maddogg Guest writer from OMIG, T. H. Johnson


Become the new expendables similar to blacks who were impressed into the convict lease system based on baseless and most often trumped up charges?

Once inside that system their physical life expectancy used to build this nation’s industrial infrastructure particularly, but not exclusively, in the south was less than 10 years.

This predominantly black penal system was the source of cheap throwaway labor for some of the largest industrial companies for about 60 years from 1870 through 1930.

Trump’s resorts have been using cheap labor for at least the last 30 years and exploiting them, generally but not exclusively from Latin America. Now in callously firing these workers, Donald Trump, his family, and managers display the same temperament of saving themselves from condemnation. Just jettison these people by firing them all and claiming they didn’t realize they were illegal aliens. This mentality of jettisoning human lives continues to exist even today as we see with the Trump organization.

It can be traced back almost 200 years when ship captains on the high seas trafficking in outlawed human cargo jettisoned their shackled enslaved human lives of Africa over the sides of those ships. To save themselves those human beings were jettisoned to their deaths on the deep sea floor below the Atlantic Ocean to avoid capture by the British naval enforcers around 1830.

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