Settlement: The Question is, Kap, do you and Eric like it?

Maddogg Guest Commentator, the incomparable…..Brotherap

Well, Colin, your lawyers are busy telling the world you and Eric Reid reached a settlement that for the time being is undisclosed. However, I don’t trust your slick lawyers. If the NFL thinks that they are going to get a large portion of the black viewing audience back, including me, they are wrong until we hear from both you and Eric. We want to know that both of you are satisfied enough that you can sit down comfortably for the rest of your lives since that plantation organization went out of its way to destroy your careers. Truthfully, I think it’s a part of the NFL’s 10% recoup strategy, to get back that per centage they lost this year as viewers of the Superbowl, count me in those 30 million. 10% may not seem like much to many who don’t know the business but to the neurotic advertising world 10% is, and was a big deal.

Next year the cost for those 15 second spot ads during the Superbowl in all probability will go down further. It will be a buyers’ market that may continue to hemorrhage in viewership beyond the 10% black audience lost this year, and that number of loss offered in 2019’s bowl game may be larger than whats been estimated. However, if the settlement is perceived by me and others that you guys were not treated fairly the hell with the NFL, I won’t be watching them next year either and I know a whole lot of others who feel the same way. It didn’t take much to weed me off of watching them anyway since I love college football and get my sport’s fix watching Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama and Clemson.

So, screw the NFL, if you guys feel you weren’t treated fairly. No need in that elementary routine of dragging out those tap dancing, bootlickin’ brothers trying to convince us otherwise.

We don’t need any of them telling us that all is well on the NFL plantation and everyone has made nice again. Tell them to remain over there skinning and grinning on the plantation and don’t waste our time looking stupid with that Stepin Fetchit routine. Only you and Eric can shut down this momentum that never had to get underway in the first place except for the disrespect the league has shown all of us by their mistreatment of you gentlemen and their failure to call unprofessional conduct wrong.

You and Eric took a stand that anyone with common decency should have been willing to take. Yet to this day no one in the NFL management or ownership has said whether the unprofessional conduct of police gunning down innocent unarmed black men over petty misdemeanors is wrong.

Killing people while falsely acting under the color of authority and hiding behind a badge to justify the use of excessive force should be something that all should say is wrong. It dangerously threatens to undermine the social contract that ‘we the people’ grant to our government in exchange for its agents to protect and serve everyone equally, regardless of race, creed or color.

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