Race: Coonin’ and Buck Dancin’ for Trump

Commentary by MaddoggButtKickin’ Brown


It’s a close race, sister Patton, and I’m nervous for you. But any way it goes that was a masterful move you orchestrated asking old slick ass Republican Congressman Mark Meadows, the original disparaging Obama Birther, to let you appear before that Democratically controlled Elijah Cummings’ Oversight Committee.

Girl, that move was right out of GONE WITH THE WIND! That ‘straw boss- of-the-kitchen’ act was real slick! You standing there with your juicy lips poked out. It was classic Hattie McDaniels the move you two made to blunt any idea brother Cummings had of allowing Cohen to get away with calling master Trump a racist.

That move threw a wet blanket on Cohen’s heretofore sensational performance but thanks to you two, he gets no prison time reduction. He’s still got to go do that 3 year bit, and better grin and like it and be glad it’s no longer than 3 years too.

In the meantime as far as your move was concerned to get the victory, I still think sister Silk has the edge because she knows when to put more drama into her jitterbug routine. Silk has that uncanny ability of good timing to know just when and where to make her move in front of the cameras. She knows just when to buck and roll them eyes on TV. You saw how she helped boost her sister Diamond’s routine.

That Amos ‘N Andy schstick she did was A+, stellar work, while pantomiming to pull her sister’s ratings up. It’s close, sister Patton, but control your nerves and except loss with dignity if you have to but I think Silk still could win by a nose.

(Drum roll please)….The 2018-19 Aint Je Mammy Award for Cooning, Buck Dancin’ and Bootlickin! goes to…….

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