Maddogg’s Guest Commentator, OMIG’s, T.H. Johnson

It’s amazing how people have feigned a posture of acting super sensitive and talking about Anti-Semiticism in regard to what Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, said this week relative to a major Jewish lobbyist group, AIPAC’s, financial influence over US politics affirming this nation’s solid support of Israel. She said something that virtually everyone has thought about at some point anyway, in regard to Jewish financial influence on U.S. political positions vis-a-vis Israel. However, I find that difficult to comprehend how they are attempting to stretch what Omar said into an Anti-Semitic remark. Anyone who has a brain and studies how U.S. aid is distributed around the globe know that there is a great inequity in the level of resources, particularly, financial that is provided to Israel. One would be further foolish to believe that Israel does not utilize the abundant resources it has to fortify a lobbying apparatus in Washington, D.C. to guarantee the bond of political friendship that benefits this bilateral relationship.

This prolonged demagoguery of Ms. Omar simply opens up other cans of worms relative to Israel, American Jewry, and race. The people who are shooting from the hip and inventing such fraudulent claims are misusing this concept of who and what is considered Anti-Semitic. As quiet as it’s kept, Ms. Omar comes from that region of Africa, that used to be part of the ancient kingdom of Axum that stretched across the Red Sea channel to include the south end of the Arabian peninsula, which is now Yemen. This was a land ruled by Makeda, the Queen of Sheba, and she after visiting Solomon, presumably in the area of Israel-Palestine who was King of the Jews, not only bore a child for him who would become a King in Africa, named Menelik, she would adopt the religion of Judaism too as would her subjects who are identified as Falasha Jewry in what is now Ethiopia. In essence, Congresswoman Omar, in terms of physical appearance is arguably more Semitic in appearance than all of the European (Ashkenazik) Jewry in this country screaming Anti-Semiticism.

Let’s cease with the stupidity and get around to some substantive issues and not this supercilious madness of what a freshman Congresswoman has said and blowing it up into something it was not, Anti-Semitic.

To do that, while not considering the repeated insensitive conduct of your own Jewish people towards others here and abroad, simply exacerbates something at this time in this country that is much to do about nothing. This is being done by Jewish people in this country who often look like and assume some of the same racist opinions, and xenophobia, as other Caucasians towards people of color in the United States of America. Thus, Ms. Omar has a legitimate concern about the attack on Muslims and people of color particularly in her own Somalian community. This issue, regarding racism and racial profiling within the counter-terrorism division of the FBI has Terry Albury, a black FBI agent, now serving four years in federal prison for leaking classified documents regarding the FBI’s racial profiling to the press.

Former FBI Agent Terry Albury, leaked classified FBI documents indicating racial profiling of blacks by the FBI’s counter-terrorism division.

The international consensus of the members of the League of Nations for 30 years, from 1918 to 1948, were against what the Jewish Zionists longed for, a sovereign state of Israel carved out of the region of theretofore, Palestine, after the defeat of the Ottoman-Turkish Empire. The Turks had aligned with the defeated German Axis powers during World War I, in 1916, something the British were hoping for anyway in order to lay claim to the valuable underground oil reserves after their intended defeat. The Bolshevik’s who overthrew the Romanov Czar, Nicholas, in 1918 revealed the pre-war plans of Great Britain and France that was revealed in the Sykes-Picot Agreement taken from the Romanov vault. The agreement was where both nations were to maintain European harmony by splitting the territory of Iraq in half, the British taking the south and granting France the northern territory of now Iraq. The Russians were to get a small piece of northern Turkey and the right to move their ships from the Black Sea into the warm Mediterranean via the Bosporus Straits without paying taxation for which they were subject to paying the Turks before their defeat.

It was during this time that the fervor for a Jewish state grew louder among the Zionists and their supporters from 1921 on and were willing to shed blood for it. However, the British who were trustees over their so called protectorate did not support such an idea, and held fast against it and discouraged others, including the United States from supporting the Zionist’s aspirations of a sovereign state. The struggle for a sovereign state even involved violence by the Jews of this area of Palestine against the British with the King David Hotel bombing. This was a terrorist attack carried out on Monday, July 22, 1946, by the militant right-wing Zionist underground organization the Irgun on the British administrative headquarters for Palestine, which was housed in the southern wing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. 

A British army officer and troops outside of the King David Hotel, which had been bombed by the underground Zionist group the Irgun, Jerusalem, July 1946

Were it not for U.S. support which abruptly changed its positioned after the 1948 U.S. Presidential election that saw a vastly underrated Harry S. Truman defeat the widely popular New York politician, Thomas A. Dewey, to win the Presidency of the United States there still may not have been a sovereign state of Israel. Thus, the extraordinary aid and financial support for an independent sovereign state of Israel was allegedly repayment for the U.S. Jewish industrialists’ financial and political support in the U.S. given to Harry Truman to help him win the ’48 election. Over the years we have couched the justification for this enormous subsidizing of Israel in U.S. strategic interests in the Middle East and our need for an ally in the region. However, what has occurred in this region caused a major shift in the demographics of political control. It shifted from being a land controlled by actual Semitic people to European (Ashkenazik) Jewry who were and are the minority group in the region and maintain control courtesy of the U.S. Prior to the U.S. national election of 1948, the politics of Palestine was simply an internal affair of the British government who inherited these lands after the defeat of the Ottoman Turkish Empire in World War I. However, after World War II, the British government was in a weaker position to push back against U.S. interests in this region because Britain would now need the U.S.’s financial help to rebuild its own infrastructure after the destruction caused by the Nazi regime of Adolph Hitler’s German rockets bombing England.

When the newspapers were put to bed the night before, the next day’s headlines were already written with the assumption that Thomas Dewey would have won the election, however, as the famous photo above indicated, Dewey had lost and Truman had won. Ever since 1948, the United States government has given Israel more financial support, (in cash), than any other nation this government grants financial assistance. Upwards of $3-$5 billion dollars has been paid out to Israel underwritten by the American taxpayers every year. So, tell us again why Ihan Omar mentioning the influence that Jewish money has on Washington, D.C. is promoting Anti-Semiticism?

What is once again amazing is how people can be so thin skinned about the impact of what others have to say about this subject but fail to recognize the dangers of their own reckless speech. Consider the heated atmosphere that a lot of Jews have contributed to in this nation for the last 25 years regarding their anger with the African American community as a result of their feelings that O.J. Simpson was a man guilty of murdering two people in Los Angeles, California, one which was Jewish, Ron Goldman. Their madness was promulgated all over the world, and not just within the U.S. or in California where this crime occurred. Many of them have bought into the false narrative that’s been promoted that a celebrated Negro out of a fanatic jealousy stalked and killed his wife, and her friend. However, to continue to promote this false narrative other documents and evidence that tell a contradictory story must remain sealed.

Although the hidden evidence continually compiled by independent investigators like the author Stephen Singular, LEGACY OF DECEPTION, the late Joseph Bosco, A PROBLEM OF EVIDENCE, books by investigators from OMIG (Ocean Medical Investigative Group) DOUBLE CROSSED FOR BLOOD, Dr. Henry S. Johnson, and my own, PURSUIT OF EXHIBIT 35 in the OJ Simpson Murder Trial, and MADAM FOREMAN by the African American female jurors, say otherwise still the racial thermostat is turned up high. We have cautioned a number of people regarding irregularities involving the evidence in the Simpson case. People like Geraldo Rivera, Barbara Walters, Gloria Alred, Chuck Grodin, and several more Jews in broadcasting we said should temper their heated biased rhetoric and do their own due diligence in examining the malfeasance promulgated in that infamous case.

Charles Grodin(sky) the Jewish anti-Simpson cable broadcast commentator in the prior months before the 1995 criminal trial of O.J. Simpson; stirred up his CNBC viewing audience as a journalist doing no meaningful due diligence while promulgating his own dangerous brand of hyperbolic racial animus regarding O.J. Simpson’s alleged guilt.

Even though they continue to stoke the fire concerning Simpson’s alleged guilt, they’ve ignored events that were truthfully more significant than the Simpson trial. Consider the genocide killing of over 500,000 people in the East African nation of Rwanda many of which were hacked to death as the U.N. military commander begged the U.S. for assistance. Even the Canadian General over the troops in Rwanda accused the U.S. of being too preoccupied with the O.J. Simpson case. Consider that the greatest act of domestic terrorism that has ever occurred on U.S. soil took place in the middle of the Simpson trial, by the perennially dangerous white racist nationalists bombing the Muir Federal Building in Oklahoma City and killing 168 men, women, and babies. Yet, most of the people in the United States could not tell you the names of the two men convicted and sentenced to death for conspiring to commit that heinous criminal act. However, the same Jewish people above given fraudulent information by other Jewish people in the LADA’s office made sure it would jog your memory if they showed you a slow moving white SUV vehicle. “That’s O.J. Simpson” and then out of foolish arrogance and stupidity and no due diligence people would continue to think they know all that proves Simpson guilty. This hyperbolic atmosphere was promulgated largely by Jews here in the U.S. who could have dampened the heated racial animus towards blacks relative to the O.J. Simpson case, so you can understand why many of us would find this disingenuous rhetoric regarding Congresswoman Omar being Anti-Semitic simply foolish madness.

Nevertheless, the racial animus regarding the Simpson matter is still stoked by a number of powerful, influential, Jews and funneled unfiltered into the mainstream of public discourse. Yet, not one of them has recognized the danger of poisoning the public’s mind with this level of racist rhetoric which has no intellectual boundaries. The racial animus whether purposely intended dehumanizes blacks even in the minds of sworn officers of the court, turning them into caricatures easily targeted by police as unarmed victims of excessive deadly force all too often during petty misdemeanor encounters. If they want people to understand their sensitivity and the dangers that could accrue as a result of certain remarks, as a black man, the same people who want to monopolize who is considered a Semite and who is not, need to comprehend the same type of dangerous rhetoric that impacts other people of color in this nation who in fact are true Semitic people.

The best we can say is that these major Jewish political donors are not biased, since they have been dumping outrageous sums of money into political coffers on both sides of the aisles for years. Let’s not waste time playing stupid, money talks if a politician wants to get reelected and that money has a quid pro quo expectation whether offended Jews want to believe it or not. You have big Democratic donors and you have outrageous major Republican donors like Sheldon Adeleson, the Las Vegas casino mogul. His money appears to have a direct correlation with some of the most conservative Republican rhetoric in Washington, D.C.

He has also been an avid supporter of all of the conservative policies promulgated under the Israeli leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu which has reached a level of being considered to be as racist as the insidious apartheid regime in South Africa, in his government’s treatment and policies directed towards African refugees fleeing oppression and economic disparity on the African continent. However, the U.S. government’s position as well as that of the U.S. Congress regarding the Israeli Netanyahu aggressive policies towards Palestinians and Africans has been utter silence.

Despite whatever resolutions are passed in Washington D.C. people are not going to look the other way in regard to the mistreatment of the Palestinian people by the Israeli government on the West Bank or in the Gaza Strip.

We see the institutional violence directed against the Palestinians with what appears to be no intent to solve the problem amicably or to seek mutual satisfaction on both sides. The Israeli government if it wants to avoid negative criticism that has nothing to do with being Anti-Semitic it could start by compensating the Palestinian families for the land that was confiscated by the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. Certainly, Israel has received enough money from the U.S. to entertain a pragmatic solution for compensating the Palestinians and allowing them to live in dignity. So, now that we’ve spent more than 48 hours batting back and forth the significance of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s statement, one gets the feeling that ye protests too much. That’s what happens, when you pick at a minor wound; you open the door to major infection. This has occurred by a failure of those to examine the negative degree of their own reckless behavior and remarks, it just so happens that the lies, and duplicity in the O.J. Simpson case has been one of those pathways to reveal this major infection.

Thus, Ilhan Omar, who was born in this same region, although now a Muslim, may have ancient ties with a stronger claim to Judaism by over a thousand years before Islam came to this region, and 1850 years before the Ashekazik (European) Jews who were the ancestors of those in the United States and Europe embraced Judaism via the northern Mediterranean countries of Europe or the Caucasus Mountains of the Eurasian kingdom of Khazaria, around the 9th century A.D. The claims are still up in the air on that, however, some people take advantage of the lack of knowledge. There appears to be those who are European Caucasian who want to monopolize the right to fraudulently call others who are Semitic, Anti-Semitic. These stone throwers are the ones who appear too often to visit their Jewishness when it is convenient and they have a perceived vested interest in doing so.

Fox News Commentator Geraldo Rivera, a big Jewish promoter of O.J. Simpson’s guilt that has failed to do any due diligence as an investigative journalist regarding vast irregularities in the evidence in that infamous case.

Otherwise they remain silent and do something that Omar or no other person of color can do and that is blend into the morays of this white Anglo-Saxon society and align themselves with others due to their Germanic or Anglo-Saxon appearance. They often remain silent while blending in and promoting the same type of racial animus as others that exists in this country today.

T.H. Johnson is an investigative coordinator with the OMIG group of research investigators involved in the ongoing investigation of corrupt evidence introduced and other hidden in the infamous O.J. Simpson case for the last 23 years. He has authored PURSUIT OF EXHIBIT 35 in the OJ Simpson Murder Trial and THE PEOPLE VS. O.J. SIMPSON.

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