The Kwame Enigma Regarding Judicial Fairness



Black politically based organized crime sends a frightening chill down the spine of members of the white power structure, and noticeably are not made as the guiding storylines for black reality TV. Black politicos in Detroit, had the Kilpatrick activity not been quashed, would have been potentially creating what could have become an unbridled Utopian enclave of impenetrable power within a political subdivision, certainly a predictable fear for people all around.

It’s certainly not something to brag about or wish for, regardless of who is behind it. However, just consider how it is mirrored with those convicted who’ve been associated with this monstrosity of power in Washington, D.C. of Donald Trump’s administration. From the Chief Executive Officer down, with blacks controlling law enforcement, intelligence gathering, the courts, banking and commerce in a major industrial metropolis, particularly one that is on an international border as Detroit; one could taste a conclusion that there were going to be severe consequences. Nonetheless, Kwame and his crew including their debauchery was no more reckless than these figures associated with Trump; thus, the sentencing disparity involved in the Kilpatrick case was bound to raise eye brows.

With most of the convicted Trumpians receiving what many consider mild sentences they really don’t require any pardons since the sentences for attempting to steal the nation were extremely low. With the image of a gargantuan 6′ 4″ black political figure, newly crowned godfather of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, whose mother was a seasoned congresswoman for Michigan, the psychic impact of what such a future could hold may have been too much for outside powers to bear.

Though it has happened throughout this nation’s history before, from Boss Tweed to Louisiana’s Huey “Kingfish” Long down through Chicago’s Richard Daley, none of them if they served any time for the enmeshing corruption that surrounded them was given what Kilpatrick received. His sentence of 28 years for the relatively few years he was Mayor of Detroit was, IMO, longer than what a murder of passion sentence would be before seeking parole. Hence, Kilpatrick didn’t kill anyone, and was not in office long enough to have created a major criminal enterprise that are emblematic of criminal RICO violations. Certainly not as we consider them to be with the entrenched years of the nation’s major La Cosa Nostra crime families, yet in prison doing 28 years is where Kwame is intended by his sentence to be. The extremely harsh sentence seemed to be meant, to me at least, as a broader message, a throwback to the psychic Stepin’ Fetchit images of control and Negro docility as opposed to subliminal images of black power.

Such images of power ‘are not what we want you blacks to aspire to do’ in this nation and certainly not in positions of developing impenetrable institutions. How else are you going to explain it given the light sentences given to these Trump cronies who all intended to enrich themselves at the expense of undermining the Republic of the United States with seditious and treasonous conduct. I’m not saying that Kwame Kilpatrick should not be doing time, however, the penalty should fit the crime. In this case, we continue to see what we have generally seen, the warehousing of black men through these draconian types of sentences for in many instances petty offenses, while whites who are sentenced for far more damaging crimes get non-discouraging slaps on the wrist with lesser jail time as sentences.

Much of what is forced-fed into the depths of the black mental psyche is fraudulently promoted as art imitating life via reality TV, then we like a bunch of sheep go out an imitate that non-constructive madness. The plots seem to be nothing more than week to week anger centered around meaningless invented issues leading back to no where. What Kwame and all were doing one could predictably wager was so psychically threatening to their opposition that it had to result in severe consequences. Despite the criminality, or how despicable one considered the Kilpatrick affair to be, that journey was not a week to week, “much-to-do about-nothing” affair leading back to no where. The journey to no-where is generally only destructive to ourselves, the journey to attain entrenched power is a more serious concern historically in this nation to others beyond our community, and that’s why, IMO, Kwame and all had to go away for a long time.

Non-threatening non-sense is what most of us are bombarded with everyday, whether it is The Real Housewives of ATL, The Real Basketball Wives, The Real Hip Hop Wives, The Real Church Wives of who knows where and so on and so on. The format of feuding and arguing that angrily leads to no where is what is sold as a televised narcotic for our brain.

Had Kwame been on a non-threatening criminal course circling back to no-where in all probability he would not be doing 28 years in a federal correctional institution. Arguably harsh penalties is the type of message that should have been sent to one and all, including the Trump allies, yet it has not. With all of the Trump convictions considered the message should be, you cannot undermine the nation with seditious conduct; however, nothing significant as far as sentencing has occurred. You cannot engage with foreign powers in a treasonous manner to bring down a so called democratic republic, yet nothing significant in terms of sentencing has occurred. You cannot engage in debauchery and sexual exploitation of young children, yet nothing significant in terms of sentencing has occurred. Maybe that is enough for decent men and women with balanced judicial temperament to consider. When it gets to them, consider what is fair and unfair and let the sentencing fit the crime. That is where the collective judicial mindset must be in order to FREE KWAME! ….. Just sayin!

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