Maddogg’s Guest Writer, OMIG’s T.H. Johnson

When Russian ships sailed towards Cuba back in 1962 the U.S. began to howl about our rights to exercise our authority to protect our vested interests in the Western Hemisphere pursuant to the Monroe Doctrine. Then JFK sent war ships into the Atlantic to meet and turn those Russian ships back or go to war.

In essence, when the saber rattling began the US was telling everyone that we are preparing for potential nuclear consequences. Thank God, that eventually it was squashed, with the US agreeing to pull its missiles out of Turkey that were pointed over the Black Sea towards Russia and the Soviet Union, and the Russians agreeing to do the same and take all of the nuclear tipped missiles they had placed out of Cuba that were pointing at the U.S. and its capitol of Washington, D.C.

Well, back then we experienced this nation’s resolve to protect its vested national interests in this region, but what extra-judicial doctrine guides our nation’s indecision now causing us to watch sovereign nations fall apart right on our doorstep in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador? Is it only a nation threatening the tranquility of the US by coming from across the Atlantic or Pacific to spur a response from the US government? Until we as a super power, militarily and economically, establish a formidable presence in that immediate region to help these nation’s stem the violence and restore their economic vitality the refugees fleeing the chaos are going to continue coming to the US border.

We have real problems below the border of Mexico, within the triangle region and the chaos that is destabilizing those nations is what is fueling the migration of their citizens to head for safety towards the U.S. border.

Instead of this President, Donald Trump, threatening the region with blustery rhetoric to cut off funds for the nations of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, he should consider not only providing economic aid but military support to to stabilize the region and bring it under the influence of the US commonwealth.

If the US helps to reestablish stability, both economic and social, the citizens in all probability would want to return. However, some entity with power is promoting the violence and chaos, and the US does not seem to know or care who it is. However, punishing the governments for their inability to keep their people locked inside this region exposed to this ongoing anarchy of violence and poverty just does not seem to be intelligent reasoning, in our opinion. Neither does holding children and adults in cages for indeterminate amounts of time in the US make sense, as a draconian method of messaging others not to come to our borders seeking refuge.

If these people were of Northern European stock I doubt that this nation would be engaging in such activity. You would see all of the banners featuring the Statue of Liberty subliminally promoting our alleged high moral integrity to assist the weak and the poor who are seeking asylum.

The U.S. needs to come up with a more cogent policy rather than one that seems always to fall on the backs of the most vulnerable who are impacted by the dysfunction both within their nations, and again by ours as well.

T.H. Johnson is an investigator with the OMIG group that has been involved in a thorough investigation of the O.J. Simpson case and trial for the last 23 years. He along with others of that organization has written and published several books and a documentary available via Amazon regarding the conspiracy to conceal exculpatory evidence in that trial.

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