Maddogg Guest Writer, OMIG Investigative Team Coordinator, T.H. Johnson


Calhoun (Noun, adjective): A disaster of huge proportions; anything that reeks of failure. An irksome situation. 

(Verb, adverb): To cause spectacular misfortune. To ruin something beyond repair due to ignorance and/or ineptness. 


Why would you allow yourself to go out by being publicly seen as a graveling, two-bit, flunky employing verbal gymnastics in an attempt to hold on by any means the position of Attorney General of the U.S.? Do either of you not have any dignity at all?

Attorney Generals, past and present, Jeff Sessions (l) William Barr (r)

Both of you, denigrating the dignity of the office while acting as deceptive simpletons; dupes for an individual that has little integrity or loyalty to anyone but himself. You were and still are blocking Congressional Oversight, and by doing so have been serving the master of obfuscation, Donald Trump. You’ve done so while dangerously undermining the integrity of the democratic principles of our government long established from the inception of this great experiment of democracy that became the Republic of the United States of America.

We have no monarchy here, and abide no dictator like this mentally deficient and prevaricating President Donald Trump who wants to defy these long established rules of democratic governmental principles whenever the opportunity avails itself. The visceral fear you both have displayed under the close scrutiny of the the cameras appears to give these unwarranted autocratic actions longevity. Yet to save whatever little credibility is left in his persona you choose to wallow in dirt and deceit right along with him, and thus have thrown whatever credibility and integrity you supposedly had out the window.

Algonquin J. Calhoun (l) and John C. Calhoun (r)

Now you’ve exposed yourselves to the American public as to how low you are willing to go to debase yourselves. Acting as pandering bootlickers of a President of the United States, who is unfit and undignified to uphold the majesty of the office, Donald Trump.

Whatever you have to say now relative to the office you hold has little credibility and that’s a bad look for the Attorney General, the top law enforcement officer of the United States. If you are viewed as having no respect for the law yourselves, then why should common criminals who observe your actions not decisively think and act the same way? That seems to be the message that you both have publicly conveyed. Your actions then and now simply reflect the great demolition job you’ve done in desecrating the integrity of the office.

Whatever others think that Trump has done to diminish the dignity of this nation and reduce its stature in the eyes of the world to Banana Republic or third world status, in my opinion, you have done worse. Your moral integrity has collapsed and thus you have failed to be the back stop for sanity, guarding the nation against the persistent acts of ignorance and recklessness that diminish the dignity of the Executive Branch of government. Instead you have chosen to distort the law through procrastination, and the use of verbal gymnastics and Calhoun-ish buffoonery. Those actions will unfortunately define you and will be how the names of attorneys Barr and Sessions will be remembered in history, if at all.

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