undefined Maddogg guest writer, T.H. Johnson, Vice Chairman, of the Strategic Evaluation Division of OMIG (Ocean Medical Investigative Group)

California Sports Utility Vehicle is associated

but cannot tell us the names of the two men for which this Oklahoma building was associated,

then you may understand how you have become the manipulated targeted victim of the deep well of subliminal racism that has been tapped into and used by corrupt individuals in this country to get you to believe a false narrative particularly regarding the passengers in the Sports Utility Vehicle.
The longevity of your preoccupation with the event associated with the white Sports Utility Vehicle may have also tipped off your global adversaries to the soft underbelly of vulnerability in which to attack this nation. It is highly possible that we have exposed and given them a cost effective tool they have efficiently weaponized to assault and weaken this nation through cyber space.

Hacker In Hood Jacket Using Laptop At Table

If the main objective of conventional warfare is to conquer, dominate, and diminish your strongest adversary then their advancement has arguably been successful. If they are able to continue to use this weapon against us to diminish our strength by splintering and causing disunity then it has become an effective threat to national security, much of which can be attributed to our own fault. Hence, there is a benefit to your global adversaries in applying the mathematics of factor analysis in evaluating real human problems impacted by RACIAL PROPAGANDA.

They arguably may have weakened you by splintering your unity due to your internalization of outdated propaganda and subliminal images of white supremacy. The images and subliminal messages from Hollywood and Madison Ave are outdated by at least 50 years but are still embraced both overtly and covertly by a diminishing population who believes in the merits of white supremacy.

It is statistically irrational with census percentages 50 years out dated of 80-20, that now are reversing and approaching 55-45. The continued embracing of such presumptions certainly potentially diminishes your overall effectiveness in taking the field in conventional warfare.

If your population that believes in such propaganda is no more than 45 per cent of the total population and half of that breaks away, because they do not accept it, then you are attempting to assert yourself as a dominant world power with theoretically only 74 million of your 330 million population.


It is a terminal dead end concept with strong racial undertones as far as America is concerned, and its overt propagation weakens the strength of the nation. Even the total 330 is only 20% or one-fifth of the 1.5 billion population of your perennial competing global adversaries.

Your strength came in your skillful diplomacy and ability to sit at the head of the table after WWII by providing vital resources needed to rebuild via the Marshall Plan and an invaluable dignified unifying temperament. Turning away from those skillfully designed alliances, i.e. NATO and SEATO by promoting insular isolationist rhetoric with all of its non-subtle innuendos of white supremacy only reduces your significance to about as impactful as the population of Germany.

With both sides possessing WMDs, logically, nuclear engagement is out. However, there is no need for either nuclear or conventional warfare when your opponents can decimate you through your own internal hemorrhaging. These inflated and generally man made, antebellum, illusions of racial superiority are perfect for splintering and causing your population’s disintegration. Creating societal distrust and mutiny in pivotal departments of government via cyber space is a cheap weapon that only serves your adversary’s best interest, and not yours.


With this tool of racial animus that those have continuously promulgated domestically during and after the infamous OJ Simpson trial, intelligence operatives now know there was an internal manipulation of the truth by seditious actors in the US involved in the Simpson case.

The OJ Simpson trial and media circus. OJ Simpson appearing at his arraignment for the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson

The imbalance of a preoccupation for the last quarter century in the Simpson saga has exposed a vulnerable soft under belly for attack that has become useful to our adversaries. They now understand the significance of this manipulated irregularity; whereas, a nation can remember OJ by subliminally showing them a white SUV Bronco but cannot remember the culprits who committed the most horrendous act of domestic terrorism perpetrated by American citizens on US shores, killing over 168 men, women, and children in the middle of the OJ trial, is simply incomprehensible, and our adversaries know this.

Factual evidence exonerating Simpson that are associated with that case are hidden away in case files, with numbers like 9403575, and BA-097211, and case file 97-222, and 91-C-00362, or BA-109525.

All these case files have been sealed and/or concealed by those acting surreptitiously under the color of authority in order to protect a false narrative with racial overtones in the Simpson case. They have either been intentionally or inadvertently, used subtly to reinforce white supremacy. The actions support a fraudulent theory that the backdrop to these murders involved a celebrated Negro’s fanatical infatuation with a white woman that jealously drove them over the edge to kill her.

Those who have engaged in this level of malfeasance have been successful domestically on a limited basis but more valuable to counter-intelligence operatives who now employ the same methods to promulgate disharmony in the United States.

In essence, it is the Othellian syndrome, a mythical adaptation and revision of a 16th century tale of the Italian playwright, Cinthio, by Shakespeare that taps into the primordial psychic fear of the European Caucasian regarding those of African descent.

Just this week, a day after the birth of the potential future bi-racial British Prince, Archie, the new born son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, a veteran BBC journalist, Danny Baker, publicly made a joke resulting in his dismissal of comparing the new born child to a chimpanzee.

Through the beneficial irrepressible racial animus that the US has divulged via Simpson, your adversaries now tap into it and use it via cyber space to alienate, ostracize, and ultimately diminish your effectiveness in any meaningful aspect or global initiative. That benevolent gift given to your adversaries via the Simpson case has now become a national security threat. In essence, our Lilliputian preoccupation with white supremacy or racial superiority in America, has potentially rendered you null and void with the weaponized tool you have given your global adversaries to use against you; the weaponized use of Racial Animus.


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