The Cinderella Lie in the OJ Simpson Case

Maddogg Guest Writer, from the Ocean Medical Investigative Group, Public Affairs Division, Lucianne Picard

As the clock for major participants on both sides of this matter sprints towards the Eleventh Hour the one thing for sure is that this small investigative organization that originated in the mid-1990s in Los Angeles, California is about to mark its 23rd year. That organization, OMIG, (Ocean Medical Investigative Group) was born as a result of autopsy reports surreptitiously deposited on an African American doctor’s desk and ever since has expanded its reach and secretive personnel connections across the U.S. It continues to be effective in the trenches of providing more surprising revelations in this infamous case and forges ahead even as its originators along with O.J. Simpson become Septuagenarians. In this chapter the discussion addresses another insidious lie promulgated by manipulative actors in this infamous case.

Although the extravagant Bruno Magli label was not the only one to profit

in the wake of the OJ Simpson murder trial, their entry into the trial involved one lie that was truly unique. The prosecutors had not gained any significant ground at the time, and their key witness in 1995, detective Mark Fuhrman, who found the only piece of evidence that tied Simpson to the murders, the glove, that Simpson allegedly threw down on his own property was creating significant room for doubt. Rumors galore were beginning to emerge regarding Fuhrman from early on in the case in July of 1994. He was accused by several people, including fellow police officers of being a neo-Nazi, racist Jew and black hating, corrupt police officer with carnal knowledge that implied an intimate relationship with Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole. Hence, in came the rescuers, what appears to be renegade members of the FBI trying to get in on the case to boost their own notoriety and careers. They appeared to be what their peers referred to as “blue flamers” nicknamed after the image of what a jet engine does at the
point of propulsion only to later fizzle out.


These individuals are smart enough to know that generally when the FBI enters a trial no one questions their integrity; thus, some of them over the years have engaged in a level of corruption and malfeasance that undermines the integrity of this nation’s preeminent investigative agency. However, the fabrication of evidence that occurred in the Simpson case on two crucial occasions involving the FBI, indicates that maybe we should never grant them or anyone else what OMIG preaches continuously, the privilege of presumption regarding evidence.

We’ll Mainly Concentrate On One Major Fabrication in this article

It is the lies regarding the shoes worn to the murder site that have been told and retold so many times over a generation that people who were neither born at the time or were too young to know anything about the Simpson case now believe they know all of the truth about the matter, as we move further into the millennial generation. This has become the salvation of the promulgators of this fraud who have actively attempted to cover their criminal and civil misconduct to say that the percentages now indicate that more people believe that OJ Simpson was guilty of committing double murder. Though they feign outrage and call for an overhaul of the US Justice system, what they attempted to do in perpetrating this fraud simply amounts to a feeble minded attempt to distance themselves from one of the most despicably seditious acts perpetrated against our common law system of justice in this nation’s history

Lead detective Phil Vannatter, above, who inappropriately violated the D.A. office protocol and brought Deputy D.A., Marcia Clark, into the case on the early morning of June 13, 1994.

Let Us Deal With The Shoe Prints Found At The Murder Site

Consider the images below, they show exactly what the bottom of the shoe soles looked like that made the bloody shoe prints at the Bundy murder site of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Lyle Goldman on June 12, 1994.

The shoe soles were produced by the Italian rubber shoe sole manufacturing company, SILGA. As you can further see below, SILGA sold their rubber soles from the U2887 rubber mold to the Bruno Magli shoe company which had its own models of shoes as identified by their logo, undefined, found on the bottom of the SILGA shoe sole. The Bruno Magli logo is seen adjacent to the shoe sole manufacturer’s name SILGA below which is also found on the bottom of the shoe sole.

However, as OMIG investigators dug deeper into the Simpson murder case they found that the Bruno Magli brand was not the only company SILGA sold these shoe soles from their U2887 rubber mold.

Above, OMIG’s SILGA U2887 Size 46/Size 12 shoe sole with LORD logo

They were also sold to another shoe company whose shoe sole is shown above and below, a British shoe company called LORD. Thus, you have the same shoe sole pattern but now on the bottom of a totally different brand of shoe, and LORD is alleged to have owned approximately 20 additional shoe brands to which they provided their contingent of U2887 shoe soles purchased from SILGA.

As you can see from the construction of the SILGA shoe sole, above, its raised heel and raised forefoot causes a recession of the area in the middle of the shoe where the identifying logo (LORD) or Bruno Magli would be found. Thus, it raises this particular area of the shoe off the ground and prevents the logo from being identified, as seen in the photo immediately below. Thus, there was no way for the FBI agent who independently worked on the case for 3 months before asking to be invited into the case to know which of the 20 shoe brands made the prints in blood at the Bundy murder site by looking at the police photos.

Hence, further questions arise as to how the federal investigator, an alleged shoe print expert from the FBI laboratory named William Bodziak, could be so certain that the shoe that made the bloody shoe prints at the murder site came from one of the limited number of Bruno Magli shoes sold in the US.

undefined He gives no consideration to the possibility that the shoe print found at the murder site could have come from one of the other 20 LORD brands that were attached to SILGA U2887 soles. They could have arrived in America and into L.A., by way of sea going vessel since Los Angeles is a seaport city, transcontinental railway from East to West Coast, US-Mexico-Canadian international highway, as well as through LAX which is considered an international “Gateway City” for several major airlines. Within the myopic discussion that centers around one specific brand of shoe, Bruno Magli, rather than the shoe soles, it is never given consideration that SILGA sole shoes could have been on someone’s foot who may have traveled into the US, from Europe, Asia, or South America.

Asia is of particular interest to the investigators of OMIG (Ocean Medical Investigative Group) who noted the apparent actual smaller dimensions of the shoe prints found in the sidewalk tiles at the murder site. It was the Asian, Japanese National Police Department’s, data bank that identified the shoe soles as being made by the Italian company, SILGA.

A series of OMIG’s examination of the LAPD photos of one shoe print found within the lines of the sidewalk tiles at Nicole Brown Simpson’s condo on South Bundy Drive, in the Northwest upscale enclave of Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA provided further interesting results.

The way it worked out, it was the construction of the side walk at Nicole Simpson’s Bundy address that was considered by OMIG investigators to be a graph, with some of the prints of the shoe soles found inside some of the tiles below. What was left after discovering that was a prolonged attempt to find the dimensional measurements of those graphic sidewalk tiles. That would occur for OMIG’s investigators after several months of searching through the court transcript, after what appeared to be a futile exercise, they were on the verge of assuming they may have been the standard 12 inch square tiles sold at the hardware store, but something happened. Bingo! Their multiple searches ultimately paid off, and they found it, with the co-lead detective, Tom Lange, while under direct examination by prosecutor Marcia Clark, immediately blurting out that the side walk tiles were 11 and 1/2 inches square; thus, they were even smaller than the standard 12 inch square tiles. OMIG now had their ruler that provided them a preliminary standard of measurement for an approximate dimensional length. They were getting closer to determining the accuracy of those uniquely patterned shoe soles that made those bloody prints as 875 South Bundy Drive. Since some of them like the one above, on the Prosecution’s chart labeled, C, fell in between the grout lines, they knew it would be highly unlikely that the shoes would have fit O.J. Simpson’s foot. OMIG would ultimately attain a copy of the size 12 U2887 shoe soles from SILGA in the year 2000. As they initially suspected not only did Simpson’s foot not fit in the 11 and 1/2 inch shoe print measurement found in the photos of the sidewalk tiles, nor would Simpson’s foot fit in the 12 and 1/4 inch actual dimension of the SILGA size 12 U2887 shoe sole that OMIG attained from SILGA.

Citing size according to OMIG investigators, was the FBI special agent Bodziak’s attempt to bamboozle the public, much of whom, particularly in the Press, were already disarmed to do any further due diligence based on the false narrative promulgated. Everyone had by now who believed in Simpson’s guilt had bought into it because of a deep primordial belief that it was due to a Negro’s fanatic jealousy over a younger white woman. The promoters of this fraud had given the public Shakespeare’s epic tragedy of Othello now revised after 400 years and cloaked in the form of the allegedly jealous O.J. Simpson. However, as they so adroitly point out the word “size” is merely and abstract whereby people assume they know something specific about a shoe’s dimensions but when put to the test they really do not. Since the actual dimensions of a shoe size may very and not fit the dimensions of a person’s foot, it is more accurate to take the time to conduct an accurate measurement of a person’s foot to guarantee a comfortable fit. A size 12 in the United States is generally identified as a size 11 in Europe’s United Kingdom. However, the actual measurement of the European made, SILGA U2887 Size 12 shoe sole is 12 and 4/16 inches in length and is typical of a size 10 and 1/2 to size 11 shoe found in the U.S. O.J.’s foot was measured by OMIG and found to be 12 and 1/16 inches leaving less than a quarter of an inch for padding and insulation, the inclusions that in all probability made the shoes expensively comfortable. Due to the contours of the Italian construction of the SILGA sole, the shoe narrows at both the arches and the toe and implicitly suggests that Simpsons toes and other areas of his foot would extend out and over the sides of the shoe in multiple locations.

Attaining an accurate measurement may not count for much in former agent Bodziak's mind, but for OMIG investigators the idea that Simpson would pay significant money for a "preference" of shoes that did not fit comfortably on his feet is simply unbelievable.  Above is Simpson's foot OMIG investigators measured several years ago, and highlighted in green.    OMIG placed the tracing of OJ's foot over the top of a red outlined SILGA U2887 size 12 shoe sole they'd attained from the manufacturer.  Certainly the appearance of discomfort of Simpson's foot on top of the SILGA shoe sole implies that there would have been a major level of dissatisfaction in purchasing such shoes.  It raises further doubt that he would have purchased the uncomfortable shoes that made the prints at the Bundy murder site, based on the high price of the Bruno Magli Lorenzo model shoe at around $200 a pair back in 1994.

undefined Hence, by starting off with odds that were not in his favor, of 20-to-1 against selecting the correct brand of shoe, Bodziak’s determination to jump into the Simpson case does not align itself well with the FBI’s mantra of ‘always getting their man’. It appears that Bodziak may have been so eager to get on the Simpson case, that he was willing to do anything including putting those shoes on any man, including the wrong man. Our suspicion is that he may have done it to possibly promote and boost the sales of the Second Edition of his college textbook printed a few years earlier, FOOTWEAR IMPRESSION EVIDENCE. The excuses Bodziak gave under direct examination for failing to go to the jail and attain the accurate length and dimensions of OJ’s foot don’t pass the truth test.

MR. GOLDBERG DDA: Now, sir, in making a determination of the Defendant’s shoe size, could the–why not just measure the Defendant’s feet instead of doing this?

MR. BODZIAK: Because of the factors of personal preference of fit and other factors which come into consideration, measuring the feet would not be the most accurate way of determining shoe size.

Because Bodziak looked at the same crime scene photos of the footprints as did OMIG’s investigators, it is unfathomable how he could have felt comfortable that those alleged size 12 shoes fit Simpson’s foot. Had he measured Simpson’s feet as did OMIG’s investigators Bodziak would in all probability have arrived at the same conclusion as OMIG, that the shoes with the size 12 SILGA U2887 shoe soles did not fit OJ Simpson’s foot.

Agent Bill Bodziak somehow gained access to enough of the Simpson case evidence just a month after the murders took place in July of 1994. Thus, from July through September, the majority of the investigation for which he would testify in the Simpson trial was completed, regarding his conclusive determination that these were Bruno Magli shoes, and the size that fit O.J. Simpson’s foot. However, Bodziak had not been formally invited to come into the Simpson case until four months after he started his personal investigation, by October 1994. This fact is revealed in a letter he sent to the (SAC) Special Agent in Charge of the Los Angeles Field Office. In that letter dated 09/27/1994 (SSA) Supervising Special Agent, Bodziak contacted the LAFO and asked them to suggest that the LAPD Robbery-Homicide investigators might appreciate the FBI’s (his) assistance. In essence, Bodziak, was asking the LAPD to issue a formal invitation for him to come into the Simpson case. At this point, with a willingness to skewer the evidence in favor of the prosecution, Simpson becomes the victim of a gang-bang assault to some of us, than an elaborate conspiracy though it started out as the latter by a few insular individuals. Some of these FBI agents simply appeared to have no loyalty to the neutral position of seeking justice on behalf of all Americans, but simply how to aggrandize their own name and falsely that of the Agency they were allowed to represent.

The image above is of Bodziak during the Simpson criminal trial holding an individual shoe of the Lorenzo model assembled by independent contractors, such as Italian manufacturers SILGA and 4C  for the Bruno Magli brand.  

What is also interesting in documents OMIG attained under FOIA request, is an indication that several of the retailers that sold the Bruno Magli Lorenzo size 12 shoe did keep extensive records of who and how many they sold that Bruno Magli Lorenzo model of shoe. One of those 40+ retailers stands out over and above the rest, the Tom James Haberdashery in Denver, Colorado. What made them unique in comparison to those outlets in the other 49 states, is that when the FBI field office in Denver conducted its investigation it found that the Tom James Retail store had sold the Lorenzo model and size 12 to someone that the Agency had a further interest. Though the name is redacted in the FBI document it is noted that the FBI found that the person of interest had a Colorado driver’s license and residential address.

undefined undefined

Keith Zlomsowitch, (l), Operations Mngr, of the Mezzaluna Franchise and the deceased waiter, Michael Nigg (r) both had prior residences and connections to Colorado.

The reason this is of interest to OMIG is that several of the people who were associated with the Mezzaluna Restaurant where Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole and her family had their last meal, had ties to Colorado. This included the Operational Manager of the Mezzaluna Restaurants, in Aspen, Beverly Hills, and Brentwood, Keith Zlomsawitch. He was the fellow O.J. Confronted about having oral sex with his ex-wife, Nicole, on her couch downstairs at her condo while his children were upstairs. Zlomsowitch allegedly had some criminal drug problems of his own and as a result was dropped as a possible prosecution witness during the Simpson trial. There is also the individual who allegedly got Ron Goldman the job as a waiter at Mezzaluna, Michael Nigg. He was from Gunnison, Colorado just outside of the Denver metro, and others who worked at the Mezzaluna in Brentwood had allegedly also passed through one of the upscale locations for training in Colorado. Nigg would be killed in 1995 approximately a year after Goldman was killed.

Mezzaluina founder, Aldo Bozzi, in New York

The Mezzaluna broke with tradition and presented its deli like Italian Tuscan style restaurant called, Trattoria, founded by an urbane, soft-spoken former auto executive, Aldo Bozzi, when he retired from the North American Operations of the Alpha Romeo company back in 1984. Upon leaving the automobile business he decided to open a restaurant above midtown Manhattan around 75th and 3rd Ave in New York City. Riding on the prevailing culinary winds Mr. Bozzi would later dabble in licensing the Mezzaluna brand in Aspen, Colo.; Beverly Hills, and the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles — the scene of Nicole Brown Simpson’s last meal. (The latter two have closed, and Mr. Bozzi is no longer involved in the Aspen restaurant.) His biggest licensing success, and the most unlikely, has been in Turkey, where a dozen Mezzalunas are slicing up carpacci, according to a 2016 New York Times article.

The Feigned Genesis of the Malfeasance Regarding Bruno Magli Shoes?

The irregular fit of OMIG’s green tracing of Simpson’s foot on the alleged Bruno Magli shoes raises further questions regarding the credibility of the Harry Scull photos from Buffalo that were sold to the previously popular tabloid rag, National Enquirer, allegedly showing Simpson wearing Bruno Magli shoes on September 26, 1993. The photo was supposedly taken during an NFL football game in Buffalo between the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills the first of their meetings on that Sunday in 1993. Unlike the Scull photo of Simpson that day, where Simpson is relaxed walking across the end zone as well as the people looking relaxed sitting in what appears to be a sun drenched stadium in the background, the actual NFL photos differ from that bucolic image. The images were of a rainy and constantly windy 25-30 MPH day that remained throughout the day according to the real time reporters and the weather history on that date in Buffalo, NY.

NBC’s Dick Enberg’s initial introduction to the game seems to defy the Scull image as well of a few people prior to the start of the game sitting behind Simpson in the stands casually relaxed on a bright day of sunshine. The reality from the game’s video are of people packed into Rich stadium which had the second highest attendance rating of all of the NFL stadiums. The crowd was in there in large numbers despite a continuing rain filled blustery day. The issue alone of a rain filled weekend brings to mind that a witness from Bloomingdale’s named Poser testified that he would not advise Simpson to buy that expensive shoe to wear in Buffalo. The reason why is that the city is noted for their blustery rain filled days, and the Bruno Magli Lorenzo model was an expensive $200 suede shoe, and as we all are aware, suede and water do not go together, and casts doubt that Simpson would have worn a shoe like that out in the rain. However, in the NFL photos virtually all of those people for as far as the eye can see are covered in rain gear and umbrellas in an attempt to stay dry. Given this over cast, drizzle, and windy environment, the Harry Scull images simply do not match the reality of the “wild and woolly” weather of that afternoon. The football players are shown with teeth chattering while cloaked in their wind breaking ponchos as Enberg speaks of a continuation of a weekend filled with rain and 60 MPH wind gusts. Listen to Enberg’s first 40 seconds of the introduction to the game below.

Due to the ongoing weekend’s rain there was a high saturation of moisture in the air with 70% humidity and drizzle on that day, that had to be continuously wiped off the cameras according to one of the announcers that afternoon.

We’re just observing that all of these continuous coincidences that repeatedly come up, whether it involves the time of the last phone call revealing when his wife was last known to be alive, the glove found on Simpson’s property, the contamination of his blood and that on the socks, all of these irregularities just can’t be dismissed and explained away with simple excuses. Then you have the E.J. Flammer photos of O.J. taken in Buffalo that weekend with the Monday Quarterback’s Club members.
What Simpson appears to have on looks like a pair of biscuit toe quasi-Hush Puppies, rounded at the toe, but certainly does not have the contoured appearance of the Italian made Bruno Maglis. It seems like sensational theatrics were employed by the plaintiff’s attorney, Daniel Petrocelli, once they drug out the Flammer photos after having gone through the challenge of the defense’s expert witness, Robert Groden regarding the irregularities in the Scull photos.

Groden a journeyman expert in hands on photo manipulation for the prior 26 years, was the only expert to turn in a perfect score on his test for consideration as an expert photo analyst for the House Select Committee on Assassinations formed in 1976. Despite allegations to the contrary, generally by plaintiff attorneys, Groden effectively raised doubt regarding the credibility of the Scull photos. However, Simpson’s lawyers, led by the team of Baker and Baker, apparently did not want to spend the money to attain the testimony of additional photo experts to back Groden up in his challenge of the Scull and Flammer photos. Nonetheless, a close examination of the photo images, between shoes in the Scull and Flammer photos, indicates a distinct difference in the appearance of one versus the other as both masquerade as being Bruno Magli shoes worn by O.J. Simpson. Groden’s testimony heavily challenged what he alleged was a manipulation of the photo negative showing Simpson wearing the Bruno Magli shoes in the Buffalo end zone.

What is of note is the contradictions in the images of the Scull photos which appear to show Simpson leisurely sauntering across the end zone wearing simply an open sports coat while a few people look like they are sitting comfortably behind him in the stands. Nothing could be further from the truth on that day as one can see above the AFC championship flag blowing back and forth in the wind. Such weather related images raise further doubts about those photos which never showed up in time to help Bodziak out of his 20-to-1 against odds of accuracy during the criminal trial but would conveniently show up just in time two years later during Simpson’s civil trial. This is where Bodziak would appear again. However, the negatives of the Scull photos had traveled outside of the US for six months and remained in Europe, in a country that is experienced in photo manipulation, until finding their way back to the U.S.

4 thoughts on “The Cinderella Lie in the OJ Simpson Case

    1. The issue of the negatives being left behind was testimony given under oath during the Simpson civil trial. You need to be chuckling about the so called credible people presenting photos from negatives that they admitted supposedly were mistakenly left behind on a Concord jet flight that remained in the UK until returned to the US in time for the Simpson civil trial. Whether you are aware or not, Britain is noted for its mastery of manipulation and presenting in its tabloid news papers, its rags, that pass themselves off as truthful mainstream news. The truth of the power of the tabloid manipulating press in Britain is being exposed now in the Harry and Meghan documentary series on Netflix. Thus, if they can manipulate the truth and evidence against one of the Prince’s in line for the British throne, why would they be concerned about manipulating photo negatives regarding a black celebrity in the U.S. if it continues the presentation of hot tabloid news?


      1. Very well stated. The British have been doing just those things you stated for the last nearly 60 years regarding the JFK murder. And of course Scientology as well as the Process Church of the Final Judgement originated in England and exported to the United States.


      2. OJ Simpson Scientologist
        Marsha Clark-Scientologist (1st husband was shot in head by Scientologist Bruce Roman)
        Greta Van Susteren (favorite Simpson interviewer and husband into Scientology)
        Charles Manson (Scientologist– Indoctrinated at Terminal Island )
        Manson connections to the OJ Simpson case
        Media mouthpiece proclaiming Simpson guilt “Vince Bugliosi” Manson prosecutor)
        Media mouthpiece Ira Reiner–(described by United Press International as Manson “friend”)
        Phil Van Atter (sp?) detective that carried Simpson’s blood around to the murder scene arrested Roman Polanski in 1977
        OJ met his teen bride while she was a teen waitress at a place called The Daisy. This club in the 1960’s is where the Manson victims liked to go.


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