Maddogg guest commentator, T.H. Johnson, from the Ocean Medical Investigative Group

Fascinating, that you now announce this past week in Buffalo, NY that you intend to un-retire OJ Simpson’s #32 jersey by your Buffalo Bills franchise. That jersey recognizes arguably one of the greatest sporting accomplishments to ever take place in your city, when he set the rushing record in 1973 of 2000 yards; his still the only one in a 14 game season.

However, your petty action this past week continues to not only denigrate the man, Simpson, but subliminally remind others that all black men should be defiled or denigrated that interracially become involved with white women. You haven’t done any due diligence in this Simpson saga, so what else is to be taken from your feigned impersonal action other than you believe in all the fraudulent madness that you have been told?

The phony accusations against this man continued to blot the front pages of the national news services across the nation this week as they all subliminally remind us of the basis for your actions of assigning this historic number, 32, to a yet unremarkable sport’s figure. This is no aspersion on what Senorise Perry may achieve as far as his future is concerned but he certainly has not achieved that plateau as of yet to dawn the jersey worn by this former superb athlete O.J. Simpson, despite whatever covert conclusions some of you may assume . Whatever reasons you use whether you deny them or not are based on the premise of a false narrative regarding this man, Simpson, protected by hidden evidence those that enriched themselves by perpetrating this fraud need to get by.

Let us re-examine the transgressions you say occurred at your stadium in Buffalo during your watch. Simpson was allegedly found to be wearing those expensive Bruno Magli shoes on that day, Sept. 26, 1993.

FBI Special Agent, now retired, Bill Bodziak, and the shoe prints he claims were made by the Bruno Magli Lorenzo model of shoes on June 12, 1994. However, 20 other shoe brands had these same soles attached.

Unfortunately, that photo would not show up during the criminal trial and would not appear until two and a half years later during O.J.’s civil trial to clean up a mess of what appears to be a reckless erroneous assertion presented by FBI agent, William Bodziak, during his Simpson criminal trial testimony in 1995. In what documents indicate in 1994 as his eagerness to get on the Simpson case as an expert witness for the prosecution, Bodziak had failed to actually go to the central jail and measure Simpson’s foot. Nor would he bother to tell the public that there was no way he could determine whether the shoe sole that made the prints at the murder site came from a Bruno Magli shoe or 20 other brands attached to the same SILGA made U2887 shoe sole. Simpson is seen in the alleged 1993 Harry Scull photo that remained out of the country for six months. The photo negatives returned from an alleged European country noted for photo manipulation by the late fall of 1996. Simpson is seen allegedly wearing those Bruno Magli Lorenzo model shoes wearing an open sports coat with the people in the background of the Scull photo who appear to be comfortably warm on that day.

The Harry Scull photo above of Simpson wearing Bruno Magli shoes.

Well, here is the reality of that day in contradiction to the now infamous Harry Scull photo taken of OJ Simpson smiling, while merrily sauntering across the end zone in what appears to be a quasi- warm sun shiny day on Sept. 26, 1993. Although the validity of the Scull photo was aggressively challenged by a Simpson photo expert named Robert Groden during the civil trial, it appears that much of the public still chooses to believe in the validity of the questionable photo that magically appeared in time for the civil trial in late 1996.

Furthermore, the prediction of heavy rain on that day, suggests to us that Simpson would have had more intelligence than to wear a $200 pair of high priced casual suede shoes out in those continuing rainy conditions, since suede and water do not go together.

We also believe that he would have had the intelligence not to spend $200 dollars on casual shoes where his toes and arches extended uncomfortably outside of the shoe soles, as they do in the green foot photo of the tracing of OJ’s foot below. OMIG investigators attained the tracing of Simpson’s foot after noting the dimensions of the shoe prints in the LAPD crime scene photos shown in what detectives determined were 11 and 1/2 inch square side walk tiles.

In order to further assure themselves of the mistake made by the FBI’s Bodziak, OMIG (Ocean Medical Investigative Group) investigators also attained the size 12 shoe sole sample from the U2887 rubber mold of the manufacturer, the SILGA Italian shoe sole company.

However, these investigative realities provided by OMIG’s investigators are apparently inconsequential to that body of folk who despite these persistent irregularities still believe in hearsay evidence, and subliminally in the miraculous ability of the “Super Negro”, O.J. Simpson.

They believe that even someone like Simpson, with all of the surgeries for his bad knee injuries, could still accomplish the double homicide of two young strong individuals twenty years his junior and come out unmarked.

In the meantime while many smirk and gloat at the defiling of his legacy by the Buffalo Bills team assigning his number 32 jersey to another questionably great athlete, most of these folk who know the two individuals in Simpson’s white ford Bronco in the low speed chase by police can’t remember the names of the two individuals convicted of the most horrendous act of domestic terrorism ever to take place on American soil the killing of 168 men, women, and babies that took place in the middle of the Simpson murder trial. The dichotomy of that reality so closely aligned with the Simpson criminal trial, makes the issue of the public’s preoccupation with O.J. Simpson versus their perceived ambivalence regarding the domestic act of terror even more perplexing.

T.H. Johnson, is the investigative team coordinator for OMIG, (the ocean Medical Investigative Group) and author of two books on this subject and the documentary SERPENTS RISING. https://www.amazon.com/Serpents-Rising-Independent-Investigation-J/dp/B0046Z2M8I/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=serpents+rising&qid=1558967672&s=instant-video&sr=1-1-catcorr

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