The Bruno Magli Charade in the O.J. Simpson Trial

Maddogg Guest Writer, T.H. Johnson, from the Ocean Medical Investigative Group (OMIG)

This Bruno Magli Lorenzo model shoe does not appear to be the shoes worn by Simpson in the Flammer photo above that caused the Brown plaintiffs civil trial attorney, John Q. Kelley, to rush back to Buffalo, New York to view during the 1996 Christmas break in the Simpson civil trial.

How did John Q. Kelley, the attorney representing the Brown family in the OJ Simpson civil trial, come to the conclusion that the shoes he rushed back to Buffalo, New York to see in the E.J. Flammer photo were Bruno Magli shoes? There was no way for him to be empirically certain the photo given to him represented a Bruno Magli shoe that OJ Simpson was allegedly wearing when he was photographed by Flammer with the Monday Quarterback Club. The scuffed up rounded toe construction seen on the toes of the Simpson shoes in the Flammer photo do not have the appearance of the Bruno Magli Lorenzo model shoes. The SILGA U2887 shoe sole on which the Bruno Magli Lorenzo is attached is a pointed toe shoe sole that narrows to a point rather than the rounded toe shoe that appears to be on Simpson’s feet. The shoe he’s wearing appear to be a relatively inexpensive $45-$85 utility sports shoe like those produced by Shoes for Crews or one of the Reebok models.


SHOES FOR CREWS model above with a more rounded toe than the SILGA U2887 shoe sole on the Bruno Magli Lorenzo model allegedly worn by O.J. Simpson

Since the FBI agent, William Bodziak, was given a Reebok tennis shoe by the LAPD for comparison allegedly belonging to Simpson there is reason to believe that it is possible that Reebok provided O.J. with their dark utility sports work shoe like that below. I say allegedly because the Reebok tennis shoe that the co-lead detective Tom Lange said he collected from Simpson’s closet on June 13, 1994 were never turned in to the LAPD property department by Lange immediately in accordance with the evidence protocol outlined in the LAPD manual. In fact, the chain of custody was broken when Lange drove the shoes back to his home 50 miles out of town in Ventura County’s infamous law enforcement residential community of Simi Valley. Lange while under oath knew of no certain date as to when those shoes were turned in to the police property department or what exhibit number they were assigned. Since he did not follow protocol but gave them over to a non-sworn court officer on June 14, 1994, L.A. police employee, criminalist, Greg Matheson. As a result of the chain of custody issue the validity of those comparative Reebok shoes given to FBI agent Bodziak that left the control of the lead detective have a question mark hanging over their veracity as well.

The Reebok brand appears to be a more accurate representation of the shoe worn by Simpson in the E.J. Flammer photo shown above and taken with the members of the Buffalo Bills Monday Quarterbacks Club in Buffalo, New York in 1993. The shoes Simpson wears in the above photo appears not to have the narrow toe that is the construction of the Bruno Magli Lorenzo model shoe affixed to the pointed toe SILGA U2887 shoe sole.

The Bruno Magli Lorenzo model has a distinctive rubber band around the bottom edge of the shoe which is a part of the separately manufactured sleek, narrow toed, SILGA U2887 rubber shoe sole. The top of the shoe is separately made by the 4C company of Italy consisting of a suede top attached to the top of the SILGA sole. Together it gives the Bruno Magli Lorenzo high top a distinctive, sleek, low to the ground appearance. The rubber band around the bottom would unlikely give the appearance of a rounded worn toe as the shoes appear to be in the Flammer photo. The Flammer photo mysteriously showed up during the Christmas break in the Simpson civil trial and required John Kelley to return to Buffalo, New York to inspect those photos to compare with the Harry scull photo. The Scull photo is seen showing Simpson wearing the Bruno Magli Lorenzo (L) shoes in the Rich Stadium in the photo to the right below.

However, the problems with the original Harry Scull photo are numerous on their own. The negatives of those photos according to testimony left the United States and remained outside the country for about six months in the United Kingdom which is allegedly considered an expert nation for tabloid photo manipulation. Secondly, Simpson’s foot does not fit in the SILGA soles that made the prints at the murder site since some of those photos show prints inside the lines of an 11 and 1/2 inch sidewalk tile at Nicole’s Bundy residence.

When independent investigators saw this irregularity for certainty they asked to acquire a copy of the size 12/size 46 U2887 shoe sole from SILGA. The measurement tracing of Simpson’s foot by those investigators from OMIG imply that Simpson’s foot does not fit in those shoe soles. In fact, his foot is too large for both the shoes that made the prints inside the side walk tiles as well as the size 12 Silga U2887 shoe soles the OMIG investigators had shipped by SILGA from Italy to their office in U.S.

There is also the matter of the clothes Simpson was allegedly supposed to be wearing in the Scull photo, and what he was actually wearing during the inclement rainy day the Buffalo Bills played the Miami Dolphins on September 26, 1993. Due to the rain and blustery winds making for a cooler than normal afternoon many of the people wore rain gear and had umbrellas to protect them from the wind blown drizzle that afternoon. Simpson is seen during various points of the game wearing a dark wind blown trench coat. Given the continuous windy wet conditions during and after the game there is no evidence that O.J. would have taken off the trench coat to be captured on film by Harry Scull wearing nothing more than an open dark sports jacket while walking across the Buffalo end zone.

Thus, the photos of Simpson showing up almost two and a half years after the FBI agent started his unofficial investigation in the Simpson case in July of 1994 appeared to become publicly promoted to protect the questionable integrity of the FBI agent. He failed to aggressively expose the fact to the public that the construction of the SILGA shoe sole made it impossible to conclude with a 100% certainty that the shoe prints were made by a Bruno Magli shoe, as opposed to 20 other shoe brands carrying the same SILGA U28887 shoe sole.

2 thoughts on “The Bruno Magli Charade in the O.J. Simpson Trial

    1. F. Lee Bailey may have died from natural causes due to old age, or death exacerbated by his disbarment and rendered financially desperate after allegedly absconding with money that did not belong to him. Although, you’d think, if one took three million dollars that is likely to be challenged because of your alleged unlawful possession, you might find a tree to bury some under. However, I doubt that his death occurred in accordance with the facetious remark of finding out that Glen Rogers purchased a pair of those size 12 Bruno Magli shoes.
      If you go to the link and examine the article posted by a member of OMIG’s public affairs office in 2016 you will see Glen Roger’s foot highlighted in blue next to OJ Simpson’s foot highlighted in green. Both are overlaid on top of the so called size 12/size 46 SILGA U2887 shoe sole. It was the same size SILGA shoe sole the FBI agent William Bodziak claimed was attached to the bottom of the Lorenzo model of the Bruno Magli brand of shoe agent Bodziak attempted to place Simpson’s foot in that made the prints at the Bundy murder site.
      The Ocean Medical Investigative Group (OMIG) does not own a pair of those alleged “ugly ass shoes” but after examining the police photos of the murder site and seeing shoe prints within the eleven and one-half inch square sidewalk tiles at the Bundy murder site according to the testimony of the lead detective, Tom Lange, OMIG does own the unique alleged size 12/size 46 shoe sole with the raised heel from the Italian manufacturer SILGA from its U2887 rubber mold. It was that size shoe sole OMIG was able to attain from SILGA that they sold to 20 other shoe brands besides Bruno Magli and whose logo (SILGA) you will see on the bottom of any of those shoe brands including Bruno Magli on which their soles are attached.
      Because Simpson’s highlighted green foot, in particular his toes and arches, extend outside of the shoe sole, we certainly do not believe that Simpson would have paid $200 to buy a pair of those uncomfortable shoes. However, though Glen Roger’s blue highlighted foot does fit inside the Size 12/Size 46 U2887 SILGA shoe sole there appears to be so much space, even given consideration for inside insulation, that it raises doubts that he would have worn those shoes either. But since within this exaggerated discussion we are debating whose foot would fit inside the shoes, we would have to opine that Roger’s foot fits inside the size 12/size 46 U2887 SILGA shoe sole on the bottom of the Bruno Magli shoes whereas OJ Simpson’s foot does not.

      A more interesting consideration is the redacted name of the person in their investigation that the FBI found those same size and model shoes were sold to in the state of Colorado, from the Tom James Haberdashey in Denver. The bureau appeared to go the extra mile in making further inquiries concerning that buyer than they did in any of the other 40+ Bruno Magli outlets throughout the United States. Colorado is of further interest to OMIG because of the Mezzaluna Restaurant connection to Colorado. The Mezzaluna Restaurant was a brand named licensed to the restaurants that were wholly owned subsidiaries, in Aspen, Colorado which besides the restaurant there owned the other two in Brentwood and Beverly Hills, California. The Operations Manager who met Nicole in Aspen, Colorado and moved into Nicole’s condo had a Colorado residence as well. The young man, Michael Nigg, who got Ron Goldman his job at the Mezzaluna in Brentwood and was murdered in Los Angeles a year after Ron Goldman was from Gunnison, Colorado himself, a suburb outisde of Denver. Others connected to the Mezzaluna in Brentwood had traveled to Aspen, Colorado as well. Hence, OMIG would like the FBI to reveal whose name they redacted in their document to go out of their way to approach the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles to determine that they held a Colorado drivers license were they also residents of Los Angeles, California?


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